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  1. They want your money, their customer service reps have a knowledge base of 1 up to a 10. Sounds like you hit a “1”, keep calling until you hit a “10”
  2. I love seeing them!! We went all out our first cruise...we have toned it way down no more tuxedos...but they are nice to look at!
  3. We gave up tuxedos 6 cruises ago, dh wears khakis and a button-down, no tie or jacket and I wear a nice dress (not even semi-formal)
  4. Awww!! So excited for your family! Your momma would be so proud of how you all have carried her enthusiasm of cruising to the next level!
  5. First RC cruise in 85 days. My opinion should be highly regarded as I really can’t cook that great at home. I’ve tried 8x to copy a Caesar dressing recipe and had to spit out 5 of them. My best meal ever was at a restaurant 25 years ago, I don’t expect RC to beat that...but I do expect it to be hot and tasty. Five Guys, our local Tony’s Pizza, Houston's, even Chick Fil A have consistently tasty food...they rarely miss the mark. If RC can hit the mark 5/7 days...I’ll be pleased. Time will tell.
  6. Oddly, the message that popped up after I printed my passes for each passenger (it printed one for each...they are all loaded one after the other), it said one roomkey would be available outside your stateroom and the others would be inside...what does this mean? Do they tape aroom entry key outside my door?
  7. We have only once paid extra for an ‘event’...dinner at Palo...besides our awesome friends we are with..it was a huge disappointment! Our server hassled is over buying wine...WE DON’T DRINK! I told him that several times, maybe he thought I was joking?? He even brings us two complementary glasses which went untouched. In essence, he only wanted to pad our bill. We usually always tip well over recommended. Not for this guy. Save your money, enjoy all the ship offers...it’s a great cruise line!
  8. Step one: no antibiotics 90-99% of these things are viral, not bacterial Step two: 12 hour Guaifenesin 2x a day, Zicam 3-4x a day Step three: Rest and hydrate If you develop a cough, bring throat losenges, and take the Mucinex (guaifenisin) until it passes. It’s likely to be fine, but your energy levels will tank a bit, enjoy the lounge chairs 😁😁
  9. I’m new to RC, so neither work on Liberty of the Seas? On our other cruise, each cabin had the ability to use a provided device or an app to communicate with other guests, is there anyway to do that on the ship without buying WiFi package? Would I still be able to text?
  10. Do you know the earliest option for breakfast? Do they all open at 7am or earlier? We have a few early excursions.
  11. I appreciate your post! I keep hearing the room steward will bring ice? Do we just ask them? I like the idea of a soft sided cooler...so just bring the gallon sized ziploc bags and ask the steward to fill them or just bring the ice so I can fill them?
  12. Really a wonderful report! Such great tips. Bizarre leaving a guest behind...yikes!!!
  13. Nope. Won't tolerate any of those shenanigans. Two of my kids (although older teens now and haven't had to use an inhaler for 2 years) literally went from green on their peak flow meter to ZERO in less than 3 minutes being exposed to smoke, smoke on someone's clothing, etc. It's honestly why we only sailed another cruise line. We are taking a chance that they will NOT have such a severe reaction...but here's what I'll do. 1. Videotape the person smoking. 2. Go directly to an agent and ask who do I need to show this video to in order to get this guest moved to the smoking section? Ask for THEIR supervisor if he is not removed in a minute. I'll do the same for balconies...videotape it, if they need to 'see' it happening, I can make that happen. Now, I need to go research where smoking is allowed. I'm on Liberty of the Seas and we are on decks 10 and 12 to be as far away from the casino...but am I close to smoking sections??
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