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  1. Thanks for the link/reference J-D! I'll take a look at that.
  2. We're traveling to PPT from the San Francisco Bay Area in June 2018 for a cruise with Windstar. We're looking at buying our flights through either Air Tahiti Nui (from LAX, so needing to fly down there first) or the upcoming French Bee airline operating direct from SFO. Obviously, SFO is more convenient for us, and also the timing of the flights would mean getting in at more convenient times - we plan to head to Moorea for a couple days right after arriving in PPT, prior to our cruise. The FB flight arrives in the early AM, so we can head right over. The ATN flight arrives at night so we'll need a hotel for the night before catching the ferry in the morning. On the final day, with FB, we could fly back home the morning we disembark. With ATN, we'd have to get a day room and find things to do all day before an 11PM-ish flight home that night. Also, FB is a little bit cheaper than ATN now. However, FB is clearly new and hasn't had opportunity to show success in operating out of the States, and specifically on this route. I tried to access the FB site today and definitely noticed a little bit of glitchiness, but have had luck on other days accessing information, ticket prices, and going through the booking steps previously. Has anyone had any experience with FB in Europe? Anybody have any information about them?
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