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  1. Totally agree! Nothing to do with drink, in fact it is no novelty to drink as daughter can drink from age 18 in UK! So she doesnt need to br on holiday to drink! She was more than happy at the silent disco, love and marriage show with us, ice show etc but I think it's more to do with what others have found - a structured fab cruise experience (if teens want that) until 17 then nothing from then, meaning a very different cruise experience than what she was used to! Nothing wrong with her socially, just the fact that she would have enjoyed company nearer her age in sure. Also the Diamond benefit
  2. I was on roll call but not fb group, maybe next time will check that out. Our daughter doesnt drink much either but it's more that she was a kind of misfit! She left home to go overseas to study when 18 and although we get on really well her (and our cruise experience) has never involved spending whole evenings together! We loved the silent disco, danced to dj's etc but I'm sure she would have rather had some ship friends to at least have options! She has been to teens lounge consistently and as someone else aid our w7 guest old had a ball, never back til the 1am curfew with lo
  3. We recently cruised with our 20 year old daughter - what a let down for her. We are Diamond c&a members but being 20 gives little benefits as you dont fit into the kids benefits and cannot access the adult benefits! So no offer of wifi benefit and obviously no alcohol. Having grown up with the amazing adventure ocean and teen lounge all of a sudden we have a 'lost' 20 year old hanging out with her parents! 17 year old sister in teen lounge and us as next best option! I'm really surprised there is no meet up for these young adults, in fact I'm disappointed really for us and her haha!
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