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  1. YoungGangMom

    Community Contest - April 10 - Do you Meet & Mingle?

    Yes, Meet & Mingle is fantastic. A great way to meet new people and have some fun. This will be my third. 17 days to go!
  2. YoungGangMom

    Getting from Port Canaveral to Disney

    You can also look into a shared van for transportation to WDW.
  3. YoungGangMom

    Tea time

    Tea ime was free last trip I took. Enjoyed it very much and would do it again. We were on the Valor.
  4. YoungGangMom

    Best Non- Disney Ship for kids

    Royal is our first pickwhen traveling with the children. They were particuallary happy with Feedon of the Seas. Ice rink, Flow Rider, and the kids clubs were fantastic. Having said that Carnival is a very close second!
  5. YoungGangMom

    Dream or wonder?

    My family and I peronally won't do anything less that 4 nights, otherwise we feel to rushed. You will enjoy the ship regardless of it's age, it's Disney, there is Magic everywhere.
  6. YoungGangMom

    best cruise line for 12-17 yr olds

    Carnival get the children vote in my family but RCCL was a close second.
  7. YoungGangMom

    Please help with questions/concerns

    Our family took the 4 night cruise on the Dream. My son is heavily into sports and found the kids club aired them on tv. He has cruised with us on several occasions and I have to say that at 12 he used the kids club more than at any other age. Foura nights worked well for us as it was following some time in Florida as well. We also traveled with our 10 year old daughter who equally enjoyed her time on the ship.
  8. YoungGangMom

    Getting from Walt Disney World to Port Canaveral

    We have used Interplex on several occasions and used both limos and vans. Always a pleasant experience and comparable rates.
  9. YoungGangMom

    Passport Cards

    We have done a lot of family traveling, paaports are what are most beneficial for us and covers any issues that may arise. We don't fly or cruise without them.
  10. YoungGangMom

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    [quote name='Seagull7'][COLOR=red]Laura, be sure to take LOTS of time to just be by yourself. Trust me, it'll be worth it. You'll be able to recharge your batteries and unwind/destress. Enjoy having the bed and bathroom all to yourself! :D[/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Maggie[/COLOR][/QUOTE] [quote name='Saltydog1']Hi Laura, I went solo last December on a b2b & it was great. I've been divorced for about 12 years now & my son just turned 21. The split was difficult at first, but things work out in the end. Hopefully your divorce is amicable? As tough as it may be remember to let your kids know that you both still love them & that will never change. Gerry[/QUOTE] Thanks for the support and advice. I am very excited!
  11. YoungGangMom

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Going solo, and not, lol. I am traveling with several other couples, however, my husband and I are in the process of a divorce so I will be in a cabin alone, the kids are sitting this one out. Hoping not to feel like a third wheel, but I love cruising. I am a 42 year old mother of two and this will be my first vacation without a family member ever.
  12. YoungGangMom

    Disney Dream Navigators Oct. 6-10, 2013

    Yes, thanks so much! :D
  13. YoungGangMom

    Disney Dream Navigators Oct. 6-10, 2013

    Just sent. :)
  14. YoungGangMom

    Disney Dream Navigators Oct. 6-10, 2013

    Sent. ;)
  15. YoungGangMom

    Disney Dream Navigators Oct. 6-10, 2013

    Sent. :D