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  1. calmpets

    Choir of Man on Escape

    Just to be clear, unlimited beer is included with the show? We are sailing with the UBP, so free beer would be useless for my whole party, and I personally don't drink beer at all. Can you bring a cocktail in with you?
  2. calmpets

    Pearl Shore Excursions

    I am booked on the Pearl for March, which has also had itinerary changes, and the list of available shore excursions is pretty slim since the switch. I'm guessing they are still in the process of loading them for the revised itineraries, but I agree that they should be up by now, especially if you are sailing in two months.
  3. It's not as far-fetched as you would think. I am booked on the March 17, 2019 sailing of the Pearl. The original itinerary had both the Pearl and the Breakaway scheduled to be at Harvest Caye on the same day. Harvest Caye has no ability to house two ships, and since NCL built the port, they absolutely know this. Regardless, they have been selling these two conflicting itineraries for a year now. I received an email on Friday stating that they had notified me earlier in September of a switch to Belize City (they didn't), but that they had now re-revised the itinerary to include Harvest Caye after all by putting the ports in a different order. If you were to book the same sailing today, though, their website still reflects the original itinerary. So yes, they have no intention of sailing the posted itinerary.
  4. If the cruise line sells an itinerary, and then extenuating circumstance force them to change it, you would be right, that isn't bait and switch. If a cruise line sells an itinerary they have no intention of doing in the first place, I can certainly see where the term bait & switch would apply. There should be some good faith that what is being sold is actually what they intend to provide.
  5. calmpets

    Pearl Christmas Cruise change

    Glad the change worked out well for you! I received notice of an itinerary change to the 3/17/19 sailing of the Pearl yesterday, which keeps all the original ports (Harvest Caye, Roatan, Costa Maya & Cozumel), but puts them in a different order. I'd love to know why two ships were booked to be at Harvest Caye in the first place, since the dock only accommodates one ship. Seems like this was something they should have figured out before releasing the itineraries originally.
  6. For what it is worth, I agree with you on both of these points. My March 2019 cruise was booked to be at Harvest Caye on the same day as the Breakaway. I can find no evidence that Harvest Caye has ever been able to dock two ships, and no evidence that a construction project was in play to make it able to dock two ships. Yet that is exactly what they sold. I received notice yesterday of a switcharound of the itinerary, keeping all the original ports but going on different days. I know full well that they are entitled to make port changes as needed, but I disagree that poor planning should be an acceptable reason to do so. Frankly, I'm surprised you received that much OBC for the change though. Their standard offering in such cases is usually much lower.
  7. calmpets


    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  8. calmpets


    BirdTravels - do you happen to have the page that shows the liquors that are under $16.95? Basically the ones that are included in the UBP. Thanks in advance!
  9. calmpets

    NCL Ultimate Resort Getaway

    If it's helpful, NCL's own website has three reviews for this excursion. After reading them, though, I would be more likely to suggest splurging on Maya Key instead. It is a five minute water taxi from the ship, and it's beautiful!
  10. calmpets

    Gambling age

    I sailed with an 18 year old in April 2017, and the age to gamble onboard was 18. As a side note, the legal drinking age in most ports is 18 as well, so he/she should be able to gamble onboard, and drink in port.
  11. calmpets

    Latitudes free bottle of wine

    Thanks! Since he will be barely 20, I don't think he will be that picky, but good to know. I'll warn him, and then if he still wants it he can go to CruiseNext with his father and the signed permission form.
  12. Just a curiosity question. My stepson will be 20 years old on our next cruise, and has bronze latitudes status. He is booked in a room with my cousin, who will be 32, but has never been on a cruise before. Do they give the free bottle of sparkling wine as long as anyone in the room is of legal drinking age, or only if the latitudes member is over 21? It does not specify on the rewards chart. My husband will be signing the wine & beer permission form for him, if that makes any difference.
  13. Normally I would agree with that, because you can sit near the bar instead of at the actual bar, and still get to enjoy the entertainment without blocking drinkers from having easy access to the bartenders. And yes, I am thinking of the effect non-drinkers blocking the bar would have on tips. But on NCL the vast majority of people are on the beverage package, so I doubt it has much effect at all. Regardless, no one else needs to know what is in your glass.
  14. calmpets

    ESCAPE - September 9th Bermuda - TS/H Florence

    Frank del Rio is still around, unfortunately. While I don't feel the service onboard has been negatively affected by his reign, the decisions they make shoreside nowadays are questionable at best, and that trickles down. I have no doubt the decision on whether or not give anything to the guests who were rerouted came straight from him. He is a penny-pincher, often to the detriment of customer service, IMHO.
  15. calmpets

    Two ships in Harvest Caye?

    Has anyone ever been at Harvest Caye when there were two ships in? I'm assuming one would have to tender, but I want to know if anyone has experience with that happening. Thanks in advance!