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  1. You stayed Very close to where I’m staying! We are in 9292 On our cruise in May! Thanks again for your posts, getting me excited for mine!
  2. Yes but lots of sugar lol. Could have been in a sugar withdrawal! Loving your review. Going on the freedom in May. Love southwest by the way, best airline in my opinion for customer service! Thank you for posting and definitely enjoying it!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Do you mind me asking what camera you used?
  4. Let me tell you a story about flying out of Philly to Ft Lauderdale last year. My one friend who was flying from philly to Fort Lauderdale the day BEFORE A cruise almost ended up missing the cruise. There were major thunderstorms that night and the next morning that canceled a ton of lights. She ended up taking a midnight flight to Charlotte, as that was literally the only flight that she can get on in a short window between thunderstorms to get out of Philadelphia. The reason........, everything got booked up the next morning because of the cancellations. She ended up landing in Fort Lauderdale from Charlotte around noon and Made it. As it turned out flights out of Philadelphia we’re also canceled the next morning, so if she decided to fly out the day of, she never would have made the cruise. Always give yourself extra time if you can.
  5. Yeah that’s not accurate. I do it all the time to try and catch earlier flights on standby. If I get off work early when I’m traveling I go straight to the airport to catch the next flight out. I’m regularly through security sometimes 5-6 hours before my scheduled flight, trying to get an earlier one.
  6. Great info....RCCL newbie here so thanks for the help. I did sail with RCCL before but I didn’t do the booking or look into any of this back then.
  7. Ok thank you for the clarification. Cruise dropped $75 but I have $175 OBC (promotion from RCI) so not worth asking for the adjustment since I would lose The OBC. Thanks for the help!
  8. If the cruise you book dropped in price, but no longer offering the OBC, do you get the adjustment to the lower price but still keep the OBC? Or would I lose the OBC if I request a price adjustment?
  9. On the Freedon out of San Juan on 5/26!! First time back on ROyal Caribbean since 2011 on the Oasis. My last 3 were on Carnival. Really excited and May can’t get here quick enough. Any Royal Caribbean tips, advice, differences from Carnival? How often does the drink package go on sale? Haha
  10. Sorry this isn’t from my normal profile. My cruise critic is all messed up. It logged me out. Had to reset my password and now apparently I had a different account.
  11. Thank you everyone! It looks like we are going to do the Freedom! Booking it with the TA tomorrow. It really came down to the cost of the cruise to be honest. Harmony was over $1000 more for the two of us. Plus with the Freedom, we probably won't need the drink package as we will be off the ship so much (yet to be determined haha) I travel every week for work so the flights and hotels will be on points so luckily that was a non factor. I'm super excited and we are planning on going down to San Juan on Friday morning. Staying at either the La Concha or the Marriott Stellaris...havent decided that yet. EeyoreRN, hope to see you on board!
  12. Thank you for your reply! We did have a blast on the Splendor, but it just wasn't the nicest ship. Rust everywhere, you could really see it's age. I'm probably making more out of it than need be as there are so many ports. Meeting with a travel agent tomorrow. Not sure about the Anthem, but i did like the Oasis.
  13. I need help choosing between two cruises. Coming back to Royal Caribbean after my last 3 on Carnival. We are looking at the 5/26 sailing on the Freedom out of San Juan (lots of ports, i did this cruise on Carnival a few years ago) or the 5/18 sailing on the Harmony out of Orlando (cococay/st. Maarten/San Juan, Cococay would be my only new port). My biggest concern is the ship, i know the Harmony will be amazing (i was on the Oasis a long time ago) but my last cruise was on the Carnival Splendor and we were really disappointed with the condition of the ship. I'm lucky enough to travel a lot for work, so flights/hotels before and after the cruise aren't a factor. Mainly hoping that I'm not disappointed with the Freedom... haha. Andy advice or suggestions? I know I will have a blast on either of them, so splitting hairs at this point.....but would love to hear some advice from regular Royal Caribbean cruisers. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm a semi avid cruiser (been on 5 cruises now in the last 9 years) and coming back to RCL after my last 3 on Carnival. I was on the Oasis about 7 years ago and looking at the Harmony in May. I'll post more as i get closer to the cruise but i did have one quick question for now. The itinerary has the "perfect day at Cococay" and charging a little more for it because of the new things to do there. However, from what i am reading the waterpark and everything isn't scheduled to open until May 19'. the cruise I'm looking at is May 19, 2019. My experience with cruise lines in the past is they tend to either 1. not open things like this on time or 2. open it with half the attractions/public areas under construction (post dry dock type stuff). Am I naive to think that the water park will be fully operational by 5/19/19? haha Either way, Cant wait to get it officially booked!
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