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  1. pcakes122, thanks so much for that link. Yes! There were portholes into the Pool Deck pool! But I had no idea the room's color scheme was pink and blue. When I was up late enough partying and ever found my way to Dazzles, my memories were sure to be fuzzy the next morning. As we used to say, "What happens at sea..." I feel like I should break out in a chorus of "Memories" from Cats right now. 😃
  2. That was Dazzles Disco, which was the Tourist Class pool on the France. They put a floor over it that was lit from underneath. It was in the very aft of the ship on Viking Deck, which was below Pool Deck, so maybe you could see into the Pool Deck pool. I don't remember that. I didn't spend a lot of time in the disco, but whenever I did I was pretty hammered. 😜
  3. The basement pool was on Dolphin Deck and you could only get to it by a plain little stairway behind a door in front of the Windward Dining Room. It was always dank and deserted the few times I ventured there. During one of the major refurbs (1990? when they added the two new decks) they turned that pool area into the Roman Spa, which was 1000% more luxurious. All these photos are giving me goosebumps! Speaking of the Windward Dining Room...
  4. I think those cabins were on Fjord Deck. I had one once. It had a window onto the circular hallway around the pool, and I could see the swimmers through a window in the pool. It made me remember to make sure my butt cheeks weren't sticking out of my suit whenever I was hanging out in that pool!
  5. The reason I took my first-ever cruise on the Norway was to meet the actor Jonathan Frid, who starred as Barnabas Collins in the '60s gothic soap, Dark Shadows. He was about 63 by now. It was a group arranged by a NYC travel agent who was disappointed to mail out thousands of brochures and get only about 30 fans. It was the beginning of my love affair with the Norway. I spent the week playing cat & mouse with Frid, who was elusive whenever he wasn't performing (he did several dramatic readings for his group and anyone who wandered in -- he moved around the ship unrecognized, which I think disappointed him). I did have a few good conversations with him. On Thursday formal night he sat across from me at dinner. It was certainly the highlight of my life to that point. Poor Frid never found another role to top Barnabas. Returned the following year with my mother on a Big Bands theme and she rode in the elevator with Helen O'Connell, who was performing that week.
  6. Oh, wow, thanks! I hadn't seen this. I was on the Norway when she sailed to Le Havre for the first time after being sold to NCL, in 1996. Every boat around came out to meet us, a fire boat totally soaked all of us standing out by the funnels, and the whole city turned out to celebrate, streaming down to the pier all day. The shops were selling and displaying all sorts of memorabilia from Norway and SS France. I'll never forget it. I see they've repainted the nose her original SS France black. I'm glad that one piece of her survives and is in a place where it's honored and protected. But if I ever saw it in person, I know I'd still lose it. 😭
  7. I'm glad bits and pieces of the ship are still out there, although having her nose on display at that yacht club in France is pretty depressing. I would burst into tears if I ever saw it in person. When NCL decided to abandon the ship, they left the grand pianos, the portrait of the King of Norway (tossed on the floor of Club I), and many other valuable items onboard so as not to raise suspicions about reneging on their promise to bring her back to service when she was towed from Germany under false pretenses to her doom. I wonder what became of the 2 enormous Neptune statues and the other millions of $$ in artwork that were onboard. Does anyone know if anything has surfaced on other NCL ships, or was everything left to the salvagers (bless them) and scrappers (they were just making a living, but curse them)? It haunts me to this day that such a magnificent ship ended up being melted down into beer cans or whatever. At least QE II has managed to escape that fate -- so far.
  8. Just came across this thread and it's given me chills to see all the photos. I didn't think anyone much remembered the Norway. Took my first cruise on her in 1988 and sailed 22 more times, the last voyage about three months before the boiler explosion. I wish she had sunk while she was being towed to India. For several years she was left wide open on the beach at Alang until the possibility to refloat her was gone and the scrapping commenced. I've seen photos of her stair towers buried under a foot of white mold and bird droppings everywhere, not to mention the nightmarish photos of her dismantling. I would have preferred to think of her lying on the bottom of the ocean in peace, intact. I've got 3 storage boxes of Norway memorabilia under my bed because I couldn't bear to see the stuff around the house after her terrible demise. T-shirts, mugs, a jigsaw puzzle, keychains, pins, you name it, I've got it. I could open a shop.
  9. I just received an email about my upcoming Grandeur cruise and happened to check the list of my Emerald benefits (which I will leave behind after this next cruise for Diamond status - woohoo!!), and there's a "signature lapel pin" listed. Has anyone ever received one of these? If so, when and how? I've never seen one on Royal Caribbean. NCL used to give pins for each ship, and I even once got a fancy gold one embedded with a tiny diamond-like chip for hitting some high status with Latitudes. (Haven't sailed with them in so long, don't even know if they call it that anymore). Anyway, is the RCI lapel pin real, or padding to the perks list, like "Exclusive Trivia" (WTH? :confused:)?
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