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  1. Have you ever heard of a Sears Roebuck catalogue? Are you aware that for many years houses could be purchased through a Sears catalogue? Be not the first by which the new is tried, nor the last to cast the old aside. Wisdom that still has it's appeal to many people.
  2. Celebrity gives nothing away without reason, so they must have some concern over the bookings to date. We canceled our first Edge cruise which would have been in April. Our IV cabin would now cost over $2000 more than what we would have been paying. But I just counted the empty IV cabins on that cruise and there are 46 of them That does not strike me as being a lot on a cruise three month away. I wonder how many IV cabins Edge has.
  3. We are on that same TA, at least until I absolutely get cold feet for the Edge. You are in business class, not economy comfort, I take it. Slightly off topic, but have you booked a hotel in Italy? We have booked one at the San Giorgio in Civitavecchia but they are prone to canceling w/o warning so I think a change is in order.
  4. Interesting but I don't understand the need, not that my perspective makes any difference. We just stack our folded shirts, pashminas, sweaters etc in these very handy bins
  5. I put any critical comments in the first comment box I run into, regardless of what it's stated purpose is.
  6. Uh-uh. White tee shirts. No collar. Chic nights are a joke but this has been adequately discussed There are a few steps that could prove challenging to a very few people, but Equinox is the first time I had seen the rule enforced. I don't believe anyone complained as the invitation makes the requirement clear. My point is that Celebrity can enforce it's rules when it wants to
  7. On the December 21 Reflection cruise on a "Chic" night, I saw two men wearing white tee shirts at dinner time in the MDR. I doubt they were the only two. On an Equinox cruise last September women wearing open toed shoes were denied entry to the sail away event on the ship's prow. Celebrity can enforce rules; they choose not to selectively. Or does Captain Kate rule with a strict hand?
  8. You've been asked several times to explain your obsession with Eden but you continue to dance around the subject. I guess this tells us all we need to know.
  9. Thanks to the three people who responded so quickly and civilly to a traveler in need. You're exactly the type people we hope to meet on board. And three out of four is good enough to lead any league, if you know what I mean.
  10. Oh, I understand but too spicy? The trouble with much of cruise ship food is that it's too bland. Soups usually are too salty. Cooking for 3000 people can't be easy.
  11. Please pardon me for asking, but I cannot easily find recent information. We'll be taking our first Oceania cruise in a few months. My SIL was on a Baltic cruise recently and said she and her friend had no trouble boarding with six bottles of wine each. Is this standard procedure or a fluke? I have no desire to cart six bottles of wine anywhere, but I would like to bring a lesser number on board. She was in a standard cabin but said she called Oceania and had no trouble booking restaurants well in advance of her cruise. We'll be in a Penthouse and assume we have to wait until fifteen days before sailing. She was O Life, we are not. Confusion reigns. Thanks for any current information
  12. It sure is working. We started with bookings on two Edge cruises; we're down to one now and it's only a matter of time before we're down to zero. The more I read of people's Edge experiences, the less I want to cruise on her. We've been Elite + for years and my wife hates to lose the benefits, but two cruises on Regent in 2018 have opened our eyes, In March we're giving Oceania a try. I have seen enough tee shirts on chic nights to convince me Celebrity is now merely a backup, not our first choice.
  13. Am I glad to read your comment. I read the OP's twice and thought 2019 was to be the year of my complete mental decline
  14. Hey, Redneck Bob, I can open a can of chicken noodle soup at home. When I'm on a ship, I want things I don't encounter easily or regularly at home. I can grill a steak with the best of them, so why would I order it on a ship, if more challenging dishes are on the menu?
  15. The service was very good, the maître d'hôtel was excellent, as were the two sommeliers. Most of the meals were fine but nothing to write home about, and the restaurant is quite noisy, making conversation difficult depending on where our table was located. We did B2Bs on the Silhouette this month, so we dined in Blu twenty one times. We learned that what was described on the menu was not always what was delivered to the table. Grilled trout turned out to be two skinless filets of fish which might have been trout but could easily have been tilapia. They were served in a bowl, and looked to be poached, and certainly were not grilled. Lump crab risotto: there was no sign of lump crab, in fact there was no sign of real crab. Instead eight or ten threads of what our local supermarkets sell as Krabmeat to distinguish this man made concoction from real crab were laid across the risotto. That was what was passed off as lump crab. A waiter told us that Krabmeat was also used in the crab cake appetizer which was to appear on the menu later in the cruise. Apparently, anything that was supposed to have crab in it actually had this ersatz mixture. One night my wife mentioned to our server that I had been salivating all afternoon over the prospect of digging the marrow out of the veal shank in the osso bucco being served that night. We were immediately informed that the veal was off the bone. Osso bucco is a classic Milanese dish. The marrow in the bone is a prized delicacy and without the bone, there is no osso bucco. It's that simple. Surely, a professional chef knows this. How can Celebrity pawn this off on it's customers, most of whom are well traveled and surely know what defines osso bucco. Incidentally, for those who have forgotten their high school Latin, osso means bone. We continued for a third leg but in a veranda on the Reflection. We ate every night in the MDR and we had splendid meals each time. The meat which tended to be tough on the Silhouette was as tender as it could be on the Reflection. Lamb chops were perfectly prepared and I almost didn't need a knife to cut them I had a second order and they were equal to the first. Given the choice between Blu on the Silhouette or the MDR on the Reflection, sign me up for the MDR. It has occurred to me that the MDR on our September cruise on the Equinox was also excellent. And Luminae is quite average, So why pay extra for Aqua or a suite? To be sure, there were some excellent items served in Blu. The steak tartare was excellent, the best I've ever had. The salmon tartare was also outstanding. Sweetbreads were served one night and fortunately, I had the foresight to order a double portion. They were well prepared and served on breaded slices of tomato. Very good, a real delicacy, and hard to find. But overall the meals in Blu were passable, not at all memorable, with few exceptions. My advice is if you see one of your favorite dishes on the menu, be sure to ask what goes into them. Any restaurant can run out of certain items and restaurants on a ship are probably more prone to shortages. When this happens, isn't it appropriate for the cooks to inform the wait staff who should advise the diners that changes have been made?
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