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  1. RuthC is spot on! No question the round trip Vancouver is better! Both itineraries have Glacier Bay, which is a highlight of the Alaska HAL cruises, but the round trip Vancouver also has the bonus of Skagway, a cute little town with fascinating history. Either end of the cruise spend a few days in Vancouver, it's a beautiful, vibrant city.
  2. Thanks. Will be waiting to hear what you find out on your cruise Feb24. Bon Voyage!
  3. Theatre looks great, as we like to "go to the movies". Watching a movie on tv is like being at home. LOL. Will miss the library. thanks for the info everyone!
  4. Anyone been on the Oosterdam recently? We have been on many HAL ships and are considering a Panama Cruise in April on the Oosterdam and wonder about the library and a movie theatre now , two important features we always loved about HAL as they really made our trip. Not interested in the National Geographic shows, we have seen them so many times, they need to offer something new.
  5. Just home May 6 from 8 day Honolulu to Vancouver cruise on the Noordam - balcony room 5025. a few thoughts.... 1. ship looking a bit tired - but only small details in need of repair such as some stained cushions in Lido. 2. fully stocked, popular library still. 3. small 20" flat screen tv and dvd player on counter (not on wall). 4. good movies in Vista Lounge, free popcorn. 5. good entertainment and lots to do sea days. 6. Dive In - still the Best hamburgers! ......still the absolute best exceptional service that keeps us coming back!
  6. Totally agree it is basic cooking! Very dry presentations, missing the entertaining banter back and forth of the chefs in the old HAL cooking classes. Had to laugh on one cruise last year when the presenter showed how to keep a bowl from sliding around the counter while you were stirring. Elaborate twisting of a tea towel and then securing around the base of the bowl. Really?? They lost me after that class. I think this is another HAL flop ( along with Oprah and crows nest). When the demographic is older and have survived their own cooking skills why offer boring basic stuff. We already know how to boil water!
  7. We received that identical message last year and spent considerable time trying to figure out what we could wear that was orange, as it is not a colour that either of us wear. We gave up looking for flattering orange clothes and took 2 things we already had - an orange golf hat, and an orange print scarf. The special day on the ship arrived, and hardly anyone was wearing any orange at all! non event!
  8. Last April we flew to Honolulu from Vancouver and boarded the Noordam as she repositioned up from Australia to Vancouver for the Alaska season. The cruise was April 23 for 7 days, 5 days across the Pacific, stopping in Victoria and then Vancouver. I was worried about seasickness out in the open ocean but the seas were like glass! We had absolutely no rough spots at all. The first 2-3 days were still warm, then each day got cooler as we got closer to Vancouver. We have booked the same cruise again this April ( it's 8 days this time) it was so nice!
  9. We were on the Rotterdam Dec03-17, 2017, Caribbean cruise, and had also been concerned about the condition of the ship based on all the negative cc comments after drydock in Nov. We kept an eye out looking for things that may not be up to par and found nothing! The ship was in great condition, food was great, no complaints to be found at all! Rotterdam one of the few HAL ships left that still has 2 areas we love- 1. A real library! 2. A real movie theater! We would not hesitate booking on the Rotterdam again.
  10. My husband and I were on the Rotterdam for a 14 day Southern Caribbean departing Tampa on Dec.03/ 2017 in a balcony cabin. After we had booked I began to read all the cruise critic negative reports ( plumbing issues etc) that surfaced after the recent drydock in Nov. /2017. We became of course a little concerned as to the state of the ship and if we had made the right decision, given that we were coming a long distance from our hometown of Vancouver. To our surprise once aboard we found no issues at all, the ship was in great condition and we enjoyed our 4 star Mariner perks ! The only minor inconveniences were 1. Sidestepping crew doing maintenance work on the promenade deck during our daily 1 mile walk. 2. Problem with the tender cables pulling up the last tender, necessitating an 8 hour delay departing Grand Cayman. We expect these things can happen on an ocean going ship and take them in stride as we like a real ship, not just a hotel floating on the water. I would not hesitate booking the Rotterdam again.
  11. Huge Thanks to you both for taking us along on your World Cruise! Your never ending enthusiasm, from the dining to the entertainment to the ports etc, and the dedication and hard work to posting it all drew us every day to enthusiastically read your blog! We never missed a day!
  12. Bon Voyage! Sleep well, first night of an exciting journey ahead, and we will be following your adventures!
  13. Thanks! I will have a look in Dollarama. I don't generally like dollar stores, but Dollarama seems to be a cut ( albeit small ) above.
  14. Anyone know where I can buy these clips? They sound great. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Much appreciated
  15. We have done 5 Alaska cruises, all 7 night cruises from Vancouver, and all during the month of May, which in my opinion is the best month weather wise in Alaska! It doesn't seem as rainy as during summer months , and most times we have had it sunny and warm enough to enjoy the pool. After each cruise I review the list of what I packed, see what I can leave out next time and what I should add. I always come back to the same conclusion regarding footwear! This works! 1. 1 pair of sensible, good quality walking shoes, or good quality running shoes 2. 1 pair of black patent dress shoes 3. 1 pair of low, comfy sandals The running shoes are for going ashore, and shore excursions, the dress shoes for evening wear, and the comfy sandals to wear during the day aboard ship and to/from the pool, spa. I really love ECCO sandals and running shoes- so comfy and great support. Also Mephisto, Saucony, and Rockport. That's it! Put any snowboots, hiking boots, and heavy wool socks back in your closet! It's not the Arctic! LOL
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