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  1. You do have a financial stake in Sapphire, Bill. I do think that visitors should be warned that there may not be current for some period of time due to the recent WAPA problems. An "occasional" loss, if it is for several hours, can be a PITA for guests as well....
  2. You may want to look at Secret Harbour, which does have full generator power. I know there are a lot of Sapphire fans here, but with the state of electrical generation on St Thomas, it is nice to have lights, water, a/c, etc. during the frequent outages.
  3. Well, as Karinvt asked: there is kayaking in the mangroves, snorkeling (I think she didn't want to just sit on a beach), hiking (Magens Bay trail and Mermaid's Chair come to mind), stand-up paddleboarding, sail boat or power boat excursions... And if all else fails, they could hang out at Pueblo. 😜
  4. Does Sapphire (Beach, Marina, or Crystal Cove) have full generator capability?
  5. mitsugirly: There are two Buck Islands, one off St Croix and one off St Thomas.
  6. This indicates they chartered flights from Lisbon and Amsterdam for crew repatriation: https://www.windstarcruises.com/blog/crew-repatriation/ Quite an operation to get everyone home!! Sorry! This was for Barrycat about the Pride, not the Breeze.😉
  7. There are few cruise ships in the Caribbean from May to late October. Not many land based visitors during hurricane season. I think a lot of countries have given up on this season and are waiting for the traditional fall/winter season. We will see what happens with the "early openers"....
  8. Many Caribbean island countries are heavily dependent economically on cruise ships. It would be difficult for them to cut off their life's blood.
  9. The Secret Sands (Lindqvist/Smith Bay Beach) tour will be safari truck ride and a calm beach. The other two would be boating.
  10. When it's closer to your trip, you might want to check out https://viecotours.com/tours/st-thomas/mangrove-lagoon The mangroves are fascinating and very different from a beach.
  11. I was reading this post as for next summer, 2021. Not only are there no services on Water Island currently, there are no cruise ships either. LOL
  12. Another idea is to go to a beach- Lindbergh or Honeymoon on Water Island are the closest- and then get a ride to Havensight. Take the skyride to Paradise Point have some drinks and enjoy the sunset and view.
  13. I guess we were special! I'm glad that the Pride crew got to leave Puerto Rico and I hope many of them are home safely now.
  14. There is a pinned thread above called "Cancellation refunds-Post your experience". We got a 100% refund for our March 30th cruise about 8 weeks after it was cancelled. We were given a choice of 125% future credit or 100% refund. I think people have to be patient. What a mess for the travel agents and the cruise lines.
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