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  1. Yes! I had the flu shot this past season and still got the flu. Why would I expose myself to a vaccine for a virus that has several strains that they haven’t identified yet.
  2. Definitely feeling sad over the cancellation of our two upcoming cruises. Closest working vessel right now would be the Staten Island Ferry. 😒😩😩
  3. You are the reason that all tipping should be banned.
  4. So happy for your post. We sailed the Infinity in January and every night there was a minimum of 30 minute wait for Blu. We were furious! I made sure that I told Celebrity on my exit survey. I will never book Aqua Class again.
  5. You are absolutely right. I’m sure Celebrity stockholders are loving the fact that we’re now supplementing salaries, which in turn means greater dividends. On a ship with 3,500 passengers at $15.50 per day for gratuities, you do the math. Then add in the 20% gratuity for drinks. On the last cruise we never saw our steward. There used to be a steward and an assistant. They cut that and the cleanliness of the room has suffered. Take a look under your bed.
  6. I’m only old on the outside. On the inside, I’m 17 and still loving the Woodstock vibes.
  7. I was on the same cruise and wasn’t able to get a decent time to eat at Blu. We were told that there would be a 20 to 30 minute wait on any night we went there, between 6:30 and 7:30. I guess there were a lot of people not rushing. Totally frustrating!!! We ate in the main dining room every night. Would never recommend booking this class. The noise from the upper deck was annoying as well as the wind creaking through the veranda doors. We never saw our room steward during the entire cruise and the dog food they placed in our room impersonating an afternoon snack was insulting. Don’t
  8. I am you. It’s not the benefits, it’s the title! Haha. We’re 25 points away from Elite so I booked a quick 5 day Caribbean out of Miami in Aqua Class so we’d be Elite before our Dublin cruise next spring. Husbands just don’t get it. 😂
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