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  1. There has always been a monopoly at the cruise ship docks. There is a designated association that is the only one allowed to pick up at the dock. Recently there was a change. Ms411 might know better, but I understand that a lot of the drivers from the old association just switched to the new one. When you asked to go to Greengo's, you could have just taken the taxi to town. Greengo's is very close to their drop-off spot. I suspect that many safaris don't like going up to Paradise Point. It is hard on the brakes. It is best to take the tram. I am concerned that you say no one would take you back to the ship. The drivers troll for people walking along the streets crying, "Back to the ship!" I can't believe you had trouble finding someone. Unfortunately, the taxi operation is probably the biggest cause of complaints from visitors and residents alike. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.
  2. Look for an excursion to Buck Island. They may call it Turtle Cove. You will see turtles.
  3. wripro: I really don't understand your posts. We were talking about the stated dress code for Windstar. It is pretty simple. No tuxes and formal nights. They only request collared shirts and long pants for guys, dresses or slacks etc. for ladies at night, for dinner. Is that so hard for people to follow? I like Windstar because I don't have to get dressed up. But I like a bit of civilization in dress and conduct in the evening. 😉
  4. I wonder if people are accustomed to being a number on a piece of paper with the big ships and don't understand that they will be a human being on Windstar....
  5. The zip line closed because of damage after Irma in September, 2017. It is back open now.
  6. I thought that polo shirts (collared) and long pants were the dress code? That seems pretty minimal to me. mexicobob: While I usually don't mind what other people wear, I guess I'm of the era of "dressing for dinner". I really don't want to see some hairy guy in a tank top while I'm trying to enjoy the ambiance of the dining facility... It's interesting that women rarely have the dressing down problem that men have.
  7. luv: What do you want in a beach? Lindbergh, where Emerald Beach Hotel is situated, has a lot of water toys and a hotel restaurant/bar. Magens is a nice long beach for strolling and is shallow and sandy quite a way out. Sapphire again has more water activities and snorkeling.
  8. Many boats are either out of the water or (if they are bigger boats) down island for September. I don't know how you can find one that is still operating, but I'd just start e-mailing and asking for referrals if someone says they can't help. For 8, I'd start with someone like https://stormypirates.com/
  9. David: Our transatlantic leaves from Barbados. I'm bringing a lightweight raincoat and layers, not for the ship, but for Lisbon...😎
  10. Also, the safaris do not stop *at* the beach. You will stop on the road and walk down to the condos and beach. That means you will have an uphill walk back to the road. The safari route goes only one way, so you will actually go in a circle to the east, before the route takes you back to town.
  11. Aplmac: Yes, and also St James in Holetown? I always like to ask locals "Where is the place tourists don't see, but you really like?" Then I try to keep it a secret.LOL
  12. It looks like the Star Breeze is going to be stretched first? Her schedule ends abruptly this October...
  13. beshears: It has been a few years, but when we stopped for a day, we asked the taxi dispatcher for a tour for the two of us. He called somewhere and a young lady showed up in her car. We asked her to show us the Barbados that would make us want to come back. She took us the the east coast and to a few historic churches, to a local place for lunch, back by the west coast. We had a great day and I think it was $100 US. Loved the Bathsheba area...
  14. Currently Morningstar and Limetree are not open.
  15. Coral World, next door to Coki, is wonderful for children. Lots of interactive exhibits; pet the shark, feed the stingrays, touch pool, etc.
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