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  1. What was the tour about. I can't find any detail on the celebrity site?
  2. it's true... very slight overhang nothing that would give you shade
  3. I would love to know if the the aft corner sky suite is bigger than most and would love pics if possible. We have one of the aft corners on the 1/4 cruise. Some thought the porthole was in the corner suite. Thanks! Toni
  4. This should be Sky Suite next to Penthouse
  5. Same on Celebrity: Our bag of laundry (as much as you could shove in a bag ) was around $8-10 with coupon. We got the coupon because of our status as Captain Club members but even without the coupon it wasn't expensive. And they pressed, folded, whatever you requested and came back on hangers. If you have the bag of laundry available at your door by 9am or 10am you have it back the next afternoon. It is a must do for us.
  6. Hi Carol, It's me again. I think you made a great swap on the location because those aft cabins on the Sky deck get alot of noise from the outdoor eating area above. Not only do you hear the guitar player every night but also the moving of the deck chairs above. My parents stayed in the aft handicap CC cabin on the sky deck and complained about the noise. We were two decks down in a CC aft and didin't hear a thing. As far as the ammenities between a SS and a CC. I think you made a great swap. I have personal experience with the differences of an OV, CC, SS, and RS and the ammenities afforded the suites are much nicer in relation to the more personal and direct attention of a butler. You really have all your needs and wants met. Our butlers met with us from the minute we checked into the suites and made a list of all our wants and desires and we were never disppointed. For instance we wanted crackers and cheese instead of canapes, no problem. We wanted a picture of ice tea when we were were sunbathing on the deck, no problem. We needed this or that pressed, no problem. The list goes on........
  7. Carol, Now that I re-read your thread I saw you are in 6130 and not 6132. So everything I just said for comparrison for 6145 and 6132. I would add for your suite that the deck is slightly smaller for 6130 than 6132 and maybe a tad bit larger according to the deck layout but I would imagine it is realtively the same. Still, you will have a wonderful time on your cruise! Toni If Venu is your butler he is fabulous!
  8. Hi Carol, Yes you will see slight diffeernces between cabins 6145 and 6132. Cabin 6145 vs 6132 is decorated to match the Penthouse suite with lots of wood paneling etc. the bathroom is much larger and so is the walk in shower. there is a glass door instead of a sliding glass door to get to your balcony the foyer is larger as far as ammenity differences: there aren't any except less traffic at 6145 but you do get some more residual noise as the butlers are putting together trays to deliver to the room. like morning coffee,tea, pastries, etc. The noise is not bad at all and you could sleep through it. If you have problems with noise, I would recommend getting a small fan in FTL and bringing it on board with you for white noise. I wish the cruise lines would offer these upon request for those of us who like to sleep to white noise. The lasdt hotel I stayed at did. We are staying in SS 6132 on our upcoming April cruise on the Connie so I will take pics of this one too. We gave 6146 to our parents since we know it has a larger bathroom and more space. We did view 6131 after people got off the ship and popped our head inside. It was a little smaller in size compared to 6145 but the balcony layout was kind of nice with the hump. The one thing with 6131 and 6132 is that it is the first suite you come to from the stairs so you may hear more traffic but sicne we haven't stayed in it yet, I can't compare. Hey if your sailing before us maybe you could take some pics and tell us about it. Either way you have a nice suite and you should love your cruise. One of the nice things about being on this floor is it makes it real nice for going to dinner. Happy Cruising! Toni
  9. Photos Photos Photos!!!!! Hopefully those in the suites will be accomondating and let pictures be taken of their staterooms. Also what is the outlet situation?
  10. Oh Good, I think you will really enjoy it. Plus being down on that end is great (traffic wise). I thought I would really dislike not having a sliding glass door but it really wasn't a bid deal to me. Another thing, go ahead and ask your butler right from the start to make any corrections you need. For instance my chair cushions still had the paint flakes all over them from them hosing down the from above, so they promptly replaced them with fresh dry cushions and I asked for pool towels and a deck blanket. That is one thing you will need to be aware of. When they hose from up higher you do tend to get the spray of the paint flakes on your deck but if they don't clean it off, just ask they will promptly do so and clean your windows also. Toni
  11. Hi Rosie, The noise started soemwhere between 6 and 6:30 am. It wasn't really bad, you could just hear them clanging a few dishes aorund. Like I said we were usually getting up anyway to accept delivery of our breakfast in bed or to get an early start for breakfast upstairs. I posted some pictures in another thread of the Royal Suite which is where my parents stayed on this cruise and the balcony looks pretty much the same except its smaller than the Royal. it has two lounge chairs a small table and is teak. I don't think I took any of the Sky suite balcony but I'll look again tonight and if i find one I'll let you know. Another thing on the noise, there is a foyer in the room so the noise is muffled some from that too. The bed sits further back in the room. Toni
  12. You will enjoy this cabin. I NEVER heard any noise from the Penthouse and there were two small kids in there with their parents. On this cabin on the Mille there are some things to note. Not sure if the same will be true for the Infinity since it is newer. There is not a sliding glass door to the balcony, there is a glass door that opens out. This wasn't a big deal for us. What was a big deal for us is that at the dressing area there isn't any outlets except European ones. So our butler ran an extension cord from under the TV for me to use but it didn't run across the room to the dressing table but since I always pack my own extension cord, I hooked up to this one and ran it across the room to the dressing mirror so I could use it with my blowdryer and curling iron in front of the mirror. There IS noise in the morning that you hear in the hallway because there is a Butlers preparation area where they put together the pastry cart and coffee etc. to service the rooms on that end to include the PH and the Suites. This wasn't a really big deal to us since we don't really sleep in but it might be to somoene who stays out late and wants to sleep in. other than that, I loved the location becasue the only people walking down that hall are the PH occupants, I loved the extra large bathroom and shower. We used the tub a couple of times to soak in and it was great. We loved the balcony since we could lay inour two loungers and not have to fight for chairs or sun at the pool. Have fun on your trip! Toni
  13. For clarification. This Royal Sute is 6141 and if you want to know any particulars about it feel free to ask.
  14. Correction!!!! I misspoke. This is a Sky Suite next to the Penthouse. It is stateroom 6145. Sorry for any confusion:confused:
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