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  1. I'm in no way disputing that the contract allows them to make random changes whenever they feel like it. And when it's for weather, or unrest, or other legitimate/obvious reasons, the vast majority of people seem to have no problem with it. While it's not required for them to provide an explanation, it's incredibly poor customer service to just say "We aren't going to St Maarten. The reasons are secret. Deal with it." It's also downright sketchy to schedule and confirm itineraries that they have no intention of sailing. Sound unlikely? I'll give you an example. For over a year I was booked on a cruise that had a stop at Harvest Caye scheduled for both the Pearl and the Breakaway on the same day. Since NCL literally built Harvest Caye, it is not a leap to assume they are aware you can only dock one ship there at a time. About a month before final payment, they announced that due to a berthing conflict, we would be stopping at Belize City instead of Harvest Caye. Two weeks after that they said, just kidding, we're still stopping at Harvest Caye, but we've reordered the itinerary, cutting short the time in two of the four ports. Can they do that? Absolutely. Should they have sold the actual itineraries they would be sailing from the beginning? Also yes.
  2. This is my main gripe with NCL over the past few years. They make arbitrary changes to itineraries, and provide no explanation for those changes. Not only do they not tell their guests, but they don't inform their staff of the reasoning either, so everyone is in the dark.
  3. That was what I thought. I love the shipboard experience, but they are really incompetent shoreside.
  4. Just looking for clarification. I received a pre-cruise email this week saying I am 40 days away from my cruise on the Escape, encouraging me to make show reservations. It read "From the classic soundtracks of the 1980's at For the Record: The Brat Pack, to the smash hit musical After Midnight, stand-up comedy, and our signature Glow Party, there's something for everyone." I was under the impression that the Brat Pack was no longer on the Escape. When you click on the link in the email for the Brat Pack show, it just takes you to the general entertainment listings for the Escape, where it is not mentioned. So I'm confused. Is the Brat Pack still on the Escape, or not?
  5. Thanks for the tip about booking Choir of Man by phone! It was the one show I really wanted to see onboard, and I was able to easily book it by calling NCL this morning.
  6. I read this the same way you did. It sounds like they are moving the show from the Escape to the Encore. Hopefully it's just a poorly worded article. I was looking forward to seeing them on my September cruise as well!
  7. So it looks like my upcoming sailing on the Escape is now going to be the third annual Guy Harvey Conservation Cruise. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/norwegian-cruise-line-partners-with-guy-harvey-ocean-foundation-to-host-third-annual-conservation-cruise.html I'm wondering what types of events I can look forward to, so I would love feedback from anyone who sailed on the 1st or 2nd annual Guy Harvey Conservation Cruise. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!
  8. So Manhattan does not allow reservations for parking. Has anyone ever arrived there for their cruise and discovered the garage was full?
  9. We have reservations for the supper club on our September 2019 Canada cruise. I've been unable to find recent menus, and am curious what to expect. Any feedback, or menu pics, from 2019 would be helpful!
  10. I was on the last sailing of the Sun that made it to Cuba, and I had a forward-facing balcony. I was pleasantly surprised how usable it was when the ship was in motion. The front of the balcony slopes at an angle, sending the majority of the wind up and over you. One thing of note - you cannot use the balcony lights while the ship is in motion. We were unaware of this, and on the first night we quickly received a call from the bridge to tell us to turn the balcony lights off.
  11. Here is a link to the article - https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4200/
  12. In a related note, Canada has some strict rules about people with criminal backgrounds being able to enter the country, and I would guess that there were some legal charges associated with their forced disembarkation. I know I have read that anyone with a DUI on their record is barred from entering the country, thereby preventing anyone with such a conviction from taking an Alaska cruise at all, even if they don't intend to get off the ship in Canada. Not sure if drug possession would be treated just as harshly by the Canadian government, but I thought it bore a mention if you are considering inviting them on the Bliss.
  13. I am sailing on the Sun Memorial Day week in a penthouse suite, and was wondering who the concierge and butler are?
  14. The answer to this varies dramatically depending on which terminal you sail from, and that info is not accurately available until they dock in Tampa the morning you board. If you get terminal 3, it's super smooth and easy. If you get terminal 2, you will wait outside in a line that wraps around the building, then be stuck in a queue that loops for what seems like forever on the first floor, then loops for about the same length of time on the second floor. Terminal 2 is simply not big enough to handle the number of passengers they need to process, so it's just a total fiasco. I got stuck with terminal 2 back in March (despite it saying terminal 3 on my paperwork), and it took a solid hour and twenty minutes just to get through the line to the checkin desk. Luckily it was not super hot that day, but it was still really unpleasant.
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