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  1. I worked like Diana today. Cleaned upstairs bathrooms, and we got furniture moved and the upstairs tree up in our school room. It has all our "fun" ornaments on it - baby's first, cruise port ornaments, etc. We'll put up our downstairs tree tomorrow. It's more formal and just has maroon and silver ornaments. Hubby went to A&M, and we have an Aggie Santa that goes on top of that one. Bought one Christmas gift online today, and then bought all the pre-cruise stuff I was on the fence about. Diana - I bet your turkey was delicious! We brined one once, and it was so good!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving...or Happy Thursday depending on where you are! I'm up .4 this week. DH took some time off this week, and we always seem to eat more when he's on vacation mode. We've had longer eating windows all week and even a few early lunches. To help, we moved our weekend special breakfast to today, and we probably won't want to eat lunch. Big dinner tonight, then back to a regular fasting schedule tomorrow and all weekend. Somebody slap my hand when I try to make a turkey sandwich at noon tomorrow! Hoping to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done online this w
  3. It will be heated, but they told us that we can't use the spa for 2 weeks or so after it's finished so that the plaster can cure. 100+ degrees isn't good for the finish those first few weeks. We're going to have the inaugural "polar bear" swim in the pool as soon as it's ready, even if it is just a quick jump in and race each other out of the cold water. Late April is usually starting to get warm enough here to swim without a heater, and it's not like we'll be heating the pool to 100 degrees. Either way, we'll be using it pretty quickly.
  4. Once we have the permit, it will take about a week and a half to schedule the dig. They are quoting us 120 days from the day of the dig to completion. There's a spa, firepit, and small outdoor kitchen in there too. They've hinted that it probably won't take that long. I had a pool growing up, so I'm familiar with what goes into the up keep. We didn't have a Polaris, so it was a lot of work. We have one included in our price and are thinking of upgrading to the one that climbs walls so it shouldn't be anywhere near as hard as it was 30 years ago.
  5. Belle - I'm glad your Thanksgiving lunch was good! Ombud - Thank you! Jan - I'm glad you tested negative! Diana - East coast is on our list too. Come to think of it, most of the cruises are on our list. 😄 We went to the pool company yesterday afternoon and selected all our materials - stone, tile, interior finish. They requested permit from our city 4 weeks ago, and we've heard from our neighborhood facebook group that it has been taking about 5 weeks. They closed at noon today for the rest of the week, so hopefully the permit is issues by the en
  6. Thanks Belle and Diana! The zoo was a success. Everyone else we saw was wearing their mask, and it wasn't very crowded. We have to go through downtown Dallas to get there, and I only got lost once this time. I don't know how I drove without GPS growing up! The kids got to feed the giraffes (did you know they have really long tounges), and we saw the lion cubs this time. In September when we went, they weren't old enough to be in the enclosure yet. I definitely got my steps in today!
  7. Congratulations Jan! Diana, I try to avoid the grocery store the week of a holiday too. Too many people out! Belle, I've been in the kitchen all weekend. I had my last double wedding for a few weeks this weekend. My next wedding is Dec 19... two weddings on the same day. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I booked them both. 🤪 I have to share today's groom's cake. I love when the couple wants something that reflects their lives - he works for Southwest Airlines, but I believe it speaks to all of us travel enthusiasts. I'm taking the kids ba
  8. Ugh - the guilt that follows stress eating is the worst! Tomorrow's a new day though. Belle - Glad you have made plans. Sorry your daughter has to work on Thanksgiving.
  9. Diana - fortunately I had some leftover spaghetti and meatballs for him. I think maybe it was too close to DH's actual turkey burger recipe, but wasn't quite it, so he was just really disappointed. Both the kids LOVE his turkey burgers. Not sure what we're having tonight. We're thinking picking up something, but we also want it to be healthy so the options are pretty slim. What's everyone else having for dinner?
  10. Sorry you're up Belle. Ombud, good that clothes aren't tight. Well I made that turkey burger -sneak- in- the- zucchini- casserole dish tonight. My DD (Autistic and a super taster) was the one I was worried about. She noticed the green right away, and I told her it's less zucchini than what I put in zucchini apple muffins, which she loves. She ate about 3/4 of what was on her plate and said it wasn't her favorite, but it was good. I almost fell out of my chair! My DS on the other hand who eats any veggie we put in front of him hated it, and started crying. 🙄
  11. Hi all, Thanks for starting us Belle. I'm up .5# from last week. So much for that 30# loss. 😆 I'm sure it's stress from all these double wedding weekends and hormones - nothing else has changed. I have a few weeks off after this weekend, so hopefully I drop a lot then. Jo - Great staying under 170. I know snacking makes a huge difference for me. Cutting them out may be just what your body needs to jump start a loss. Sorry about your cruise. Diana - You've been really consistent around your goal! Jan - It can be so frustrating to stay
  12. Ombud - be careful with the fence. I picture myself in that situation and it becomes an I Love Lucy episode. 😆 Diana - It really was so good. I'm just worried I'll mess something up, and the dish won't live up to expectations. I may have to get DH to make it - he's the cook in the family. Belle - Washing clothes is the worst part about the vacation! I don't mind before we go because it's part of the planning fun to think about what I'll wear, but after is just a sad reminder that the vacation is over. It's almost chili weather here. It's supposed to be 55° and rainy on
  13. Belle - welcome back. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your son! Diana - Your Asian chicken salad sounds good. I've been wanting to add a stir fry to the menu for a couple weeks now, but it always seems to get pushed out for something else. When my MIL was here, we got a big ham and turkey breast and froze most of it. We'll have some more for Thanksgiving and a couple of sides. I picked up a pre-made side at Whole Foods a few weeks ago that was delicious and may try to recreate it - roasted butternut squash with wilted spinach and dried cranberries. We added some nuts
  14. Ombud - I was very athletic growing up, so I know all too well how off the BMI charts can be. Fortunately my scale also measures fat, so I'm keeping an eye on that too. I've got quite a ways to go before I'm going to have to worry about having any numbers that are too low. 😉 I'm sorry you need unexpected dental work. Our microwave shorted out the other day, and it's going to be month at least before we can get a replacement with a trim kit. I'm going to run into Walmart to get a cheap counter model, but then it's no going into stores for awhile again for us. Our numbers are back
  15. Thanks for the encouragement! I did it! I hit the 30 pound mark. I'm still in the obese category on a BMI chart, and have a little over 20 pounds to go before I'm just in the overweight category (40 pounds to go before I hit the normal range). But my next 10 pound goal weight is my wedding day weight, and that's really exciting!
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