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  1. retroPK

    gibbs cay

    We did the Gibbs Cay Snorkel/Stingray excursion and booked it while onboard the Carnival Liberty...the best $65 ever spent!! Experience of a lifetime for us. They supply the snorkelling gear as well as a cold drink and are excellent tour guides. Gibbs Cay is a picture perfect beach and the stingrays are amazing...we're not just talking about 1 or 2 of them neither, there are many of them including babies when we were there in November! Highly reccommended! The time does fly by but we just went to Marguaritaville after and bathed in their freshwater pool which was nice to get the salt off the body and hair. Have fun!
  2. retroPK

    Gibbs Cay Stingray...anyone??

    Definately worth the money! Was one of the highlights of our cruise. Be sure to do a little snorkelling while you are there, they provide the equipment. The 2 hours flies by wayyy too fast! Enjoy :)
  3. retroPK

    From ship terminal complex to Gibb's Cay

    I was in Grand Turk last Thursday through Carnival Liberty and did the Gibbs Cay Stingray excursion....was definately one of the main highlights of the whole trip! We booked through Carnival and paid $63.95 (same price to book on shore) and it included snorkel gear and non-alcoholic beverages. It took just under 15 minutes or so to go by boat to Gibbs Cay which had a gorgeous beach I might add....the 2 hour excursion went by way too fast! I could have easily spent another 2 hours there.....be sure to try the snorkelling, it was amazing!
  4. retroPK

    Gift Options - Why no alternative dining?

    good to know! I wanted to do this for someone as well so thanks for posting ;)
  5. retroPK

    Favorite picture

    Fantastic pictures everyone!! Hope to add one or two in a couple of weeks ;) :p :cool:
  6. Hi Lesley, Yeah I'm on the roll call....can't wait!! I will be starting to pack this week for sure ;)
  7. retroPK

    Liberty Itinarary

    I'm kind of sad we won't be seeing Half Moon Cay as our upcoming Liberty Eastern cruise leaving October 31st has Nassau, St. Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk. Heard so many good things about HMC but on the positive side, all of our ports are docked! NO TENDERS...WOOT ;)
  8. retroPK

    Liberty - Eastern Caribbean, tenders?

    The Liberty docks at all of those ports..yay! I too am on the Oct 31st sailing...be sure to join the roll call ;)
  9. retroPK

    Ketchup SNOB here

    [quote name='Nunu']I know they had A1 in the dining room, not sure about HP.[/quote] Thanks! Guess I'll be the one doing some condiment smuggling :p
  10. retroPK

    Ketchup SNOB here

    While we are on the condiment topic...lol...does anyone know if they have HP sauce on board?? It's a must have on my bacon 'n eggs ;)
  11. retroPK

    Cruise director "Butch" on the Liberty

    He's our CD on the Oct 31st sailing as well...I did notice that on John Heald's Blog, Butch seems to be the fave of most other CD's!! That has to be a good sign ;)
  12. Fantastic review so far!! I keep checking in to see if more pics/review posted...really enjoying it - GOOD JOB AND THANK YOU! Definately giving me a little insight to our first cruise! Leaving on the Liberty in 33 days :)
  13. [quote name='steveNcindy']Thanks, I find the Bud Light sharpens my observation skills :D I personally was holding out for Toronto or Cleveland as the homeport of the Carnival Magic though :D[/quote] Yes that would be nice wouldn't it! ;)
  14. Wow...well done Debra...great ideas! You can tell you put a lot of time into it that's for sure...good job ;)