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  1. I read an article back on March 17th that listed where each ship was slated to be for the duration. I am sure several changes were made, but this is the original list: Norwegian Bliss: Norfolk, Virginia Norwegian Breakaway: Nassau, Bahamas Norwegian Dawn: Tampa, Florida Norwegian Encore: Miami, Florida Norwegian Epic: Port Canaveral, Florida Norwegian Escape: Nassau, Bahamas Norwegian Gem: Jacksonville, Florida Norwegian Getaway: New Orleans, Louisiana Norwegian Jade: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Norwegian Jewel: Honolulu, Hawaii on March 22 Norwegian Joy: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Norwegian Pearl: Jacksonville, Florida Pride Of America: Honolulu, Hawaii Norwegian Sky: Jacksonville, Florida Norwegian Spirit: Cape Town, South Africa Norwegian Star: Panama City, Panama Norwegian Sun: Port Canaveral, Florida
  2. Where did you see the cancellation of the Star? My dad is supposed to be sailing on her when she reaches Port Canaveral.
  3. Many thanks for the info! My guess is that they thought a weather related itinerary change would go over better than a COVID-19 related change. I hope you are enjoying your cruise!
  4. It looks like the Gem skipped St Thomas today. Anyone heard anything from guests onboard? My stepdaughter is sailing, but she doesn't have the wifi package, so I'm out of the loop. Just curious if St Thomas said not to come there, or if NCL is trying to return to NY more quickly for some reason. Thanks for any info!
  5. I prefer the onscreen questions as well. When I sailed on the Escape this past September, most trivias were in the atrium and used the screen, but not all, and none of the other venues used had a screen available. Actually, for one atrium trivia that I specifically remember, they did not use the screen, despite the fact that the cruise director staff member who did it did not know how to read english (they said so). To make it worse, it was Star Wars trivia, which has lots of made up place names involved that make it harder to read if you aren't familiar with the franchise. Even worse than that, the trivia host made at least three references to needing to find himself a sugar daddy, which was just creepy. It was a truly painful experience.
  6. I took a Bermuda Triangle Night Cruise through NCL back in 2012, and it was a lot of fun. They brought you out by shipwrecks and such, and the boat had a glass bottom,so you got to see lots of sea life. Rum punch was included on the return trip, although I don't know if that is still the case. Regardless, I enjoyed it, and would recommend it.
  7. Not sure if this is helpful, but Choir of Man is touring the USA, so you might be able to catch it on land near where you live.
  8. Since you've already made the decision that you won't be dining with them, the only real question is when you want to have the potential argument about it. Would you rather do it at home, when you aren't captive together for a week, or after you've boarded the ship, and have the potential to create tension at the start of the cruise that may last all week long and ruin your vacation. My personal opinion is that having the conversation beforehand is less risky.
  9. I haven't done one of the tasting clinics since they started including the beverage package, but I can say that I've caught the end of the them several times when I have gone to the bar around 4pm, so I would guess they typically start at 3pm. Just a guess though.
  10. Great! On my last Bermuda cruise we were not there on a Wednesday, so I missed Harbour Nights. Can't wait to check it out this July!
  11. I am pretty sure it can only be signed onboard in front of a crew member, and must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. My husband did it for my stepson on our last cruise, and he had to go to guest services with my stepson to get it setup.
  12. Great advice! On a related note, I discovered on my last cruise that one should always carry benadryl, especially when in port. My dad was stung by a wasp (or similar) in Bay of Fundy, and it swelled up to a huge lump immediately. I did not have benadryl, nor did the driver, the tour guide, or anyone else on the tour. Fortunately he didn't have an anaphylactic reaction, but it was a scary experience, and going forward I will always carry benadryl. I would highly suggest everyone learn from my mistake and carry it all the time.
  13. I just spoke to family who is sailing on the Star Princess to Hawaii, and they ended up spending the night in Honolulu last night, due to weather issues. They will be skipping today's scheduled port, which I think was Kauai, and leaving Honolulu today at 5pm. Just fyi for anyone with loved ones on this ship!
  14. It is. I experienced this when I sailed the Escape to Canada in September. So much faster!
  15. Just for frame of reference, Norwegian charges $99 per person per day, PLUS 20% gratuity for their beverage package. It's unlimited drinks (no coffee or bottled water though), but still, Princess is cheap by comparison.
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