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  1. Sounds like a charter cruise with special concerts? I would ask the cruise promoter or travel agent for more info. There are no seat numbers or sections like a land based venue and the shows are first come first seated on a regular cruise.
  2. About day 3 of the cruise (day 6 of the total vacation) I had a slightly "upset tummy". Could it have been from the carbs? Maybe. However, we have 1 or 2 cheat meals a week with no adverse reactions, and by that point I had been off the diet for almost a week. It was more likely the multitude of grease the day before - pretty sure I ate my weight in bacon. #vacationbreakfasts
  3. Hi all! I was 175.2 before we left for our cruise and when we got back, I had gained 4.9 pounds (as of Monday morning). Not too bad considering I went from eating one low/no carb meal a day to what felt like feasting non-stop for 11 days! I think most of it was water retention, because I'm less than a pound from my pre-cruise weight now at 175.9. We're planning a trip to Vegas in a couple of months - hoping to get to 160 by then, 150 a few months after that for our next cruise, and then 140 a few months after that for summer. @Jasonmom I haven't noticed any hair loss, but I can't truly say that I have been doing keto either.
  4. We're on Enchantment February 7 to Cozumel and Costa Maya, and didn't receive an email...yet.
  5. BOGO 50% winds up being 25% off per guest so the 30% off is a better deal. 30% is usually their best sale, but Black Friday/Cyber Monday might have something better. You can always purchase the package at the sale you are comfortable with, and then you can cancel and repurchase if it goes lower.
  6. Our 7 day on Liberty All Digital Photo Package has been $250 since it became available. It was included in the current Cruise Planner sale for $235. We leave in 6 days.
  7. Fresh squeezed juice is included in the Refreshment and Deluxe Beverage Packages or it is paid for a la carte. Beverage packages do not work with room service, even in a suite. If you are able to order it, it will be at an extra charge.
  8. I also didn't lose this week and am exactly the same as last week. However, my scale also measures body fat, and it is down for the week, so I'll take it! I've been losing pretty consistent for the last 6 weeks, so I'm just chalking this one up to hormones and stress because I didn't really have any cheats. We leave in 8 days, so if it's not gone now, I'm probably not going to lose it by next Friday! I wonder how many calories I will burn by getting out the suit cases, packing, and then repacking to make all our stuff fit? 😄
  9. It zipped up, no problem! Here's a pic of me at my heaviest 202 next to me in the dress this morning at 175. It's not the best picture, but I can definitely see progress!
  10. Hi ladies, Congrats to everyone who lost this week! My husband was out of town part of this week for work, and Wednesday I didn't feel like cooking for just me and the kids. So I cheated and took the kids to a Mexican food restaurant that's just around the corner. Two baskets of chips and a margarita later my Thursday morning weigh in wasn't exactly where I wanted it to be. Surely the kids ate one of those baskets, right? 😏 It could have been a whole lot worse though. I was still down 1.6 pounds for the week, 26.8 pounds total (started at 202, currently 175.2). 16 days until Liberty of the Seas! I wanted to be at 170, and I will be close if I stay on track. To be honest, I'm really happy with what I've done in the last few months. We're taking my mother in law on her first cruise for her birthday in February, so I would like to keep up this pace. If I do, I should be about 140 then - my final goal is 130 which should get my short 5'1" body into a size 6 - at least it did back when I was 25 and before I had a couple kids. I've stuck with it long enough now (low carb/ketoish and one to two meals a day), that it feels normal. We have a cheat meal, and I get back on the very next meal instead of before where that one cheat dinner would turn into biscuits for breakfast, picking up hamburgers for lunch, and ordering pizza for dinner the next day. Now to just keep going! @JessandLevi We home school too. I agree, it can be really hard to squeeze it all in, and I'm sure it's just as hot in GA as it is here in TX, so getting outside for a quick walk when everyone needs a break just doesn't happen in the summer! We started back the week after July 4. I try to walk around the house 30 minutes before the kids get up, but it doesn't always happen - my walk tends to turn into stopping to start laundry, stopping to unload the dishwasher, stopping to lesson plan, etc. I hope your year goes well, and you and your kids have an easy transition back into school.
  11. I'm such an introvert... that's probably why I don't know them. I would probably need a lava flow or two first!
  12. I ordered a new formal night dress in two sizes because I wasn't sure which would fit, and they arrived today. I tried on the smallest size first, and as I'm trying to zip up the back, which I can't really reach, I'm thinking "YAY! This is a perfect fit!" My husband is on a business trip, and he won't be back until Thursday. So I ask my kids to zip it up for me. I can gather enough fabric where I can reach to tell it's going to zip, and I'm so excited. BUT... you know when materials change on a dress how it's sometimes hard to zip over the transition? Well my kids both get to that fabric change in the dress and say it won't go any further. I'm dying to get the thing on and see how it really looks because I'm in love with this dress! Would it be weird to go ask a neighbor who's name I don't even know? Not sure I'll make it until Thursday! 🤣
  13. I'm pretty sure I would have been let go over a snarky comeback. Some people!
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