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  1. We recently traveled to Europe and found that Facebook calls through private messaging was a great alternative! There's wifi in multiple locations both on and off the ship in most ports and you can make a called through private messaging. It worked so well I never used my phone to call home.
  2. We just did this and truly enjoyed it. We had plenty of time to wander around, shop, take photos and sat down for coffee. We then went to Fira and took a cab to the Santo Winery for their wine tasting - FABULOUS! We had a short time in Fira after that and kind of wish we had more there. We felt we had enough time to wander Oia and really enjoyed the winery in Fira!
  3. That is going to depend on how much time you have in port. The ferry is about 45 minutes, and then the bus so take about 3 hours off your port time for travel and figure it out from there. We had time to snorkel the underground river and with plenty of time left over to spend time at the bar and then in the gift shop before we had to leave.
  4. We have been to Xcaret twice and it is AWESOME! You are free to roam the park once you get there. Make sure you look up the map online so you have a general idea of where the things are that you want to do. We have done the underground river snorkel which was really cool and have seen the butterflies, Jaguar Island and the working Mayan Village among other things. Great place!
  5. Priced lower than a balcony cabin, which is why I chose it, but my husband is not happy with the idea of an obstructed view. I just trying to decide if the extra cabin space overrides the lack of view.
  6. Has anyone sailed in this cabin? How badly obstructed is the view
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