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  1. You are not required to have approval of the cruise line. As long as your Doctor has qualified you as fit to travel you do not need prior approval as well as you don't need prior approval from the cruise line for the pump and other equipment you will be bringing on board . Additionally SpecialNeedsatSeas and scootaround don't even rent the medical equipment you need. You do have to complete a Special Needs Form for the cruise line you will be traveling. If you advise the cruise line I'll post the on-line for that line. Following is what you need to request or advise the cruise line on the form If the equipment is electrical and requires an extension cord you'll have to request one from the ship in the special needs form. The extension has to meet certain safety requirement and any you bring will be confiscated. Special Dietary Needs state the Ensure that will be brought on board If applicable at the time advise the feeding tube supplies. You are required to store all supplies in your cabin. If flying all supplies are considered to be "Medical" and should be marked as such as the airlines cannot charge you extra baggage fees. Re: pool and ostomy bag. It's more than likely that you will not be allowed in the pools. Bringing copies of information explaining isn't going to change that. Even though the type of bag is not designed to leak they do. The ship has to uphold heath regulations and if it did leak it becomes a costly item for the cruiseline. The pool has to be shut down, drained , disinfected , the entire deck area and chairs have to cleaned / disinfected not to mention any where else guests that vacated from the pool ventured. The whole process shuts down the area for at least 2 days for the amount of work required. The potential of that happening is reason enough to expect not to be allowed in the pools. Also ADA does not apply on board the ship unless by chance you're going on the NCL Pride of America. Wish you well.
  2. ' The guy's original post stated that his interior booking dropped in price and was able to upgrade to a "GUARANTEED" oceanview . The cruiseline than assigned an accessible cabin against his GUARANTEED booking and it was apparently after final payment which was in compliance with the law stated in post #4. That's what GAURANTEE has to do with it. No where was it ever stated the guy was trying to book an accessible cabin as it was the last in the category. For some reason your the only person that read his post as being that .
  3. The post I made that you claim is wrong is not. I replied to the individual who was assigned an accessible cabin against a guarantee . In which case what I replied was correct. It was not that the individual was trying to book the last available cabin in a category so there was no reason to requite back to me what I posted as it does not apply to situation. Suggest you re-read Funsinger75 Post # 5 and my response Post #9, Yes I know the policy about the last accessible room in a category has been in place for many years. In fact it's been better enforced by RCCL since the USA Department of Transportation Law ( Post #4 ) went into effect January 1, 2012.
  4. Was the assignment made after the final payment period had past ? If so, than RCCL was within it right per the USA Department of Transportation Law to assign you an accessible cabin assuming the cruise is embarking form a USA Port. If the assignment of cabin against the guarantee booking was made by RCCL prior to the final payment date than morally and ethically you should ask to be reassigned a non-accessible cabin as RCCL violated the law assuming the cruise is embarking from a USA port.
  5. My niece had a totally different experience. Last year her in-laws took the entire family (30 people) on a Cruise aboard Harmony. She spent months communicating with RCCL's Special Needs Dept.., Had been assured both verbally and via emails that there would be no issues with my great nephew in the kids program and RCCL told her the staff aboard the Harmony had experience and training with such circumstance. Boarded the ship and was told under no circumstances would her son be allowed to attend the kids program. Even after showing all the emails confirmations from RCCL the staff on board the Harmony refuse my great-nephew into the kids program.... age was not a factor as he was 11 at the time. My niece not being shy and very used to having to advocate for son escalated the matter to a meeting with the Captain and was still denied. The family still had a good vacation but in the end her In-laws regretted not having booked a cruise through Autism at Seas.
  6. Though you say you don't want to take an accessible cabin away from some who needs, in actuality you're wanting to book an accessible cabin as it saves you the cost of booking a larger standard cabin or suite. Doesn't matter if the accessible cabins aren't being booked. As a result of able bodied people fraudulantly booking accessible cabins the following now applies for any cruise ship embarking from a USA Port. As a result of the United States Supreme Court Rules on Spector et.al. VS Norwegian Cruise Lines. a Federal Law under the Department ofTransportation ( commonly referred to as DOT) became effective on January 1,2012 that requiresthat the cruiselines have to verify that the person occupying the cabin has a medical orphysical need to book the cabin . Though this new regulation came aboutin 2010/2011, the cruise lines were granted until January 1, 2012 to completelycomply with these new regulations. Because of this new law Cruise lines havealso had to reclassify its HC cabins. Some of the key points to this new laware: (g) To prevent fraud in the assignment of accessible cabins (e.g., attempts byindividuals who do not have disabilities to reserve accessible cabins becausethey have greater space, you— (1) Must inquire of persons seeking to reserve such cabins whether theindividual (or an individual for whom the cabin is being reserved) has amobility disability or a disability that requires the use of the accessiblefeatures that are provided in the cabin. (2) May require a written attestation from the individual that accessible cabinis for a person who has a mobility disability or a disability that requires theuse of the accessible features that are provided in the cabin. CFR › Title 49 › Subtitle A › Part 39 › SubpartB › Section 39.39 © Youmay release unsold accessible cabins to persons without disabilities for theirown use when all other cabins in the same class of service and price for avoyage have been reserved. (d) Ifa passenger with a disability seeks to reserve an accessible cabin in a givenclass of service, and there is not an available accessible cabin in that classof service, but there is an available accessible cabin in a different class ofservice, you must allow the passenger to reserve that accessible cabin at theprice of the requested class of service of the class of service in which theaccessible cabin exists, whichever is lower. Under this law the only time it's acceptable for an able body person to book an HC cabin are ; after the final payment period has past and any unsold HC cabins are than open to the general public for booking. If there's one accessible cabin left and all other standard cabins as well as accessible cabin in the same cabin classification are sold than an abled-bodied person can book that accessble cabin even if the final payment hasn't past. Example if there's one accessible cabin E1 left and all standard E1 and all other E1 Accessible cabins are sold than it's allowed under the law for the accessible cabin to be sold to an able-bodied person even if the final payment period hasn't passed. The cruise line can also assign any unsold accessible cabins after the final payment period against gauranteed bookings of able bodied passengers.
  7. Not implying any such thing ! I've known for years that ryano qualifies for an accessible room. What surprised me was that ryano didn't disclose it in the first post that it was an accessible cabin Ryano is typically a champion for the rights of the disabled.
  8. Yes there's always the individual that will lie regardless if it's stated as being a HC Accessible Cabin. However by stating it was an HC Accessible Cabin in the first place it would help because there are able-bodied people that will make the moral and ethical choice not to even try to book it.
  9. OP should have made it very clear in the title of the post as well as the text of the initial post that this cabin is an ACCESSIBLE Oceanview Balcony Cabin. Sadly there will be able-bodied people who will attempt to book this cabin and fraudulently attest to having a need for the features of the cabin to avoid paying for a Junior Suite. Yes it was stated further into the thread that the cabin is an accessible but after seeing the photo posted they won't care and will still attempt to book it.
  10. Configuration is driven by revenue a ship that size must have to be cost effective. Fitting the rooms together like puzzle pieces rather than a standard rectange reduces the s squre footage needed per room. All that square footage adds up to RCCL able have more cabins generating revenue.
  11. Actually your statement is not 100% correct. RCCL also allows you to complete the on-line form on its website https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do
  12. No need to have had to contact RCCL or even wait for RCCL to email the form as a on-line version of the Special Needs Form is on its website. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do Personally I complete the on-line immediately after receiving the booking confirmation. Receive a confirmation of receipt via email within 48 hours or less.
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