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  1. Just a little information on Cancellations, when RCL did the latest round of Cancelled Cruises, we decided to apply for a Refund for our October 2020, instead of an FCC as we are not sure if we will get to Cruise again, we did the online Form on 7th Aug and our Refund was in the Bank on Friday 14th, what a great response and Refund from RCL, no travel agent involved, direct with RCL. Looks as if a lot of TA are blaming RCL when it is they who create the problem by hanging onto the Funds. Should things change we will have no Problem Booking with RCL again.
  2. Maybe that is why P&O have Sold Oceana, to pay the Refunds. As announced on BBC News.
  3. On her way to Southampton, wonder what they have in mind for her. I was close South Tyneside is not that far from Durham, we are up in Ashington.
  4. Hi Graham did I read somewhere that you live just down the Coast from us in South Tyneside or was it someone else.
  5. When have the Heads of Cruise Companies ever done the Honourable thing they are only interested in the bottom line🤑.
  6. We have the same idea as you, have the money in our bank, Then WE can choose when and where we want to Cruise and with whatever Company has the Itinerary and Deal we want, Whenever that may be.
  7. Success Cheque arrived Yesterday around 2-30pm in Bank by 3-15pm, only took 75 days. Now have to decide if and when we will cruise with P&O again, guess we will wait and check out late deals before making our minds up, hope all those still waiting get there Cheque soon.
  8. Thanks for the good luck post, we asked for it to be escalated 2-3 weeks ago but it does not seem to have help, however there are worse things going on in the World so if this is the only thing we have to complain about I guess we are some of the Lucky Ones. I agree with you on the cash flow point and as you say hopefully like their Ships they Stay Afloat, we moved a Sept Cruise to October hoping there may be a better chance of Cruising then, maybe we will get a better Picture soon.
  9. Well done to all who have received Refunds, not before time though, no company should be hanging on to passengers money the way the Cruise Lines are it is disgraceful. I rang Monday last week, spoke to someone who then contacted someone else and was then told we would have our Refund by Friday, Day 73(yesterday) still no Refund, rang them again still awaiting an answer. We are RCL Regulars but because they do not sail in Europe in the Winter months we were going to move to P&O, however because of this Farce we may not Cruise again, as we have no confidence in any of the Cruise li
  10. That is correct just checking that everyone was awake😉, we did ring last week and received a call back, usual explanation and excuses so asked for it to be escalated and received an email yesterday with apologies but nothing other than excuses, will give it a few Days then maybe follow up, thanks for the help though.
  11. Thanks all for the replies, our cruise was Azura 19th April, which was cancelled by P&O, so requested a Refund which was done by TA on 3rd April, so who knows how long it will take for Refund to come through, 64 days and counting.
  12. Now that the email thing is sorted(thanks Sharon), would it be possible for those who are Successful in getting Refunds to post the Date of the Cruise the Refund is for, may give us hope or despair, depending on when our cruise was, Thank you in anticipation.
  13. Thought I had missed out also, however a Full refund came through so no problem.
  14. Cancelled the Iona Cruise due to Medical reasons ie leukaemia with weakened Immune System, was expecting FCC but I'm not complaining.
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