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  1. I booked 4 cabins on Scenic for their Tulip and Windmills cruise leaving April 10 from Amsterdam. Their ship is stuck in Regensburg and they cancelled the cruise (with a full refund). Luckily Avalaon had 4 cabins on the Impression available for the same dates. So we didn't need to deal with changing airfare and all is good. It will be our 2nd Avalon Cruise and we enjoyed the first!
  2. If it is on the Opal friends just got off on May 8th and she tested positive for Covid. They are still in Budapest at a hotel. He has now tested positive. I wonder if they had an outbreak with the crew? I am scheduled on the June 2nd, 4 night precruise in Switzerland and then the Basel to Amsterdam Highlights of the Rhine sailing on the Opal. My wife tested positive Sunday and now I tested positive today. We should be recovered and able to go, I hope Scenic is available. Yes she had her 1st booster shot. I had my second booster last Friday 😒
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