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  1. Yes, we are booked and will remain so unless Princess cancels
  2. Not the Jones Act, it is the Passenger Vessel Services Act
  3. Age discrimination means massive Class Action Lawsuit. 🙂
  4. Received $6000+ FCC. Can this be used on more than one cruise? Say $4000+ on one cruise and $2000 on another??
  5. Wonder why it is taking the CDC, state & local authorities so long to figure our where and when the Grand should dock?
  6. Incorrect.. Princess just put total amount back into my Princess account to use on my next cruise purchase.
  7. Buy the Gin on the ship. Probably just as cheap. They will deliver at the end of the cruise.
  8. The sky is not falling people.. We will be on the 3/7 & 3/22 cruises on the Grand. My sister is currently on the ship and so far no cases except for seasickness as the ship was hit with a major storm Friday and was rock & rolling with rain and 60 MPH winds. Just remember to wash your hands and try not touching your face. See you all on the ship.
  9. I was on the same cruise and saw the same thing.. Now I question why I gave away my last 7 cards 🙂
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