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  1. Our changes include arriving at noon instead of 10:00AM in 2 ports. Departing at 3 instead of 4:00 or 5:00. I am not ready to choose a cruise to just stay on board. I also enjoy planning my time ashore. I don't want to go to the beach for an hour which is what the ships excursions will have us do in order to accommodate the time change. I'm going and will have fun but will be very hesitant to book a future cruise with Oceania. Too many choices out there.
  2. Very discouraging that Oceania would knock 1-2 hours off 90% of the port times just the day after final payment was due. I have been so impressed with our previous cruises but this is really discouraging. This particular cruise is in the Caribbean on the Riviera but none of the ports were affected by the hurricane. I will have to think very carefully about booking with them again. Most of our plans are now ruined. Maybe they can't sell their own excursions as this may be the only option with such short port stops.
  3. Hello, if you cannot get this posted, could you please send me a copy of the map. aquidneck70 at gmail dot com. Thanks so much
  4. So glad you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing more about it and tips if you have any. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
  5. Wish I could answer this. We are planning to visit Divi Little Bay Resort in December. I have been in touch with Aqua Mania Adventures who handles the passes and the chair rental and they are responsive. Will report back in December but probably too late for you. Would love to hear from someone so bumping this up.
  6. Thank you so much. I have emailed some place in St. Martin that does this testing but they will not answer. I am planning to go elsewhere. Thanks again.
  7. When are you going? We leave January 17th for Bangkok and then on to Siem Reap to pick up the cruise.
  8. We ask for the wine list to be given to us when we enter the dining room and are seated. After a while, they get it together and have it ready for us. We also ask to see the "sommelier" before we order. That way, we can be assured that we will have wine with dinner. 🍷
  9. We have always taken advantage of this. For the past couple of years, we have only paid the difference if we ordered a wine that cost more than our package allowed. Eclipse, Summit etc. They did not advertise it, but it has been an option. Great way to use on board credit.
  10. Cafe El Punto - Sangria was the best. We will go back for that and their stuffed avacado plate.
  11. Its no longer a Meridien so any association with Starwood etc is gone. It is now the Sofitel. Things have changed but you can certainly contact them to check. We enjoyed our stay at the Sofitel. It is a peaceful property.
  12. We are on the December 5th cruise Riviera. There has been no reduction in price. Some categories are sold out. We did get an offer to cruise the prior 10 day cruise for an amazingly low price - supposedly only for those who would then do back to back. We could not take them up on it but possibly this is where some very low prices have been noted.
  13. Hi, we stayed a few extra days but during that time we used Tahiti Eden Tours for a day trip around the island. Fabrice is a wonderful young man. We used him for all of our transportation. At one point, he brought an extra van for the luggage. I would not hesitate to contact him to see if he can accommodate you. There seem to be less and less day room availability. You could also try the Sofitel - it used to be the Meridien.
  14. Hi Hoyaheel, We are following as we are going on the Avalon Mekong in January. You might ask Terry who has posted a very long review of his trip.
  15. Hi, We have sailed the Marina, the Sirena and Azamara. I would not sail the smaller Sirena or Azamara ships for that long unless I booked a Penthouse. The bathrooms are miniscule in the regular rooms. The Marina and Riviera had much nicer space in the rooms. Azamara is fun with some livelier activites. The staff is more visible and engages with the passengers in activities if that appeals to you. We much prefer the food on Oceania. The specialty restaurants on Azamara in my opinion do not compare well to those on Oceania and are not relaxing. Hope this helps. You will hear all different opinions on this. Good luck. I am sure that you will enjoy your cruise.
  16. We did the class about Lemons - sorry I cannot remember the exact name of it. It was fantastic. I have used the recipes.
  17. In making plans with the CD that pinotlover is referring to, we contacted Oceania prior to boarding and had a letter indicating their confirmation of such. We went through the person that was helping arrange the Roll Call party.
  18. Note that there is no guarantee that chairs will be available. Our ship arrives late so will need to check the number of ships in port that day. Its a great island though.
  19. We had tips included by Backroads but we did give some extra to a waiter who went out of his way for us. We were dressed country club casual and we were over dressed. I do not remember if shorts were allowed in the dining room. It was cool when we were there but aside from that issue, you will be fine. Backroads people tend to be a lot more casual than the rest of the cruisers. There are Gala nights. They are dressier but some will not dress up no matter what.
  20. Almost everything in included except for high end single malt type things. The bar service was excellent. One day I was sitting and reading and the bar tender came over and said he would make me a special concoction based on my preferences. It was delicious. You will be happy. If you prefer the high end alcohol, you can pay $20.00 per day and get an unlimited amount. Enjoy.
  21. We cruised on Ponant in June and were expecting some rocking. We had seas that were as smooth as glass. I really think that you cannot predict. Take precautions and bring medication just to be safe. Bonine seems to work well. Iceland was fantastic. You will really enjoy it.
  22. If you search for Gustavia instead of St. Barts, you will find the cruises. I looked because Gustavia is listed in the cruise itinerary.
  23. Dan has gone off to the terrace. He put all of that on his plate. We tried the terrace on the Sirena and decided that we prefer the GDR where we can sit and relax and be served. That said, the option of the terrace is excellent and indeed they have lots of variation. I am not sure how the wine service is in the evening - it suffers during the day.
  24. Cafe El Punto - yummy Mojitos. All drinks are made individually and are delicious. There is a bar and a few tables. Easy to have a few bites.
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