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  1. That will give me enough time to decide where I want to eat. I’m currently enroute to Fort Lauderdale to catch my flight to Copenhagen. We sail Sunday back to New Orleans on a 19-day transatlantic cruise. Have a great Halloween.
  2. If you are referring to a Meet and Greet as the group, there isn’t one set up yet. If you are referring to a rollcall, you are already in the group.
  3. You are guaranteed to get the category cabin you booked, but as you stated, the location may not be where you wanted to be. Inform your cruise consultant where you want to be, and hopefully they can assign you a cabin near that area when rooms are available for assignment.
  4. Welcome to the rollcall. I too am a 40 year federal service retiree, so we are also seniors. We love cruising, and now we can go whenever we want.
  5. Royal Caribbean just built a new terminal there, so Carnival may need to upgrade theirs. I’ve sailed NCL and Carnival out of Port Miami. Thinking about doing one of RCI’s mega ships just to see what they are like. I think Symphony of the Seas is home ported there now.
  6. Currently, Terminal 3 will be used exclusively for Mardi Gras. Has anything been said about other LNG fueled ships using this terminal in the future? I would think since Carnival is the parent company of so many cruise lines that other new ships may be home ported in Port Canaveral to take advantage of the LNG fueling capability. That would be a boom for Cocoa Beach and Orlando. Time will tell.
  7. Yeah, that loud noise that you can hear two rooms down. I hate to flush after my 2 a.m. potty break, but you just have to do it. Sorry neighbors. I don’t know where you find this stuff, but it makes for interesting conversation.
  8. I suppose the people who designed this bulb knew what they were talking about. To me it appears the difference in drag would be minimal. But hey, who am I to argue with the experts. It just looks cool gliding through the water. Thanks for the explanation. Next week we’ll discuss why toilets make so much noise on a cruise ship. Probably has something to do with vacuum and suction. 😄
  9. Hopefully they know where this piece goes. Never quite figured out how the bulbous bow actually helps the ship. Any navigation buffs want to educate me. Compared to the lift next to it, this thing is enormous. Rich
  10. WOW. Now that’s what I call a waiting lounge. Carnival is going way out for this new ship. Can’t wait to check in at the new terminal and then get on the new ship. Only a year to go. Rich
  11. Hopefully this is a test track to make sure it works before it goes on the ship. Wonder if that is PVC pipe. Probably not. Doesn’t look like a scary ride, but when you’re sitting on top of a cruise ship, that adds a whole different perspective.
  12. Yeah, as soon as it was announced, people started booking. Get a guaranteed cabin and maybe something will come available later that you can upgrade to. There will probably be cancellations before final payment is due.
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