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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of GS 1252 or 1552 on the Explorer. If no pics how about someone who has stayed in either one of these. 1) I am trying to see what the Pullman beds would look like in either of those cabins. 2) i am also trying to find out if you had sun during the day or if it is blocked by anything above. Thanks!!
  2. the cabanas that had been damaged or destroyed are rebuilt. we had our favorite hill top and it was 500 if i remember correctly. (it was a few months ago) barefoot beach is a very short walk from the ship but if you decide to go for the golf cart they will come to pick you up. you do not use them yourselves. have a great cruise.
  3. the tower is awesome. u do have an up charge but u r on vacation.
  4. hey ken, not sure what you mean about protected dates. anyway when i got the email i remember they had 3 options i could choose from because of the april 26 cancellation. i am going to guess what they had been but it was something like. 1) pick any of the dates listed in this email and your price you paid will not change for the same cabin class and i think 300 obc. 2) find another cruise and get i think it was 200 OBC (can't remember the exact amount) and no charge to move it. 3) i have no clue what it was but it didn't interest me at all. i took the second option and they moved it plus included my credit i received for booking onboard. the first leg i had to pay the difference in the fare to move it. it was a bit more but they also moved my credit i received for booking onboard. please realize i am certainly off about the 3 options. i can't find the email or remember what it actually said. so we switched to oasis b2b in april 2020. spring break i think but that never bothered us. hope that helps.
  5. correct on the april allure cruises. we changed to oasis and booked 4/5/2020 and 4/12/2020.
  6. i'm going to guess that i received the email early august. i doubt i still have it but i will look. this was a b2b that we booked onboard. so maybe that made a difference in getting the email.
  7. my wife and I had been on a B2B April 19, 2020 and april 26, 2020. We got an email long ago that the April 26th cruise had been canceled/chartered.
  8. hmmm that's odd. i actually never got a certificate..... i had 2 cruises that i canceled that had been for april 19 and 26, 2020. when i called and canceled i got a cancel confirmation number. i was told in about 7-10 days call back and that cancel confirmation will tell them that you have FCC to use. i called back in a week. sure enough when i gave them the cancel confirmation numbers they had 2 FCC credits of $300 towards separate cruises. then they told me that i have to use those FCC's within 1 year. i asked can the cruise be more than a year away. she put me on hold and came back and said yes they can be whenever you like. that's how it worked for me.
  9. you ask how was i able to do this. i have no idea. i called and asked... do i need to cruise within a year or just use the FCC within a year. CS said let me ask. she came back on phone and said as long as you use the FCC within a year you can cruise whenever you like. so i asked her to put the FCC on a 2019 and 2020 cruise. she put me on hold came back and said it's done. i got an email with my new totals due for those cruises and the FCC was taken off my total.
  10. hey ken.....yes it was from canceling a cruise. i actually had to cancel 2. i tried to use both the same future cruise but that was not allowed. so i used one for 2019 and one for 2020. i have 6 booked going forward so i just picked 2. they had no issue being over a year away.
  11. yes you can use for a cruise already booked. the cruise does not have to be within a year. you only have to use the FCC within a year of when you cancel. it doesn't matter when the cruise is. i just did this last week and use my FCC for a cruise in 2020.
  12. can't speak about deck 14 but we have stayed in both 11730 and 11330. i am 6 ft and had zero issues with the height of the shower. on deck 11 the balcony alone (IMO) was worth the price of the cruise. going up they get much small and fast. i will say this and it wouldn't matter on what deck in the back the views are awesome. enjoy.
  13. Sometimes you get the email and sometimes you don't. Having said that when we cruise and Dexter is on board we always get it. We have become pretty friendly with him at this point. I think we have had Dexter 6 times so far. He is a great guy and will help you with any of your needs. A real pro. I would really appreciate you letting Dexter know that Howie and Lisa say hello. Have a great cruise. Enjoy!!!!!
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