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  1. Another vote for the Baths at Virgin Gorda. Really needs to be seen at least once in your life imho. It was breathtaking.
  2. You recommend not to eat lunch in Margaritaville, but we were thinking about doing that if they offered it, especially since we'll be doing at 14 day TA in April. We figured 14 days is plenty of time to eat lunch in the Haven, but eating in Margaritaville on Day 1 could get us in there for free since there's normally a charge. I'm curious to know why - is Margaritaville really that bad?
  3. I'm interested in this as well. I've never done NCL laundry on a cruise, but I plan to on my next. Like the OP, I'm allergic to fragrances in detergent and other things and have very sensitive skin in general. I've been on a number of NCL cruises, and for some reason about halfway through each cruise I tend to come down with a weird skin rash. It tends to go away quickly once I return home. I always wondered if it was because of the type of laundry detergent they use or something else?
  4. I agree with what a lot of people have posted here, but food is always subjective. Here are our thoughts for specialty restaurants. Our favorites are Le Bistro and Teppanyaki. Le Bistro's Mushroom soup as everyone says is the winner, along with the filet entree. The filet from Teppanyaki I think is nice as well, and I also like the "Wasabi" cocktail from here if you drink. We also enjoy La Cucina and Moderno, but we'd say those are more "second tier" and can have foods that are hit-or-miss. The burrata at La Cucina was quite nice, but some of the pasta wasn't too special (hence, I agree with the Olive Garden comment). That said, they had the best bread on the ship. Moderna I also like the salad bar as I'm not a big meat eater, and you really can't pick the cook of meats nor predict when which ones will come around. But it's still enjoyable and a lot of it is very good. Overall, our least favorites are Cagney's and Ocean Blue. Better steaks elsewhere on the ship, and we're from Boston - better seafood on land. If you count O'Sheehan's as a specialty, we haven't had the wings recently, but we found we didn't really enjoy the food there very much on our recent visit. Regarding food in the buffet, we don't eat there very often, but we do really like the pretzel rolls and an occasional ice cream treat after a meal. And I agree - don't bother with the desserts here, you'll have enough elsewhere! If you like Indian food though, the chefs tend to make very good Indian food on a daily basis for the buffet. For the MDR, all the food tending to be solid overall, with the fish dishes on the recent menus particularly being some of the best tasting. Hope you find this helpful!
  5. Can you clarify what you mean about NCL changing cabin classifications in 2020? This is the first I've heard of it.
  6. May I ask what your top 5 specialty restaurants were on the Escape, in order? Thanks in advance!
  7. Our Escape Transatlantic next year doesn't qualify. Bummer. Could switch to the same itinerary on the Getaway for a price drop, but then I'd have to take 2 extra vacation days. Not sure that'd be worth it.
  8. So I guess the only thing I can say is we are also foodies (not gourmets, an important distinction) and reiterate we felt Marcus' was definitely worth it. I was aware of Marcus Samuelsson's reputation prior to eating there, which is why we went to the restaurant in the first place. We went for lunch, and the prices were comparable to similar establishments and it ended up being the best food we had in Bermuda. I don't remember if there is sales tax at the restaurants in Bermuda, unfortunately.
  9. We ate at Marcus' at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda for lunch and it was lovely. The surprise winner in the food category was the ramen (!!), but the deviled eggs were also amazing. I would highly recommend that restaurant. The drinks and food were both very good.
  10. We're booked in a Spa Suite for a Transatlantic this coming April 2020. Were you informed as to why all the pools were closed?
  11. This is wonderful, thanks for sharing! As you said, the avocado toast is new to the Haven breakfast menu. Did you manage to take a picture of the Haven breakfast menu? If so, could you share it?
  12. I've sailed on Princess, Royal, and Norwegian. I keep coming back to NCL because of the following reasons: - Freestyle dining and freestyle cruising: they invented it and they perfected it. The other lines may do it, but it just feels more natural and more relaxing on NCL - Haven and suites: We don't always sail in these, but when we do, NCL really kicks it up a notch in the service and food department Otherwise, although we found Princess skewed to a more older crowd, the lines were more similar than different.
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