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  1. Still 3 months out but whats royal doing about PR ? Maybe they put something out but I missed it .
  2. We will be on her in Dec 2019 I know they come and go sometimes from cruise to cruise. Any help will be great Thank's
  3. First been to St Kitts many times and it's getting old who has been to nevis and is it worth it any recommendation for beach and how much time to get too and from the ship? Looking for a beach close to ship in St.Lucia any recommendation if you been there.
  4. Yes I did it there too Just put it here also!
  5. We will be there in Dec for the first time grab a taxi and go to a beach or do a sandles for the day ? What is the weather like there that time of the year ? Any help will be great for the info. Thank's Tony
  6. How far from cruise port ? How much for a taxi ride ? And has anyone done it and is it worth it or would you just go to a beach ? This is first time going to the island we will be there in Dec and what will the weather be like? Any help will be great Thank's Tony
  7. Can any one tell me if its the English actor who was in the London production ? Will be on the Anthem in Dec and have a great picture for him if anyone knows.
  8. Sounds like you should call royal and see if you can trade down to the grandeur don't want you to ruin my belly flop contest as D+ members. Yes the crowds are big on the Anthem and there is always a wait for what ever you are doing.!!!!!!
  9. FINE you want to enforce no sharing rule OK not to change the subject BUT I would like to see royal enforce all the rules than !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Which we all know will never happen as I've seen over my 9 year's of cruising my god use them as you see fit if it makes you happy. As a diamond + member I go by the rules but this is surely not breaking one it's not like royal has good champagne anyway.
  10. Still can't see Dec 2019 cruise pricing if it went up or down. Put in port and date and end up with white screen below ? And did cookies and tried different server ? So what's up or is it ME ????!!!
  11. Love ALL our D+ perk's wish there were even a couple more.
  12. I don't know were you live but all of those food Pic look's like I want to go there and have something to eat.
  13. Sometimes a simple question here is just a reason for some people to start all the BS they can. To many times I asked a question and just gave up on it because of all the negativity on a thread I started. But just saying,,,,, I have watched the suite area on the Anthem go unused all day long as some people fought for pool chairs.
  14. Long Island Ice Tea can drink them all day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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