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  1. Caribsun: Thanks for the cab fare post. I will keep that on file. I've been to Cozumel 4 times, and I am getting ready for the 5th. Since I've been sailing on different lines I've been at different piers and I can never remember the rates for each one.
  2. I was there is September and the water was clear. You do need to get in the water closer to the bar area in front of the water toys since there is less coral/rocks there. We'll be back in Cozumel on Dec 13 and plan to go back there. It's too bad we'll miss the opening of the new pool and facilities by two days.
  3. I do, but I don't do much. For a $12 ride I'll give $14 or $15.
  4. If you are at Punta Langosta there are blocks of waterfront shops right near the port. You can easily tell which ones are good and which ones are selling cheap souvenirs. Walk all the way down to Los Cincos Soles for gift and household items. If you are looking for jewelry you'll walk by all of the major stores that are in each port.
  5. If you go to the other port area (Punta Langosta) there are a few blocks of shops along the waterfront. It's a few miles away, but I don't recall how much the cab ride is. It is safe and I have shopped there on 3 different cruises. A lot of the shops are the same ones that are near the other dock, but they are larger. We usually start at the dock area, near the "mall" and walk left down the end of the shops. If I bought too much I'll grab a cab back to the port area.
  6. AmyinGA

    NCL Excursions

    It looks like there have been cancallations due to damage from Hurricane Richard. I just saw that the Belize Zoo is closed now because of damage.
  7. I've never had a problem bringing mine. And we sailed on the Pride in June and my flat iron died so I had to go to a store in port one day and buy a new one. I brought it back on the ship without a second glance (unless someone was looking at my crazy frizzy hair).
  8. Those are two very different ships, with two different groups of port stops. Which is more important, the ship or where you go? The Epic is large enough that the passenger space ratio shouldn't feel too different than other ships, but it's still a lot of people. If getting on the Epic sooner than later is important to you then stick with that, but if you think you'll enjoy the other ports more you should do the Spirit. Whenever we are trying to decide between multiple ships and itineraries the deciding factor is usually the ports. I usually end up telling more stories about where we went so I weigh the ports more than the ship.
  9. This site is updated each day so you can see where most ships are: http://www.cruisecal.com
  10. The dolphin swim and snorkel would be a good option.
  11. We'll be there on Thursday. It will be our first visit...looking forward to it!
  12. I have won free cruises is sales contests and I get a list of dates of available cruises from the cruiseline. There is usually 5-10 sailings per ship each year that are included in the list. The cruise fare is covered, but I still have to pay the taxes and fees even when the cruise I won comes directly from the cruise line.
  13. All of my past slot winnings have been on Game King machines (Frog Prince, Alien, Sea Monkeys, Enchanted Unicorn and Little Green Men). I'll be on the Ecstasy on Monday and was wondering if any of these slots are in the casino. I know it may seem silly to be loyal to a slot machine, but these are the one that give me money rather than take it all away.
  14. We won $2400 on a nickel slot. If we'd been betting the max it would have been $10K. We were thrilled, but could have been more thrilled with the max bet.
  15. I have used Driver in Italy (Driver in Rome) multiple times and their excursions are great. One big advantage in using a private tour company is that you are in a smaller vehicle and the drivers can get you closer to the sites you are visiting in many cases. You also get to see and do a lot more when you are with a smaller group. You can also check Shore Trips. They offer private and small group tours too.
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