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  1. It saved me £50 on the Princess fare. £16.66 each for three people!
  2. I finally got my refund yesterday from the Ice House TA. It took 140 days, a section 75, daily 1* reviews on Trustpilot, emails, a Facebook action group, phone calls and a report to the CMA. Don’t know which of these did the trick but I’m glad that it’s all over now.
  3. Finally got my refund yesterday after waiting 140 days from when I first requested it. It came in two parts, the balance a week ago and then the deposit. I’d used the “ice house” TA and the whole refund was a battle that I’d rather not have had.
  4. 🙌🏻 Selbourne, you made me smile with your golden ticket comparison 😃
  5. I’ve just phoned my “cold house” TA (got through straight away 😱) and they clarified that my balance refund will take 60-90 days from my cancellation date which was 5 April. So that makes it between 4 June - 4 July. Apparently they are waiting for Princess to refund them, then they will pass the refund back to me. I am still waiting for a cancellation confirmation invoice too. As a back up I have screenshots of the live booking and the booking showing as cancelled. We shall see.
  6. Barclaycard told me that they could not issue a charge back for my lengthy cruise refund because I cancelled the cruise, not the cruise line. However they did tell me that if the cruise company went bust then they would then be able to help me at that point and to get back to them.
  7. I’ve sailed on Adventure of the Seas and she wasn’t for me. I like quiet, understated, my first cruise, aged 37 was on Fred. Olsen’s Black Watch which got me hooked on cruising. Completely different to RCI! I’ve also sailed on Ventura and Britannia and enjoyed them both. They both have pros and cons. Yes, there is no promenade on Britannia but there is a top deck which had a circular loop to walk. Almost the same! Plus we discover a “secret” deck (not really secret!) where nobody hardly goes, to enjoy peace and quiet on a sun lounger.
  8. When my Princess cruise was finally cancelled (by the TA at my request) it disappeared from my cruise personaliser immediately. Still no confirmation email though, nearly a month later. I tried phoning the TA today but gave up after an hour. However some good news, yesterday I chased up my refund from Intercruises for the return coach transfers that I’d cancelled on 26 March. On checking my Barclaycard balance just now (9pm) it has reduced down by the refund amount due! There’s no itemised credit showing so I’m presuming that it is pending. Just got the big cruise balance to wait for now.
  9. Many a true word is spoken in jest...
  10. Thank you for very kindly replying to my Princess question. I’m sorry but I forgot to say that when I asked them the TA said they had sent the balance to Princess. My question on this forum was only asked because personally I don’t believe the TA had sent over the money!
  11. May I just ask a question of UK cruisers with regards to a Princess cruise please? I’ve asked a similar question on the Princess board but most people over there are from the US and not really able to help. (I am a P and O cruiser too, please don’t think I’m just wading into this thread!) In a nutshell I was booked on a 4 July cruise booked last October, paid the cruise balance to the “cold weather” TA on 6 March when they required it. Had I booked direct with Princess they needed the balance by 6 April. I got cold feet and contacted the TA on 26 March to cancel where they put me on an “urgent spreadsheet” and after some chasing up from myself they phoned me on Sunday 5 April and the cruise was cancelled on that day. I have had no email confirmation from the TA confirming the cancellation, when I chased them they said they would send through the cancellation invoice from Princess “when they receive it”. The cruise was showing as cancelled in my cruise personaliser the day it was cancelled. Luckily I have screen shots of the web pages of both the active cruise and the cancelled cruise. My question is does anyone know which company might have my money since it was paid to the TA as per their terms and conditions a month before Princess required it? I will be getting the deposit of £150 back as FCC which I’m unlikely to use. And I know that my cruise will most certainly be cancelled anyway and then I would have received a full refund including the deposit but I cancelled when I did for my own peace of mind 🙂 I booked using my Barclaycard (interest free thankfully) and they are unable to make a chargeback because I cancelled the cruise, not Princess. I can only go down that route if Princess were to go bust. Thank you for reading such a long post. I’m also still waiting for my refund of 80% from Intercruises for the return coach to Southampton. They said the refund should be at the end of April...
  12. Deleted and moved to a more appropriate thread 🧵
  13. I used the “cold weather house” travel agent for the first time way back in October and booked Crown Princess 4th July sailing for three people. The deposit was £50 each, duly paid on Barclaycard. The balance to the TA was due 7th March, again paid on time as things were different then. Had I booked direct with a Princess the balance was due 5th April and after that date was when the cancellation charges would begin. I phoned the TA to cancel this cruise on 26th March, well before 5th April, in order to ensue that my only loss would be the deposit amount (which incidentally should now be a FCC of £150). I received an email to say that my request to cancel the cruise had been noted and that a member of the cancellation team would be in touch. Which they were, after some chasing up, on 5th April. The cruise was then showing as cancelled in the cruise personaliser but I’ve not yet had an email from either the TA or Princess confirming the cancellation, just an email on 20 April confirming the cancellation of my medallions. The TA said that they sent over my balance payment to Princess as soon as they had received it. I’m not convinced that they have, I think that they were hanging onto my money until the balance was due to be paid to Princess. I’ve not had any refund yet and Barclaycard can’t do a charge back because I cancelled the cruise, not Princess. My decision to cancel the cruise was because I was getting worried about the rumours that ABTA and ATOL are considering offering vouchers not cash in the event that Princess go bust. Does anyone know where my cruise payment might be? Thanks!
  14. I’m booked on this same cruise (via the Eskimo travel agent) and paid £150 deposit for two adults and a child way back in October. This cruise was booked because the dates matched with celebrating a special wedding anniversary on board. The date for final payment with this travel agent was 7th March, of course had I booked direct with Princess it would be due in two days time on 5th April. I did pay my balance on time as the circumstances, although developing, were not like they are today. However, I cancelled the cruise on 26th March, eight days ago, with the promise of my £150 deposit to be turned into FCC and a cash refund back to my Barclaycard for the balance. I also cancelled the Intercruises coach connection with a refund due of 80% of the total paid. To date neither of these refunds have been paid to me and I shall be chasing them today. I’m willing to take these small financial “hits” for the peace of mind that I will (hopefully!) get when my refunds are processed in the next few days. I simply can’t afford to lose a couple of thousand pounds at any time, let alone now. I’m quite confident that this cruise will not sail and aware that had I waited I could receive a refund if all monies paid as cash. My cruise is still showing in my cruise personaliser.
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