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  1. We will put that on our list of options, our friends seem to be leaning towards going on the second leg so we may have use that option to get there then ride back with them after the second cruise
  2. Didn’t know that was what they called it, now I have a new term to search....thanks!
  3. We just booked our first back 2 back cruises for our 15th anniversary, well I guess its not really a true back 2 back since we will be going on two different ships with a day in between, Adventure Sept 24, 2020 - Oct 3, 2020 to NE/Canada then on Oasis from Oct 4, 2020 - Oct 11, 2020 to Cococay Perfect day. Anyone that has done back 2 backs on different ships are there any perks like the true b2b people get, I am assuming not but maybe I'm missing something. We live about an hour and half from Bayonne so we are now deciding our plans for the day in between, if we are going to drive/park or have someone drop us off. If we drive we will pack a different bag to swap out the warmer clothes for the shorts. We are also trying to talk some friends into coming for the second leg of our trip, if that happens we can make them bring our second bag! Maybe we will just go home and drive back (this is the least likely choice). Any suggestions on places to stay for that single night? We will go from platinum to emerald on the second cruise, do you get those benefits that cruise or do you get the new benefits on the next cruise after you reach the new level? We are really excited (we got the $18 glitch for the first leg), this will be our first cruises in over 10 years, can't believe it's over a year until we sail but I will live vicariously through others on here until then. Happy Cruising!!
  4. so basically having platinum status does nothing, since there are almost always some kind of "fake" sale that will reduce this discount
  5. ok, thought that might be the case
  6. Do you see the breakdown of this discount anywhere or is it just factored into the price that is offered when you book. I didn't see any discount on booking, just the bogo and flash sale discounts. Tried doing a test booking on two different browsers, one with me logged in and the other without and both have the same prices for balcony rooms.
  7. Thanks will give that a try
  8. we picked late seating, so your saying i probably should have picked the "my time"? my time wasnt really a thing the last time we cruised and we always liked the late seating so i picked that....we are doing a 9 night canada cruise on adventure
  9. Just booked our first cruise in over 10 years, in the past the first thing we always did when we got on board was go to the MDR and see if we could be switched to a table for 2, anyone know if this is this still possible?
  10. this will be our first cruise in 10 years and our first time ever having a drink package, we would have never purchased the package normally and now we get to test it out and see if its worth it for us to book it on future cruises....excited for our cruise, only 449 days to go, need to start preping my liver
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