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  1. We had 1 & maybe a 1/2 funny encounter on our last cruise. The first was when the room service gentleman rushed past us with just a rediwhip can on his cart. I had to ask him if he was heading to the honeymoon cabin just down the hall. He cracked up and almost put his cart in into the wall. The next sighting was on formal night. An elderly gentleman walk into the bar dressed to the nines from the waist up. Below that he only had on boxer shorts, black socks and shoes. He was escorted out of there quickly so it may have been more tragic than funny. We never found out the rest of that story. Steve
  2. List..The degree of tilt of the ship to one side or the other. Or what the DW has when you get home. Interior Cabin. A cabin inside the ship with no view of the water. Or a space the DW can never step into. Patter.. Daily program of the ship's news and events. Or what you may hear 9 months after a romantic cruise.. See also patter of, little feet. Pitch..The rise and fall of the front of the ship while at sea. Or what you get at the art auctions. Gangway..Opening in the side of a ship through which it is boarded or provisioned. Or what you hear when the buffet first opens. Berth..See patter above.(birth sp.) Chimney..Ship's smokestack. (Note: some are fake and just of appearances.) Also casinos patrons smoke like a ..
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