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  1. are they ok with the set up we are doing where technically nobody over the age of 21 is actually staying in that room?
  2. Cruising on Symphony of the Seas next week. Two rooms for our family, but needed to put my husband in one and me in the other b/c kids are not older than 21 (they are almost 20 and 18). So, they will have one room and we will have the other. I guess the plan is for me to swap keys with one of my kids so that we can each get in to the correct room. Will that be an issue when charging things? For example, if I have my daughter's card, and I use it to purchase something, it will have her picture and data. Or, if I went to purchase an alcoholic drink, technically I'd have my daughter's data and they wouldn't serve me. Hopefully my question makes sense to you....thoughts?
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