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  1. Water temps were very chilly like a cold swimming pool. Make sure you get a big enough life vest. Mine was a tight fit. With the tightness of the vest and extremely chilly waters a few times I hit the water and couldn't catch my breath, almost like hyperventilating. I'm of average shape and a excellent swimmer. No fear of drowning or anything like that. I would surface from the jump and dog paddled till one of the guides could assist me to were I could stand and move on to the next jump.
  2. I have done Mr. Sanchos 3 times in a row a cruises to Cozumel, This time I'm going to Chankanaab for The Dolphins in Cozumel. So looking for a similar Mr. Sanchos experience in Roatan. Pay one price, food, drinks, water inflatibles, swim up bar etc....... Have already been to Roatan twice and both times ziplined and to the beach. So looking for a Mr. Sanchos(Cozumel) experience in Roatan. Also looking for river or cave tubing if I can't find the Sanchos equivalent. Thanks in Advance
  3. Sorry for the late getting back-- about 45 min-hour. 2-3 15 minute stops along the way for the 12 falls
  4. it's a shame no one has responded to this post. I was wondering basically the same question
  5. I would agree with JT1962-- we used Iguana Mama and they were great!!!!!!
  6. I would guess 45 minutes to an hour is what it seemed like for the 12 falls.
  7. Have done quite a few Excursions, but never a Dolphin swim or encounter. I have stops in Coco Cay, Cozumel, Roatan Honduras, & Costa Maya. It really doesn't matter which Port, but looking for the best experience in one of these locations. I know these Dolphin Encounters are expensive and would prefer independent operators if possible instead of through the ship. Any help with this PLEASE:cool:
  8. Me and the wife hiked the trail for the 12 waterfalls. It didn't seem that bad. We took like 3 breaks for the 12. The wife and I are 46 and 52 and we smoke. No health issues and not overweight. We don't work out at all and made the falls just fine. Even though breathing heavy still wasn't that bad. Good Cardio for one who smokes and doesn't work out(LOL). I contribute my physically demanding job is why it seemed OK.
  9. I kind of figured that-- Thanks for the confirmation. I'll just roll with Carnival to see what little there is to see plus the fun of riding a Segway. The excursion is only 2 hours which leaves plenty of time to get back to The fabulous Cruise Port I've read so much about. Thanks again
  10. Trying to find a Segway Tour in Grand Turk. Carnival list there's at $99.99/person, trying to beat that. Would like to Segway a couple of hours before enjoying the nice Port of Grand Turk. Thanks in advance
  11. Believe it or not my wife says let's miss the boat and just stay here quite often.:cool::D OK --so get off the ship-find taxi- tell him what I want which is basically Magen's Bay, Charlotte Amalie, and a mountain view for photo ops, then drop us off at the sky ride which is close to Port. I hope the Bushwackers are GREAT!!!!!! at Paradise Point.
  12. Correct me anytime you may disagree or know a better option. In port from 11:30am-7pm. Carnival Magic Tuesday June 5th. Right off the ship I'm headed to the sky ride to Paradise Point. Next taking taxi to Magen's Bay for maybe a couple hours tops(just want to see it to say I've been there). Then taxi into town Charlotte Amalie just to see the town. Then taxi back to ship maybe with a Photo Op from one of the Mountainous views(will a taxi do this for me?) A GOOD BAR TO TRY A BUSHWACKER. Can this be accomplished? Should I do the sky ride last and head to Magen's and town 1st. Should I hire a taxi for all of this or just grab them as I go? Definitely looking for a wind down spot to try a few drinks(Bushwacker) before back on the ship. Thanks in advance:cool::cool:
  13. Thanks I thought it was unique. 1st compliment on it ever!!!! Thanks again:D
  14. I'm confused as I research online about the Forts. Are there 3? I've seen Castillo De Cristobal, Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, and is there one at San Juan National Historic Site? Or is this whole area called National Historic Site? What is the best one to visit? Do any of the Forts have guides? 6 Adults and one teenager(16). Are the Forts close to Port? What about riding The Trolley to the Forts and then into Old San Juan? Trying to get to Punto De Vista atop Hotel Milano for lunch and Mojitos after the Forts. Help with navigating this would be GREAT!!! Any more points of interest along the way would be helpful. Thanks Too All
  15. Best info I think I've ever gotten on CC. I will follow this plan. Skyride 1st and then taxi to the beach. thanks for the good info and HAPPY CRUISING:cool:
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