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  1. Sounds like a good plan we're booked into aspire lounge but staying at Hilton overnight so my trip starts on 22nd with a train journey to Manchester Airport I'm so excited but mostly for my grandson ......
  2. That's my plan divide 56kg between 3 cases roll on 10 days.
  3. Hi I've just bought an extra 10kg at £80 5kg was £45 I now have a small case to put all shoes& toiletries in we're just splitting the 56kg between 3 bags
  4. Thanks for that so if I'm reading it correctly I can take more than one case as long as the weight doesn't exceed 23kg so for me & my grandson we could take 3 with a weight of 46kg
  5. Hi all can anyone tell me if your allowed more than 1 hold luggage ? reading my e-tickets it says arriving at airport porterage is 2 bags per person only I'm a bit confused (it doesn't take much) Thanks
  6. Hi all I was on a roll call for Britannia 23 November and it's vanished now the roll calls jump from 10 November to 5 January that is very strange there were 14 members and as it's only 5 weeks away I'm wondering if it wont be returning
  7. Thank you both for your replies I have been on the dream last year but maybe just take my friends daughter on a tour of the ship then maybe have a coffee at the quayside
  8. Hi all I've just booked this cruise is anyone else on it we're flying from Manchester and arrive in Tenerife at 12.45 will we have to wait long to board the ship and as it's a late sailaway would it be possible to do an afternoon excursion Thanks :D
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