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  1. Wow! You guys are awesome! I love reading through all the responses. Part of what is drawing me to Viking is that it is so different from other cruises I've traveled. This will probably be a honeymoon trip, so I like the idea that it would stand out. Responding to some comments and some additional thoughts - On such a port intensive itinerary, I don't think the lack of activity will be a downfall. It would be nice to just come back to the ship and relax! I like the inclusive nature of Viking, but I almost wonder if the value is worth it for us personally. We typically cruise
  2. Hello cruisers! I have been on many cruises, mostly with Royal Caribbean or Carnival with a sprinkling of Celebrity, MSC, and Princess. My fiancé and I are really wanting to do a cruise visiting both Norway and Iceland in the summer of 2021. While we have found a few itineraries including both places, they haven't fully sold us. The Iceland's Majestic Landscapes itinerary by Viking looks promising for several reasons. However, having never been on Viking and after doing a bit of research, we have a few questions we would love to ask the CC community. We are youngish (31, 39) active,
  3. This has piqued my interest as we are looking for something to do in St. Thomas when we are there in early January. I didn't realize this existed but we love this type of activity. Does anyone have recommendations for transportation to/from the trailhead from the ship? Or, any other general tips?
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