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  1. No worries at all. Thats why im planning to do a new one.
  2. Fabulous. But clearly many people have not been able to find this. Is there a link?
  3. If it says 14+ then no? I will be there in a few weeks and will confirm
  4. We booked a cabana. HAL had them on “sale” so I snagged one.
  5. I will be creating an up to date exact map with colours and numbers after our cruise. It should not be so difficult lol. All I can currently find are outdated maps and none that show both colour/number.
  6. As always, thanks for posting!! Next time Koningsdam arrives in PE I will be up watching and waiting!
  7. The price was incredible for this canuck. We got a 3 week cruise for less than what we have paid for an 8 day on other lines.
  8. I got lucky I guess and booked a cabana for both our upcoming stops at a “sale” price of $225 each. Absolutely worth it in my opinion...
  9. I absolutely appreciate these each day!! Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎄
  10. Wow. While I would be disappointed...you said yourself it was likely human error. So relax and enjoy the best you can. Things happen! Contact HAL for compensation. Cancel other cruises?! Maybe a tad harsh. Life is what you make of it...
  11. We have one booked for our upcoming cruise and we CANNOT wait. Its a splurge for us on our anniversary. We are looking forward to having our own little space to relax. I booked at an amazing price so for me I feel lucky!!
  12. KONINGSDAM January 22-February 12 Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Seafarer 21 days 1st HAL cruise 17th Anniversary on-board thank you 😊
  13. Are these available at all bars or only certain ones on Koningsdam. Thanks
  14. Mine are showing up (HAL) as $225-399
  15. Check your online account. I have booked ours. Prices actually varied for the same day!! I happened to check back and saw a desired one for less..so I canceled my original and booked at the lower price $225-$399
  16. I just checked and in February we will have a Carnival ship with us
  17. Absolutely enjoy! I think they are cute little souvenirs (if found). Those interested will participate and others wont. I prefer to have more enjoyment on my cruise so I will participate!!
  18. Yes please. Whatever you have. Please email me marinagail@hotmail.com
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