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    Cruise critic boards issue?

    No problem with Firefox.. Chrome does not work..

    Just Off The Star Princess

    Any pictures of the Sabatini waiters?

    Grand Princess wine packages?

    Just off the Grand a couple of weeks ago. They have the new wines. We were on 7 day B2B so I not sure of the wine package as they are usually offered on 10+ day cruises

    Blue to Red Fonts

    Can you revert back to the old way that changed the title from blue to red when you clicked on the post. Makes for easier way to go to posts you were interested in.

    Wines Available for Liquor Swapout

    Thanks, figured as much.. We usually take the coffee cards. I have 8 coffee cards I plan to use in the coming months so I do not need to swap for the cards.. I might just swap for more liquor and take the bottles home. :)
  6. Anyone have a list of wines available for the liquor swap out?
  7. I use Thunderbird.. You can configure it to automatically send email that is not from someone on your contact list to spam.

    Grand Schedule Adjustment

    Agree 100% Currently we have 7 cruises booked on the Grand..

    Shipboard Evacuation

    Remember Princess Insurance is based on the cost of the cruise not the age of the passenger..
  10. Since the Alaska cruises from San Francisco are always sold out wonder what ship will be doing the 10 day RT from San Francisco
  11. LARGIN

    Great Princess Cruise Spreadsheet Gone

    This was a private non-commercial spreadsheet that showed every Princess ship and daily location. Using it you could plan what cruise you were interested in. I have a copy of the last spreadsheet that shows all cruises until May 2020. I use it figure out what future cruises I want to book
  12. Princessonly dot com had a great Excel spreadsheet showing all Princess cruises up until May 2020. Was easy to plan for future cruises. Checked today and apparently the website has been shut down.. Anyone know what happened or where the spreadsheet is now located?
  13. LARGIN

    Grand out of SF

    I have 2 cruises booked on the Grand in 2020..
  14. LARGIN

    Grand princess changes - fleet wide?

    On our last cruise on the Grand in May we arrived at the port around 11:15 and checked in. Since we were in a full suite we were told to go to a small area, given our cards and was told that someone would be by shortly to take us on the ship. No more than 10 minutes later a white gloved crew member took our carry-on and escorted us onto the ship. We were told that the rooms would be ready around noon so we could get lunch in the Horizon if we wished. We opted to wait in the International. I checked with our room steward and he told me to give him 15 minutes which we did. We were in our room before noon and eating lunch in one of the MDRs. As we were leaving I saw several people eating lunch with their carry-ons in tow so I guess there rooms were not ready.
  15. LARGIN

    Club Class wait Not Acceptable

    You are correct however they did not increase the wait staff and if you wanted your same waiter he would have to run from his normal station to where you were now sitting..