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  1. I agree. We too were on the Sunrise a few weeks back. We had a great time yet way too crowded. Reading this lengthy post and many like it about the Sunrise, many agree way too crowded. For sure will not sail on these "add cabins" Carnival ships again. I own CCL stock yet there are way too many better options at sea including Carnival ships that align to their design specs and not this debacle.
  2. I am the OP. Turns out my wife had a first aid kit yet the dumb husband/father (me) didn't know that! It was only like $1.50 for the band aid and ointment pack they gave us. Yet truly my son and I talk about that place even today! Seemed like we were in a movie of some kind. run away!
  3. Was on the Sunrise a few weeks back and on the first sea day, my 16 year old son had cut his finger, so we went to the infirmary to get a band-aid. Mistake! My Lord one of the scariest places we have been. There was a young lady here with her parents who looked green. So sick. My son was like Dad did you see that girl? Also there was a boy in the back screaming at the top of his lungs. Screaming "what are you doing to me"? Like they were sawing his foot off. The "nurse" at the desk was something out of a movie. Felt like a horror movie. Had nightmares for days. We couldn't stop talking about it all week. Don't go there!
  4. Share. Makes the per drink cost go down.
  5. Have done both. Now always late. Like normal life, you plan you day around family dinner time. Makes it simple. Much preferred. In this way no YTD nonsense. Understand some like YTD but not this guy. My $0.02 yet to each their own. However if stuck between early or YTD, I would pick YTD for sure.
  6. Off Sunrise a few weeks ago. GT was starboard and in Bermuda it was port.
  7. This nonsense is real and makes the survey results less useful. Survey design is a science and as someone else posted a 9 and 10 are pretty much the same if you study the science. I have cruised a lot. Some on RCCL and some on other lines. No cruise has ever earned 10s across the board. Not sure they should anyway otherwise there is nothing they can improve upon which we all know is nonsense. The whole point is to identify what is working and what needs improvement. For sure we have had super waiters and outstanding cabin stewards while others while decent aren't the same. Same with about everything else.
  8. Just got off the Sunrise a few weeks ago. We had the middle plan and it worked really well. USed it for work and checking email and normal phone apps etc. Recommend it. Multiple devices can use it yet only one at a time. Easy to change devices. Takes just a few seconds to switch between devices.
  9. We try and board after cabins are open so in this way you can go and dump your stuff and get set up a bit. When you do this you usually get on the ship quite quickly too. Also we always eat prior to getting on the ship as Lido is a zoo. Then we eat again too when less crowded. Lots of options. Each ship has its less crowded boarding eating places few seem to know about. We just did Sunrise and few knew you could get included food in the Italian restaurant while boarding. Also few people at Guy's bbq place at embarkation. All the above really makes the embarkation much more enjoyable. Can't answer the other Qs as never had connecting cabins nor have we been on the Breeze.
  10. Fair enough yet many would not agree in all aspects. Think most would agree royal typcially has better ships and entertainment. It should given its advanced price point. Carnival has better comedy shows. Food and service feel roughly the same. Having sailed both and reading these boards that seems to be about the typical summary. I say Carnival is like a Marriott Courtyard and Royal like a Marriott. Celebrity and Princess/HAL more like a Hyatt or Westin. Never sailed a luxury line like Seabourn or Crystal yet guessing they are like a Ritz. Never sailed NCL yet ships look nicer yet like Royal seems to up charge on food and other fun options. Carnival has more things included and less up sell relative to "on board options". Anyway good to listen to folks and learn from their experiences and opinions, so thanks!
  11. I sail both. As folks have said, simple economics drives the differences. Royal ships cost more to build and operate and they have to recover that cost thus the price difference. Outside the ship and the shows, they are more similar than different. If you want to spend even more coin go on Disney. Also Royal's business model is designed to get folks to spend more on the ship (more pay restaurants, i.e., Guy's burgers on Carnival is included and very good as opposed to Johnny) or its own "land" to accelerate revenue vis-a-vis Perfect Day at Coco Cay. Perfect will end up being a cash cow for Royal. I wonder if Carnival will change Half Moon Cay (or similar) in response to generate more cash flow. If the price was the same, I would likely choose Royal for a similar itinerary. Recently for a similar itinerary in a similar cabin type, Royal had 7 day and Carnival had 8 days. Factoring that in, Royal was more for the 7 vs 8 day and normalizing the costs, it was about 20-25% more per day on Royal. As such we chose Carnival. That savings more than covered what we spent on the ship for excursions and booze, etc. I did however feel that the Sunrise was crowded. I think one approach is to set a cruise length, a budget, and then decide room type, ship etc based on that budget. To me whether I enjoy it or not is more up to me than anyone or anything. Hope that helps.
  12. Just did a Carnival cruise and given these boards I expected lots of inappropriate dress on Elegant night. Rather almost all folks looked great. It was nice to see. Ladies looked great and most men wore at least a jacket. Some who were a little more casual also looked nice albeit a little out of place compared to others yet their choice. I will say though that some folks on non-elegant night in the MDR were not dressed in accordance with the code: gym clothes, hats on men, etc. Don't really care....Tony S might though
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