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  1. Budget Queen

    Argentine Pesos

    I suggest going straight one block, through the main highway, up the hill one block and turn right. Several Banks with inside Atm's within a few blocks. Keep walking to the end and you can go to the excellent Prison Museum. :)
  2. Budget Queen

    What to do in Puerto Montt, Chile for the day??

    There are no cruise ship docks in Puerto Montt. Puerto Arenas, is the only port that has both. And it is definately better to be tendering there as well. The dock is way out of town, requiring the use of cabs to get back and froth to the downtown area. The area is just a working industrial area.
  3. Budget Queen

    Skagway or Icy Strait Point

    I was there as well, during the herring bloom. which did have humpbacks feeding in the bay. It was amazing. But I returned twice more last year and they weren't there. 2 trips this year had viewing outside the bay as well. Bubble netting 100% of those 5 whale watching trips for me. :) :) :)
  4. Budget Queen

    Skagway or Icy Strait Point

    I walk all the way past the “town”. Down to the carving shed/cultural center. To the eagles nest. A mile ++
  5. Budget Queen

    Picking a cruise line.

    I'm a solo traveler as well, with a different style of travel. I don't care about my cabin so book the cheap insides. :) I sail Alaska multiple times every season, late booking and haven't paid a double supplement yet. I purposely wait for it to drop. I am extremely flexible with my bookings frequently less than a week prior. I perfectly accepting of not going. There are huge benefits to having plans and reservations in place in advance. But- it's a sick game with me, that is part of my travel "fun". Scrambling at the last minute putting everything together. :)
  6. Budget Queen

    Best Line for 2 and 5 yo - Alaska

    Being, you are "entertaining" the kids, it's going to be up to you. :) I always say, plan for the adults. Kids have great ways of adapting.
  7. Budget Queen

    Argentine Pesos

    I have used the taxi dispatcher, mentioned from EZE. Yes they do take credit cards.
  8. Budget Queen

    Argentine Pesos

    Why would anyone change money at a hotel when the rates are going to be terrible? Since you're ok with accepting these bad exchanges, then just go to the walk up money changers at the airport and get your pesos there.
  9. Budget Queen

    Argentine Pesos

    Nope, I never do. I simply just use bank ATM's.
  10. Budget Queen

    Post disembarking transportation pools

    Very easy to just take a bus. (and not be dependent on someone else's schedule. Simple walk up and getting on the next bus. No "meeting" time etc. Just go when you want.
  11. Budget Queen

    Private Tours in South America

    Are you referencing Montevideo? http://freewalkingtour.com.uy/english/index.html When you are in the port- you will pass a "park" with anchors. Just past there, there should be a tent with Visitor Center docents and maps. It is not hard to find the tour start. It will be one way, and end, at the Market that is across the street from the dock. I've taken several excellent tip based walking tours in Buenos Aries, as I do, around the world. If of interest, a top choice in my opinion is the La Boca tour that is a fixed price.
  12. Budget Queen

    Availability of taxi or tour at port of Ushuaia?

    By far the jackpot penguin tour is Volunteer Point. This is my first contact after I book these cruises. Next- Punta Tombo and Magdalena Island. Far superior in my opinion. I'd suggest- if doing your own taxi routing- you get out to the glaciers. The "regular" basic taxi tours, don't go there, with their routes, going to several pull outs, sometimes the small museum, and end of Highway 1.
  13. Budget Queen

    What to do in Puerto Montt, Chile for the day??

    This is a tender port for cruise ships. Most buses go through Puerto Varas so , very simple to get there. Also consider Frutillar which offers a lot more. I'd suggest adding Puerto Varas on the way back. Can easily do both in a port day.
  14. Budget Queen

    Bringing some cookies onboard?

    IF they meet the day prior, those cookies could be consumed. I'm in no way referring to meeting at boarding and the other person taking them on board,. And I certainly don't advocate breaking any rules. Even at the dock, they could possibility be consumed.
  15. Budget Queen

    Car rental off nawilliwilli

    Just about All the major companies. Airport rentals.