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  1. 1. Re the patch: Yes, some dryness of the mouth. However, my DW always has a bottle of water with her because other things dry out her mouth as well. She did not find it bothersome or worse than she has otherwise had in the past. 2. Re the open booking on RCCI: We are toying with the idea of an Australian / South Pacific cruise to use that one up in January 2013. We have applied to attend a convention in New Zealand or Costa Rica at that time, but haven't heard if we have been chosen to attend. If we do get chosen to attend in NZ, it will be a much higher likelihood we use that cruise while we are in that neck of the woods. Otherwise we've been toying with the idea of cruising to Hawaii with my in-laws. My father in law is 88 years old and has been to 49 of the 50 states, with Hawaii the only exception. We may do that in the year ahead, but likely using the open booking on Princess since it sails round trip out of SFO and they'd prefer not to fly. I'll let you all know what we think of HAL when we get back. I heard two positive reviews from people I met at a work conference this week that enjoyed their HAL cruises in the past year. UVaWiseGuy
  2. Well, fellow Nor-Cal'ers, we are in San Diego preparing to set sail on a little 4-day repositioning heading up the coast to Vancouver, with a stop in Port Angeles on the way. This will be our first time on Holland America. We are on the Oosterdam. Any tips from anyone who has been on HAL or docked in Port Angeles, Washington? UVaWiseGuy
  3. If you are coming on the 4/15 sailing, we have a pretty decently active roll call going on on the roll call board. With it only being a 4 day relocation, we don't know which night will be the formal, but it most likely one of the two sea days since it's usually never boarding day or the last night before disembarkation. UVaWiseGuy
  4. I have only flown Air New Zealand round trip from Apia, Samoa to Auckland. I have never before nor since been on an airline I've liked better, certainly a step above the US carriers. We are hoping to go to New Zealand in 2013 and if the plans work out, we definitely would want to go on ANZ again. (Well, we'd rather cruise the whole way, but I cannot get that much time off of work.) ;) Best wishes to you on whatever decision you make.
  5. @barnismom - I have to concur with timetraveler. The Golden Princess is a nice ship and we had a wonderful time when we sailed her to Mexico. We got uberfortunate in that the ACD at the time, Brett, had been the line dance instructor and the first CD staff member to greet us on our first cruise ; and the Captain's Circle hostess, Chrissy, had been on the CD staff on our Dawn Princess cruise. Having a couple familiar faces made it extra special. (and we got invited to lunch with the captain, the two of them and several others on one of our sea days, awesome!) Hope you have a great cruise. Our next will be our first time on Holland America, the Oosterdam. Anybody been on that ship already and have hints to share? Bryan from Pitt
  6. My wife, who is subject to seasickness, swears by the patch. We live in the Bay Area and we have sailed out of San Francisco a couple of times, and it is wonderful. Don't let fear of potential seasickness cause you to miss it. I hope we have a clear day for your sailing. Enjoy your trip!
  7. We have the same situation, with a twist. My number is the same, my wife got issued a second number. The "recruiting" numbers for sailing on a sister line become your mariner number if they catch it during booking. They caught mine, but not hers. However, when I called HAL to ask about her having two numbers, they had a record of both and explained they had consolidated her two numbers into the newer of the two. She said we are considered one-star because of our previous cruises on Princess. (We've been on Carnival and Costa too, but Princess was first and they issued the number right after our first cruise.) However, like you, we have zero days until after next month. Just one of the ways they do it with those who've sailed with the corporation but not the line, I guess. I'll know the answer on the other (cocktail party invite, etc) after our cruise next month. Updates then. UVaWiseGuy
  8. We are on the SAN-YVR repositioning on Oosterdam leaving April 15. Our e-docs indicate one formal night. I'm coming from a work conference in San Diego, so I'm just bringing either a Navy or Black suit to the conference and using it for formal night. I'm not packing a tux for a 4 nighter with only 1 formal night. If you're on our sailing, welcome aboard. We have a roll call going on the roll call boards... UVaWiseGuy
  9. I didn't realize northern cal had its own thread. Looks like we have cruising neighbors.
  10. Forgot to add, first time on HAL for us. (attach to message #33 above)
  11. VanIslCruisers for starting this thread. I was wondering the same thing, Since Port Angeles is our only stop along the way. and Scottbee for the response.
  12. We've sailed NCL three times and they were great each time (2x on Star and 1x on Sun). My wife's family sailed with us on two of those cruises and her parents and sister have some very challenging meal requirements. Their staff was fantastic about it. Entertainment was always of fine caliber. I'd not compare them with Wal-Mart. I save that designation for Carnival, which although the worst ship we've been on, was still better than being on land. Our first HAL experience is coming up in six weeks. I can't imagine not enjoying it. I hope you have a great sail, whichever line you go with. UVaWiseGuy
  13. we will have to look into the olympia one you are talking about. We have a traveling companion who has to walk with a cane due to medical complications. Would she be able to handle it or is there a huge amount of walking on the tour? Bryan
  14. I am sorry I cannot answer your question as we are sailing after you and have never been to Europe, but since you are on the same ship and itinerary as we will be in July, perhaps you can respond to your question with what you learned on your journey and enlighten the rest of us. Thanks, UVaWiseGuy
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