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  1. I voted earlier in the week, just want to add my two cents. Though I voted no to cruising with a mask, I will at least wait until the new "rules" are in place before I make a final decision. If masks are made mandatory for any part of the cruise I will most likely back out of the cruise I'm booked on in September. My decision is based on four months of medical data about the Coronavirus. I urge everyone to get as much factual information as you can so you can make an informed, logical decision for yourself. Hope to see all of you all onboard.
  2. I just turned Diamond on RC and am looking forward to cruising my way to Diamond Plus. My next cruise is set for September. If wearing a mask becomes a requirement I will cancel my cruise and cruising will become a thing of the past for me. Period.
  3. I'm a little late to this discussion so please forgive me if I go over items previously discussed. I'm writing this because I'm sick and tired of the media allowing itself to be used to drag Royal Caribbean through the mud. I work in legal support with lawyers though I am not a lawyer. These are my observations and opinions based on years of both cruising and working with attorneys. First off, I sailed Freedom of the Seas out of Puerto Rico exactly 7 weeks after the incident. The first thing I did upon boarding was go to deck 11 to see where this incident took place. I dragged my reluctant girlfriend along to see what she would opine. Within two minutes of arriving she turned to me and stated that there is no way that this was an accident. There are four things that become evident when you see the location. 1) The windows are tinted quite a bit. The open window is easily identifiable simply by viewing. Even if you're colorblind as the GF claims, you can easily tell the difference between the dark squares of glass and the open window. 2) There is a noticible breeze and sound coming through the window. Actually, that's why the window is open, to keep the somewhat sheltered area from overheating and you can hear the sound of the city and dock below. 3) The guard rail is situated back from the window a significant distance (even the Wiegand family’s attorney, Michael Winkleman claims it's 18 inches), enough where a child of 18 months would fall between it and the window if the child was placed on the rail. 4} There is no sill or lip where you could sit or stand a child against the window. If you're not sitting the child on the rail there is no place else to sit or stand the child. While I was at the scene of the incident I leaned out the open window (I did not know the GF did this as the videos had not been released). I'm 5'8" and could look down the side of the ship to the dock below. As the father of four I came to the chilling conclusion that this incident was no accident. It's my opinion that Michael Winkleman and the Wigends are attempting to slander Royal Caribbean only to extort money through a nuisance lawsuit. I support Royal Caribbean and hope they continue to fight this egregious assault on their reputation.
  4. Does anyone have suggestions or other information on obtaining an International Health Insurance policy? Something that would be all inclusive in times of emergency. Have read too many stories of travelers having accidents and being stuck with thousands in health care costs in foreign countries. I primarily cruise but would like a policy that would cover me for land tours and other types of traveling.
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