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  1. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but just because Windstar requires a vaccine, that doesn't mean your destination is going to allow you free access. It's all speculation at this point.
  2. I am afraid that all cruise ships will require oversight of their passengers on shore. This will enhance their onboard revenue (they will sell everything you can buy on shore, keep you at the bar longer, etc.) and will kill the local economies. Some of the lines have been waiting for this to happen.
  3. Well, it looks like Carnival is going to require guests to take their excursions only, once cruising starts up again. I suspect all lines will have this requirement. No self-tours will kill a lot of Caribbean economies, where small businesses are the mainstay.
  4. If you are asking about COVID restrictions, I don't think they are clear yet. There was a big brouhaha early on when a tour operator proposed closing off a section of Magens Bay beach for cruise ship passengers They were to be taken from the ship directly to the cordoned off area and were to have no contact with locals. St Thomians were not pleased... Since there haven't been any ships since last year, who knows what will occur when they return.
  5. Nate: The day sail business has boomed over the past several years. And currently, because the BVI have been closed, they are really in demand. Do you want a sail or power boat? You can Google "day sail St Thomas" and get an idea of the kinds of boats available. There are small boats like https://crewzenvi.com/, larger ones like https://stormypirates.com. Then there are sail boats like https://www.sailingvirginislands.net/.
  6. Royal Caribbean is a mass market ship. Windstar is a boutique line. I guess it depends what your definition of luxury is. 😉
  7. I hope by next December you won't be limited to cruise ship excursions. It is easy to get around St. Thomas and visit a couple of beaches on your own. For food, from your list: Magens and Sapphire have food and drink available. "Secret Sands", actually named Linqvist or Smith Bay Beach, may have food by then. Magens is a long stretch of beach, great for walking. It has a gentle sandy entrance for bobbing in the water. Sapphire would be a good place to snorkel. The others are on St. John, so you either will have a boat or ferry to get there. Well, Christmas Cove is off of St. Thomas, but is pro
  8. She is definitely not a Windstar customer.🤣 Royal Caribbean is luxurious?
  9. It's a 1 1/2 mile flat walk to town. There is a sidewalk the whole way. It's an even shorter walk to Lindbergh Bay. You can also take the ferry at Crown Bay to Water Island.
  10. If anyone thinks going forward that cruising is going to be like 2019, they are sorely mistaken. Life has changed and cruising will change once allowed. Masks will be worn for a long while.
  11. Dear TTEllis: I hate to tell you, but snorkeling is not a static activity. You might not have seen a darn thing at Trunk Bay on Monday, but on Tuesday, I might see all sorts of flora and fauna. The time of year, the time of day, the weather conditions, etc. all play a role in "snorkelability." Another thing is to slow down. If you stop and watch a small area of a reef, you will be rewarded.
  12. The DR has the highest Covid numbers (cases and deaths) in the Caribbean.
  13. Imurex: Have you been keeping up with the tourism site? https://usviupdate.com/ Re-opening day is September 19th at this point. Check thewebsite for testing requirements, etc. Point Pleasant is on the east end, close to Margaritaville and Coki Point. Red Hook is not far away for plenty of dining choices, although there are two restaurants on site. Save your extra bags, travel light. Swim suits, cover-ups, casual clothes are all you need. It's hard to know what shopping will be available, but there are stores in Red Hook, Havensight, and downtown. I hope you are renting a car, as you
  14. I'm not sure if anyone has told you, but you couldn't go to Morning Star anyway. It is closed due to ongoing construction at Marriott Frenchman's Reef (since 2017), which is now stopped. So you made a good choice there. 😉 There are many good restaurants in Cruz Bay. If you had gone to Mongoose Junction, Greengo's for Mexican is great. Also Sun Dog Cafe. There are shops there and in the area around the people ferry that have the tchotchkes you were looking for. Also, in Red Hook, Chelsea Drugstore has lots of tourist goodies (and is run by wonderful people). LOL. McDonal
  15. LOL I always recommend Red Hook Dive Center. 👍 I want to say I was glad to see all the Diadema (long-spined urchins) in your photos. They are the cleaners of coral and essential to a healthy ecosystem.
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