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  1. Thanks everyone. I know I can always get information from Bob and everyone else in the know. Now, I'll write a note so I don't forget. I think it's called another senior moment. LOL
  2. Is there a "peek a boo" window on the Adventure to watch the goings on in the bridge. I remember it from years ago, but not exactly what it is called or how you get there. I know DH would love it.
  3. Bob, thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to pay for my one or two, or maybe none. Since i cn't have alcohol, I may just have to stick to frozen mudslides and mojitos, sans alcohol. Cin, i did have one of the Heineken's, and your dad is right; they aren't bad
  4. I know that the refreshment package covers non alcoholic cocktails, but, does anyone know if it includes non alcoholic beer and what kind? Thanx
  5. Grabbed my Refreshment Pkg last Nov around Thanksgiving for my Dec cruise on the Adventure. Only paid $17 for it. Have never seen it that low before or since. Maybe Thanksgiving is the secret.
  6. Robyn, love seeing you here. We are on the Adventure for Christmas, or Xmas spirit a couple of weeks before. I have PRs booked on deck 6, but am curious about 6597 as opposed to 6591, which is still open. Any ideas about which to keep or change to. Haven't been on the AOS since she was new (and my first cruise). Thanx for all your info.
  7. Love your review of the Adventure. Can't wait for the next chapter
  8. Thanx for the info. Hubby will be a happy camper
  9. Does anyone know if root beer is one of the sodas in the soda machine?
  10. sheilb4 said it, the coconut mojito in Boleros. Yum!
  11. Following you in 2 weeks. Looking forward to your review by a "foodie"
  12. How long did it take Blexie to you. Sent a message via Messenger and after over a week, I thought maybe email was best. Sent email and am waiting. If you sent an email, what email did you use. Thanx
  13. I use it all the time with Jet Blue, but never with a flight that late
  14. Sounds like the place to go if we don't want the windjammer. Thanks, Bob, I knew you'd have the answer, and thanks welshrich, too. Roast beef Sammy sounds yummy. Oh, yeah, just had that for lunch. Here we come Deli Compass
  15. What kind of food is there in the Deli Compass? Never been on the Majesty, but always love the Café Promenade, and a Deli sounds awesome
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