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  1. Three years ago we had a wonderful all day tour in Copenhagen with a Tour By Local guide. Unfortunately I do not remember her name. We have also used Tour By Local in other cities and have always been satisfied.
  2. We are on that cruise as well. Still hoping it will be a go. My TA said that the insurance could be transferred if the new cruise was booked at the same time the old one was cancelled. That is what I was told, do not know if it is correct. It may matter which insurance company.
  3. On March 19th I called our travel agent to cancel an October cruise on Navigator. The same day the deposit was credited back to my credit card. We have a great TA and perhaps that had something to do with the fast action.
  4. Our cruise in October stops at Bar Harbor. Does anyone have suggestions for the best excursion there?
  5. I second the opinion of UUNetBill. We did the "Evening with the Tsars" in August 2017 and it was very very enjoyable. The fact that you can see the palace with no crowds is great. In contrast we did the Peter's palace tour during the day and the crowds were so large that we hated the experience.
  6. That sounds encouraging, we are going Southbound also. Thanks.
  7. Will be traveling soon on our fifth Regent cruise. On this cruise we travel through the Bay of Biscay. I am told the bay can be rough. Has anyone had experience cruising the Bay?
  8. Based on the deck plan (if it is accurate) the only F1 suites that have a fairly large balcony are 846-847. A few others may have a slightly larger than normal. The suites mentioned by Travelcat2 are D and E suites.
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