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  1. Everything else is back? And those FCC are all accurate? Have your invoices handy, which has your payments identified, then call. Good luck.
  2. Ok, so what's the complaint? You booked 2 cruises- you paid each with FCC? Were the cruises more that your FCC's? You also paid some cash for each? What precisely are you missing?
  3. Additionally. IF you somehow, are meaning the 20% discount that previously was an offer with rebooked cruises- prior to June 30. (you reference "lower cruise fare"???? ) That offer, has expired. And it is not a promotion with the August and September recent cancellations by NCL. IF you want better answers, you have to provide clear accurate details. Right now, it's unknown exactly what the issue could be?
  4. You mention prior FCC's. So more than one? By "bonus", do you mean the 25% bonus FCC? Your' "lower the cruise fare", means what? As in a payment? One of the FCC's you had in your Latitudes account?
  5. It sounds like you are referring to Valparaiso- with your "wine" country mention in Chile??? They haven't used that port in several years.
  6. Precisely what I wrote. I don't think this poster has the reality of the big negatives with their "tour" choice. Group point to point in Alaska is simply- the result of seeing and doing the least.
  7. You didn't ask about the expiration date? Good reminder for others with purchasing from unknown. It's not NCL's decision not to sail, and it's mandated by health guidelines. The terms of Cruise Next are quite clear. It's simply a coupon. They have gone to 5 years for use- which frankly, typically is more than enough time to use it. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like there will be any further "extending". And it certainly isn't worth the time and expense of legal challenges. If you recently purchased this Cruise Next, probably wasn't the best choice with the short expiration date anyway. At the least- good information for others.
  8. I've had 8 canceled since April. 🙂 3 more booked this year- which I expect all of them to cancel too. 🙂
  9. Is the charge on your Credit Card- still there? A permanent charge, and not "temporary"? Very strange indeed, especially without an immediate, email confirmation?
  10. OP every one of your posts- claims- it's "more" money= and appears to be your focus of not considering? Apparently- a triple is the solution- for you.
  11. Did you try to make a claim? Or you are just thinking you should get the insurance premium back? It significantly depends on WHAT kind of insurance it was? Was it a cancel for any reason? Way too many variables, and policies, to completely write off a well established company, in my opinion.
  12. The port intensive is a plus with a full room. Being you are all family, could also be an advantage. You keep mentioning costs you don't want to spend and seem to have plenty of pluses in your case for this choice. Not sure if a bunch of strangers who have no clue who you are- is a good source for any input with YOUR choice.
  13. Did you book online? You were logged into your Latitudes account? You got a cruise confirmation? Is the charge still on your credit card?
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