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  1. Ohhh Love the Minnies! We have a Dutchman Aerolite. It was kept in a barn first 6 years of its life due to a death in the owners family so when we purchased it, it was like new. We then spent 5 weeks last summer gutting it and remodeling to our "Beachy Trailer Home". We leave Tuesday to head south and can't wait!!!
  2. Thank you for this! I just did a mock price search and it told me they were sold out as well. I thought wow they grew pretty quick. Quick question, Anyone parked a truck with travel trailer here or any other spots in Galveston? I will call Falstaff in August but need back ups just in case.
  3. DB is a Graphic Designer so not thinking it was them but I know there were a few others who got off in Victoria for different reasons. We loved Chris Brown as well. You didn't see him much except when it mattered and we really liked that. The Captain was very good as well. I bet on the weather but now we need to head to the heat.
  4. A little bit of history before I start this review. My DH and I call the Pacific NW our home port but over a year ago we moved into our travel trailer and have been traveling full time. Last year my DM booked my DB and I, spouses and all of our children, and her two great grandchildren on this cruise so that we would all be together for her 70th Birthday. Well adult grand kids have their own lives and one has another baby on the way so we ended up with a party of 9...well for most of the cruise. My DH, DM, DD(22) and I have all cruised before. My DM is a big Grand Circle fan and cruises rivers
  5. We were on the June 21st to June 28th cruise. First time on RCL with a party of 9 of us. I will post a review later this week but I did take note that you felt the ship cramped and narrow. We completely agree. We had great weather, people outside, and it still felt cramped. Not enough areas to just hang out and people watch. Don't get me wrong. We loved the ship, but when we wanted to head to an area such as Two70 or the Promenade, there was always something going on that kept that area really busy. The other thing I noticed is your comment about the stabilizers and the ships movement b
  6. Thanks to all of you for the information. We are really excited to book this cruise but we board the Ovation (RCCL) tomorrow and DH wants to see how the outside passage is before I book the HI to Vancouver. Personally I think he will be fine but I'll let him test the waters.
  7. Trying to book my "Hot Seat Offer" and was looking at the HI to Vancouver April 10th, 2020. We are actually moving to Maui the end of the year but wanted to make a spring trip back to the Pacific NW so this would be a fun way to come back. I don't mind a little rock and roll but DH has to use patches, wrist bands and ginger. I was wondering how often the ships that make this trek hit rough weather? We have been on the Spirit and Splendor up the Baja Coast in the spring and both times it was pretty rocky. Our cabin steward on the Splendor told us it was the worst he had encountered. Any feedbac
  8. This helps a lot. My husband and I have a lot of trips coming up and I want to stick to our cash budget.
  9. How does the casino work with your sign and sail? It seems that the cash account doesn't really matter. Do you use your card or do you need cash? Thanks JasonMason, makes a lot of sense.
  10. Thank you for your review on this. Quick question, Is it $300/$500 pp or per cabin? Also do you (or anyone else) knows how it works with one person who uses a credit card and one who uses cash?
  11. That is how Carnival does it but wasn't sure. My first time on RCL and handling this for her. Thank you!
  12. We have 4 cabins booked on Ovation for June 21st. For Christmas my DM gave each of us OBC for this cruise. She called a few weeks ago and paid for the credits to each of us. She has a receipt from RCL as well as her credit card statement showing the deduction. When do these show up on our accounts? They are not on any of them at this time. Nor is anything showing on her account having purchased them. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Ok that helps. I have booked reservations for 4 cabins online with no problems...oh except for keeping everyone straight in what they want to do! lol
  14. First time on RCL but I have used other cruise line and travel apps., so somewhat familiar with how they work. This time we will be sailing with many family members who have not cruised before. I have loaded everyone's bookings to my Royal online account but my questions are...Can I load all of them to the Royal iQ when I connect on board and help them to make reservations? If not will I still be able to see their calendars? My DB is very stressed about keeping track of his kids activities and any help I can give will help him to relax.
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