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  1. Well, persistence seems to have paid off! I started this thread after I was refused a refund from British Airways for pre-paid seat selections and excess baggage charges for flights booked for a planned Apex cruise. Several additional calls and long waits on hold apparently paid off. I noticed a credit for a full refund pending on our credit card today. So a belated thanks to British Airways for doing the right thing in these trying times, and best wishes for success to others who are trying to recover financial losses caused by the pandemic from BA or other organizations. Paul
  2. Waterbug 123, I based my statement on the fact the as of midnight 16 March the US has extended it's European travel ban to the UK and Ireland. There may still be aircraft flying to the UK from the US, but the travel ban should prohibit US citizens from flying there.
  3. hcat, here's the details (hope this clears up the initial confusion I caused): Flight cost for refundable with penalty through Flights by Celebrity included a $200 cancellation penalty for each flier for round trip flights costing $476.55 per flier. Independent of the flight cost, on-line we pre-paid BA for an extra piece of luggage each for a total of $360 ($90 each piece for each flight). We also pre-selected seats on each flight at a cost of $252 ($63.25 per seat) then subsequently made a seat selection change on one of the flights that cost an additional $108 ($54 per seat) on t
  4. hcat, Perhaps I was not as clear as I could have been - we did book flights through Flights by Celebrity (refundable with penalty) and we had the entire cost of the flights, including the penalty, refunded by Celebrity. C-Dragons, You are correct, the seat reservation T&Cs state 'no refund if you cancel'; however, the T&Cs for extra baggage states " British Airways will refund any pre-payment of the extra baggage charge that is cancelled online before check-in". Seems like at least that portion should have qualified for a refund. Given that travel between th
  5. My wife and I had booked a cruise on the Apex for April 13 and used Flights by Celebrity to book round trip airfare on British Airways (BA). I subsequently pre-paid for excess baggage and pre-reserved seating directly with BA. We cancelled our cruise via our TA under the 'Cruise with Confidence' offer and Celebrity also automatically cancelled the air booking. Within two weeks of cancelling, we had Future Cruise Credits and credit card refunds processed by Celebrity. Contacting BA about a refund of our $720 pre-payments, we were informed that they would not provide a refund since they had
  6. Hi Joseph123, My wife and I sailed on the Infinity this past July and we dined in both Tuscan and Le Petit Chef (formerly Qusine). Both were very good, but they are definitely different experiences. Le Petit Chef has a fixed, multi-course menu (with some courses offering an alternative dish) with each course accompanied by an entertaining 'movie' projected on your plate and table. The food was very good, and each course is served to all diners at the same time by the waitstaff. I believe there are only two selections of dining time for this venue. Tuscan is a more 'traditiona
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