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  1. Cruise has been canceled, as I am sure most of you have already received the email from Carnival. We’ll see if we can book this cruise in 2022.
  2. Can’t help you with the cabana rentals, but they look very nice. The pool at Amber Cove is fantastic, and with a smaller group of people from the ship, it shouldn’t be very crowded. There is a zip line also that goes over the pool area. Mostly shops there and a bar at the top of the hill. I may not be joining you on this cruise. My DW says she does not want to cruise until 2022. Don’t know if I can wait that long.
  3. Please take a moment today to remember the thousands of young men who died on the beaches of Normandy during the Allied invasion against German forces in France. With everything else going on these days, please don’t forget the sacrifices these men and women made to secure our freedom, and the freedom of millions living in occupied Europe. If you’ve never been to Normandy, I would strongly a trip there so you can see what these soldiers had to go through on the beaches. Let’s hope this can never happen again.
  4. Just read an article about sailings on the Mardi Gras. Apparently, Carnival is not showing these for booking so they can cap the capacity on each sailing. I guess that means we will not be sailing at full capacity on our cruise, which is okay with me. The sailings that disappeared from Carnival’s website are still on, just not available for any more bookings right now. That may change later, but for now, our cruise is still on. The first available booking is for the March 27, 2021 sailing. The ship is still under construction, but with reduction in workforce.
  5. I wish Carnival would be a little more forthcoming with information about the construction schedule for the Mardi Gras. People want to know if they are cruising on their scheduled dates. I know the virus has put everything on hold, but if Carnival knows the ship won’t be delivered as scheduled, then let us know so we can make other plans.
  6. Very possible our cruise may be cancelled if they are experiencing delays in construction. We’ll just have to wait and see what Carnival has to say. Hopefully the cruise industry comes back stronger from this crisis. May be later than sooner.
  7. I checked recently and it showed all cabin categories sold out. That’s probably why you can’t find it. Have you checked on iCruise.com?
  8. I’m thinking the shipyard is closed, so there is a possibility of another delay. Plus, funds may be too low at Carnival to continue construction on this mega ship. We’ll just have to wait and hope everything turns out okay. I know cruising is not on top of some people’s list right now, but I can’t wait to get my feet on the deck of a cruise ship.
  9. Happy Mardi Gras everyone. Going to be a crazy day in New Orleans. Looks like great weather for the parades and the crowds.
  10. Very quiet roll call. We only have a year left before we cruise. Hopefully the chat will pick up.
  11. Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone. Going to be a great day for the game. Looks like the Chiefs are favored in this one. Whoever wins, congrats.
  12. Just booked this cruise after my other Mardi Gras cruise was cancelled. Hey MEUB1112, is Lakeport on Clearlake? We lived in Sacramento for 35 years and took many trips to that area. All those wildfires are terrible over there. We’re looking forward to this cruise and the Mardi Gras.
  13. I’m thinking the old OBC will go away and you will only get the new OBC of $100 per person. I could be wrong, but that would be a first.😄. Rich
  14. We’re looking at January 30th 2021 to rebook on the Mardi Gras. We have a cruise out of Miami earlier that month, so this way we’ll only have to make one trip to Florida. Hope some of you can join us. Rich
  15. It was great talking with you. Best of luck on your next attempt to get that family cruise booked. I will be booking a cruise on the Mardi Gras when they offer the 8 day itinerary that we signed up for. Probably won’t be until spring of 2021, but I can wait. Rich
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