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  1. Thanks Jan and Donna. They didn't quite get finished yesterday. I really have my fingers crossed that I can do some water aerobics by the second week of June. 🧜‍♀️ Donna, I think I'm going to start the Piyo classes. I have a Beach Body account, but I'm not consistent with using any particular program. It's like I have exercise ADD and can't seem do one series of workouts over and over. I get bored too easily. Yesterday was my free day for food (DD wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast), but I was down a little on the scale this morning. I'll take it! I'm trying to have a
  2. Jan, sorry about the gain. I'm glad you had a nice visit though. Susan, nice loss! My son didn't sleep through the night until he was 3 and a half years old. It's like he stopped taking naps during the day and just took two long naps at night. We are finally getting our deck. Here are a couple pictures from last night. They are working on it again today, and it may be finished this afternoon. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project!
  3. Hi Donna. Welcome! Some post daily, some weekly, one or two just every now and then. Sorry for the gain, but with about 4 months before your cruise, you only need to lose about a pound a week. That's doable! Are you following a particular plan?
  4. I'm down .8 this week. I'm still trying to get back down to where I was at the end of March when I was on antibiotics. Just 2 more pounds, and I'll be there, but I have another small in office procedure next week and will be back on them again for 10 days this time. Between that and the IV, I'm sure I'll be up for a few weeks after. 😞 Izena, Jazzper sounds so well behaved. My two are little terrors who think they own the neighborhood. I'm ready to have my fence back so I can just let them out in the back yard. They both need etiquette classes. Glad you lost again this week.
  5. I hope everyone had a good weekend. It started raining Saturday night and will continue off and on for 9 days straight. I don't expect any work to get done this week. The sun's out this afternoon, so the kids and I took advantage and got out for some exercise. With so much rain in the area, it was terribly humid. Susan, I'm glad the estate sale was a success! Ombud, do they still give free sample squares at Ghirardelli? DH and I went to Napa and SF for our honeymoon. We want to go back for an anniversary, probably won't be this year though. Sorry about the cancelled cru
  6. Susan, nice loss! Good luck with today's sale! Izena, thanks. We wound up not going to the zoo today. They were supposed to be here to work on laying the deck pavers today, so we decided not to go. Of course it's almost noon now and no one is working. 🙄 I walked this morning (have been good about it all week), and then I just couldn't stand our backyard anymore. We can't get the lawnmower back there with all the construction, so I used the weed eater on the whole thing. The weeds and grass were taking over, and I'm worried the dogs or I will find a copperhead back there
  7. Belle, sorry for the cancellations. Izena, congrats! Jo, sorry for the gain. Ombud, your kitchen is going to look great when it's all done! Susan, Congrats on the grandbaby! Don, I haven't said welcome yet. Welcome! I'm down 1.1 this week. I have about 3 pounds left to get back to my recent low. This morning I checked my progress against my goal for this year, and I'm still on track. It has been raining all week - not a great start to summer vacation for the kids. Today the sun's out though, and someone is ac
  8. Hi all. I needed a little computer break. I was down 1.1 on Thursday. I'll be reading through all the posts and catching up today and tomorrow. No orders this week, so I have no excuse not to exercise other than needing to catch up on some housework. If I move fast enough, that still counts though right?😉
  9. Jan, nice you were able to get back to the gym. Ombud, I'm sure you will love how it all looks when you are done! We got new kitchen cabinets in our old house and didn't want to replace the cabinets in the bathrooms when we were ready to sell. We painted them white, and it made a world of difference. Izena, Nice that you are so close to the arboretum. I'm really bad about adding projects to our list. There's always something else to do! Sorry about the timer. I took the kids to the craft store today to get supplies to make cards for my MIL. $60 later we had
  10. Izena, thanks for starting the thread this week. Great loss! Ombud, we're going to have to compromise on the design on the pool wall - it follows the curve of the gunite. We looked at "twisting" the columns a little above the water line, but we decided that just makes it worse. They are going to fix the firepit though. Jan, Great being down this week! We do keto-ish. It's probably more of a low carb - we don't count macros or anything, but I get into ketosis by intermittent fasting. My doctor said my labs showed I was in ketosis at my last appointment. Susa
  11. Izena, Yay for getting all the bushes planted. I'm sure your plan will work and will let enough water through. We're down to single digit days of school left for the year. I'm planning on taking the kids to the zoo, a nature preserve, and fossil hunting our fist week off. There is a town about 30 minutes north of us that has a creek that is known for being able to find them. Hopefully it won't rain and won't be too hot yet. That's one of the reasons I shift our school year. It's too hot to do anything outside in August. Our project manager texted us, and the stone guys
  12. Unless a water activity is involved, I don't really like the heat / humidity, so I'm not much of a gardener. I have to get out early in the morning to take care of yard work. I did get a couple strawberry plants into a container. I want it in the backyard, but not until they are done with the construction, or the deck at least. A couple weeks ago we put weed block down in the flower bed around a tree and one other flower bed, and we replaced a few shrubs that the freeze killed. I want to finish the other flower bed, but the pool guys still have it torn up. I want to add annuals to all the flo
  13. Jan, it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Izena, sorry your son may not be visiting. Isn't it funny how all the home gym equipment tends to collect dust. I know our weights / yoga mats / exercise balls are. Belle, I hope you are feeling better. No one likes to feel icky when they're traveling. Ombud, sorry about the damage you are dealing with. When I start stress eating, it's hard to stop. Mystery location wedding cakes delivered this afternoon. We had storms off and on all day yesterday, and the wedding is being held at a ranch owned by
  14. I'm up 3.3 lbs this week which was expected. It will go back down as soon as I stop eating junk. 😆 I had a "whoops" moment this afternoon. All my cakes are baked for this weekend's wedding, and I was making the icing. I felt compelled to take just one more look at the order and realized I baked the wrong flavor groom's cake. I work a day ahead, so all I have to do is deliver on the day of the wedding just in case there is an issue. That way I have a built in cushion in case there is an issue and I have to re-do something, so it's not a big deal. However, I haven't made a mistake on
  15. I have not been good at all this week. I'm expecting a big gain - lots of carbs and salt which brings water weight along with it for me. I read an article from the NY Times this morning about how people are in a state between depression and flourishing called languishing. They attribute it to the meh or blah feeling so many people have right now. It was interesting, but the article didn't really give any tips about how to get out of the rut and motivated again. No work on the pool so far this week, and it's going to rain on Friday. The project manager told us the subcon
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