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  1. Hi all! I have had a hectic few weeks with orders, three weddings in a row plus some other orders, and we started school back up this week too. I was up .4 this week. It's felt really good being back in a routine this week with school. I am with everyone else on the motivation. Hopefully being back to somewhat normal days will help. I don't have any more orders until the end of August, so I'll have more time to exercise anyway. I've been cleaning about the same - I try to keep that as a routine too. I'm falling behind on laundry though.
  2. Hi all! I'm up the 1.4# I was down last week. We ordered wings last night, and I am going to blame it on that. For the past couple weeks we have been talking about finally doing something with our back yard. We haven't landscaped back there since we built, and it's all grass. Well grass and our little container garden. We were thinking of extending our patio and adding a firepit, maybe a built in grill, landscaping all around the fence line. Yesterday morning an excavator shows up in the yard of the neighbor behind us...so we spent all day talking about the possibility of a pool. If we can't cruise...💁‍♀️ It's all dreams and plans at the moment, but it would be nice to get a few laps in every day, even if they would be short laps. Maybe this is like going to the grocery store when you are hungry, and we shouldn't make this decision when it's 100 degrees outside? 😆 I hope everyone has a good week!
  3. I hate putting on jeans right out of the dryer! 😆 We don't have any big plans for the 4th. The town to the north of us has a fireworks display that is near their middle school and a big park with soccer fields. Lots of room to spread out. We usually don't have anyone around us for a good 15-20 feet when we go to their display, but with so many surrounding towns cancelling their fireworks shows, I bet they will be packed this year. We will be staying home. I emailed our TA this morning to move our November cruise to next year. Even if it sails, I don't think the experience will be what we want. Sigh...😔 At least I have some research to do. Alaska 2022 itineraries should be out in a few months, and we're planning on going for DH's 50th birthday. Time to start a new spreadsheet! I have some work to do this afternoon and evening in the kitchen; hopefully I can find time to walk while I've got stuff in the oven. I've gotta look good in that parka!
  4. After running around all day Friday, I did nothing all weekend. I felt guilty enough about sitting on the couch for two days that I walked and did a little bit of weights this morning. Hopefully I can stay motivated this week. @INeedAMaiTai we got the kids the Ring Fit Adventure game since they aren't in any sports right now. They love it and keep telling me I should do it too. My son (he's 8 ) told me he was so sore from all the squats he did the other day. 🤣 I'm planning on getting them one of the Just Dance games next - maybe I'll do that one with them.
  5. Hi all. I'm down 1.4# this week; not quite caught up from last week's gain. It's a wedding day though, and my Fitbit has already tracked 117 minutes as I've been running around the kitchen this morning. I hope everyone has a good week!
  6. I'm really late to the party this week! One of our refrigerators was acting up this past week, so we ate a lot of takeout / fast food. Didn't want to cook just to have it go bad in the fridge. I started to rework my website this past week too, so I didn't work out at all like I should. I was up 2# on Thursday. A bit of that has come back off, and I did pull myself away from the computer to get in a little walk this morning. So many photos to edit! Glad I'm almost done! Dallas county just started mandated businesses must make it mandatory for all employees and customers to wear a mask. Texas has reopened pretty aggressively, and Dallas's daily numbers have increased by huge amounts (300-400) a day over the last couple weeks. We're a little north of Dallas, but it's close enough! I have weddings the next 3 weekends and a couple of "to-go" sample drop offs, then I don't have anything else on the books until mid August. The kids' tae kwon do instructor emailed me this week asking when we would be back. I think I'll be asking they put our account on hold - they post photos on facebook of the classes, and they don't have the kids socially distancing at all, no masks, lining up to use the same equipment, and sparing with each other. If you're close enough to grab someone's wrist or punch / kick them, you're close enough to breathe on them in my opinion. We got an exercise based game for the kid's gaming console, and they have been using it for a couple hours a day since we told them it doesn't count against their electronic time. Guess I should join them! Belle - that's interesting about the blood type. We're all O here.
  7. We found a way to spend ours too. We woke up yesterday to a refrigerator that wasn't working, and then later in the day, my shorts got caught on a cabinet handle in the kitchen...tore the hinge right out of the wood. 🤦‍♀️ I got a huge price drop on our January cruise just the day before, so I guess it all evened out. I didn't walk yesterday, but I worked on straightening our guest room (where I store a bunch of supplies), made a thousand trips moving food to our 2nd fridge, and worked a little in the garage. I still got all my steps in, but I was so frustrated with the day that we ordered junk food for dinner. Sigh...today will be better.
  8. We finished putting a fence around our garden yesterday. We start school again in three weeks so I started our first week's lesson plan too. I have a birthday cake to deliver this afternoon for a mom of one of my past brides, so I've been in the kitchen all morning. My first big-ish wedding is in a couple weeks. They're expecting 100 guests now. I'm not sure I would want to work an event where I had to stay while guests were there, like all the photographers and djs. I am fortunate that I can just drop off a cake before most others are there and leave. I think we're going to grill chicken tonight, and at some point I need to walk. Motivation is lacking though.
  9. My husband had the day off so we took the kids to the pool. There were very few people when we got there, and we left after an hour and a half. I'm sure it's packed now. It's supposed to be in the upper 90's here all week. We picked the first tomatoes from our garden, but they're still ripening up on the counter. We have some jalapenos that are getting big, but aren't quite ready yet. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  10. Hi all. I was up 1.8# from last week. No surprise with our at home drink of the day fun and what turned into a lot of takeout to go with it. At least I didn't gain as much as I normally do on an actual cruise! 😆 We were good yesterday and the scale reflected that this morning, so I'm sure it will come back off soon...just another hill in the roller coaster.
  11. I took the kids to the neighborhood pool this morning. It's high 90's today and supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. There were about 20 other families, and everyone was doing a pretty good job of just staying with their own group. I swam, but my fitbit didn't track it. Guess I'll have to fold laundry this afternoon to make up for it. DH started back in the office last week just two days a week. No one, including his boss, was really following their company's policies regarding wearing masks in the halls and at meetings. He told his boss this morning that wasn't going to work from him, and now DH is back on the work from home list. We're planning on cooking all week which is a lot easier when hubby doesn't have to commute. Especially when it's his turn to cook!
  12. We decided to take this whole week off with the drinks at night. Because of that, we have picked up food or had something delivered 4 nights this week too. The scale hasn't been too bad, but it's not great. I've been trying to have just small portions since we have eaten so poorly. DH's next doctor appointment is 12 weeks from tomorrow, so we have new goals set. Salads tonight - hoping to break even by Thursday! It's been really hot and humid here - 95° or so. I had an open house at a wedding venue yesterday. It's an all outdoor venue with the reception being held in an open air pavilion. I just dropped off my display cakes and brochures before they were open to the public and came back to clear my table after it was over. When I showed up to break down my display everyone was already gone. The venue owner said was so hot that they closed an hour early! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  13. Pacruise - Happy birthday! I have used new clothes / shoes / accessories, a massage, a book download to my Kindle, etc. as rewards. I tried using booking a cruise as one once...booked it anyway! 😆
  14. Thanks for starting us off @Belle Welcome back @Ilovecrusingtoo! I hope things will get better soon too. It feels like there are just no words for what's happening. I'm shocked and happy to be down a pound this week. Last night was our Lava Flow night which is Royal Caribbean's version of a pina colada with strawberry daiquiri swirled up the sides. So good, but so much sugar.
  15. You've got this Pacruise! Congrats! It's so nice to see those milestone numbers in the rear view mirror. DH has been worried about his A1C - labs are not back yet. He's lost 50 pounds over the last year, but both his parents are diabetic (his dad passed away a few years ago in a diabetic coma) and his half brother, who has always been very athletic and still referees college basketball and soccer games in his mid 50's, was diagnosed a couple years ago too. He has another appointment set up in 3 months to monitor his blood pressure and his goal is to be under 300 by then which would put him down 75ish pounds from his heaviest. He's 6'4". I on the other hand can only wish I was your height! I think my driver's license says I'm 5'2", but I may have been on my tip toes. My 11 year old daughter surpassed me months ago, and my 8 year old son is going through another growth spurt and is well on his way. I guess I'll be the baby of the family soon! 😆 I'm feeling lazy this morning. Both kids and one of the dogs had me up most of the night. I need to start moving, or I may grow roots into our couch today.
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