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  1. [quote name='SoonerDan']That was best review I had read on here. It included all the things that are great and frustrating about cruising. So, we allow name calling, condescending talk, and general rude behavior but have zero tolerance for fun. That's to bad[/quote] Yes, but I am sure that something horribly offensive was posted. I credit the moderators for deleting the thread and sparing me from the offensive nature of the thread. Kudos to our Mods. They do a great job, and I appreciate how they look after us.
  2. [quote name='awhcruiser']I wonder how long until this thread goes poof too....[/quote] About 10 seconds after a moderator sees this thread.
  3. [quote name='Scottifer']A lot of the negativity of the people on here is what has turned my wife and I away from cruising [/quote] That is brilliant. It is estimated that only 2 to 5% of cruisers are on CC. So, if 50% of us here are negative, that would amount to 1% to 2.5% are what you are basing your conclusion. I think your post falls into the category of those that emit negativity.
  4. [quote name='Arzeena'][COLOR=blue][I]"I would ask that others show me the same courtesy. If you find something offensive, don't read it! By whining, complaining and getting offended by something you may find "politically incorrect", you have now infringed on my right to continue reading quite possible the funniest thing I have ever read on this forum."[/I][/COLOR] I understand what you said in your post, but the "Infringed on your right......"?? now THAT is totally whacked.[B] [SIZE=4]Nobody stops you from reading[/SIZE][/B] or not reading[B].[/B] That is your "choice" not your "right". Happy reading!:)[/quote] Moderators do it quite often. They do a great job in deleting posts and I commend their efforts. Personally, I was just reading what I thought to be a great review. When I came back to continue reading today, thankfully it was removed and I was not subjected to the ...... well ........ whatever it was that I would have been subjected to.
  5. [quote name='srvdmy4usn'] If you have comments or concerns regarding the management of this community, please address them to: [EMAIL="community@cruisecritic.com"]community@cruisecritic.com[/EMAIL]. [/quote] Do not waste your time.
  6. [quote name='srvdmy4usn']PURE GARBAGE. Yes, it is a "private" forum, they can set their rules as they see fit. I personally loved the review as it was written, but it is their choice to remove it. However, the idea that anyone would be "afraid" to speak of those who are in charge is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If there is a rule that states you can not discuss a moderator I would love to see it. Apparently the moderators are the Lord Voldemort's of the Cruise Critic Harry Potter Novel?!?!? Oooooooo I spoke about they who must not be named! :eek:[/quote] As soon as a moderator logs into this thread, it will be immediately deleted. Then you will be getting a guideline reminder for breaking the rules of CC. Some others will get suspended from CC.
  7. [quote name='fwacruiser']Hi everyone - As many of you have already correctly concluded, the June 30th Allure "stream of consciousness" thread was removed. When I logged in a few moments ago to compose the Day 5 entry, I discovered a note from the forum admin notifying me that the thread was removed for "inappropriate/vulgar language" and that the administrators are, in fact, "on the wrong end of the 'easy to offend' scale." I'm sure we'd hit it off great in person. ;) Fair enough. It's their forum and their rules. Without being able to add the necessary color commentary to capture the various characters and events aboard the Allure last week as seen through my own eyes, my review would be quite boring and mundane, thus I'm opting not to complete it. I'm glad people enjoyed my account of the first four days. I enjoyed describing it for you.[/quote] Email me.
  8. [quote name='spammie']:mad: Figures - [B][U]FINALLY [/U][/B]an honest account of what most people encounter onboard a cruise ship and the review gets yanked! Not happy. :mad: Once again I'm reminded of why we connect with people we are cruising with on another social media site where everything isn't censored. Of course this thread will probably get yanked also. :eek:[/quote] Just a matter of time. Very disappointing, isn't it?
  9. [quote name='Sumisid']I LOVED that thread! It was really funny! It's a pity that it was removed. :(:mad:[/quote] I am sure it was removed for a good reason, as our moderators do an exceptionally fine job of policing these boards.
  10. johneeo

    Is a jumpsuit acceptable for Formal Night?

    I love jump suits. Here is mine.
  11. johneeo

    Worst table companion you have had

    [quote name='Redman1947']I'm curious as to all these past cruises listings; for whose benefit are they, the posters or the complete strangers who read the posts? Suspect the strangers find they clutter up the board[/quote] Without clutter, my life would be meaningless.
  12. johneeo

    Allure question

    [quote name='S&Jboat']He will bring ice for your cooler if you ask nicely.[/quote] You would be amazed at what a $20 bribe ...... er ....... tip will do for you.
  13. [quote name='BabyBokChoy']I only joined CC recently and I have found these dress related threads highly informative and frankly, entertaining! [/quote] In due time, you will find them incredibly boring and repetetive.
  14. johneeo

    Allure question

    [quote name='pizzaman1343']Is there a fridge in a regular balcony cabin or to a need to bring my collapsible cooler? Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app[/quote] As mentioned, refrigerators on cruise ships do not keep things cold. I always bring my collapsible cooler.