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  1. You pay $21.25 ($5.25*4) for 4. You get $23 ($5.75*4) * 15% = 26.45 worth of value. (Since gratuity is included in the coupon amount). Basic math says these things are a good deal ($5.20 savings per sheet). It's basically a free drink every sheet. Unless you use them for $4.75 beer or something.
  2. A few years ago I did this and the porter literally took me all the way around the line. It was a long line at the time.
  3. Off a certain ship in Miami last week. Got 8 RRs across 2 bags, got 2 1.75L bottles of malibu (in original bottles) & about 6 beers in the bottom of a military sea bag (it would be a huge PITA to get to these). No issues - no notices the bags were even searched. Other than the sea bag I'm not going to give any other techniques as it's just not that hard to figure out.
  4. I didn't see the evac (we were eating lunch in the MDR), but it sounded like it went smoothly - hopefully the crew member is ok.
  5. jfulcher

    Freedom- Whats not included?

    I just got off the liberty last week. Bingo was $10/card or $20/3 cards. They had two multi-games that I noticed - one 3 games, one 7 games. They had a problem in the first few rounds of bingo with people bringing back the same cards. They cracked down later by changing the colors of the cards. The bingo is a racket for sure. For instance on that 7 game one - they sold at least 200 3 card sets that I saw which would be $4000 - they probably sold more than that even. They gave out $100, $110, $120, $130, $140, $150 and $200. $950. They made a ton of money on that.
  6. You'll have a great time, hopefully you had equally as good weather! If you go out in Jamaica make sure to book a ship excursion or one with a reputable vendor recommended from here or something similar!
  7. jfulcher

    Just back - Carnival Liberty Western June 5th

    I was on this same cruise and only saw younger kids once for a couple minutes on the entire cruise except in the main pool/slide areas. I saw teens a few times here and there, but nothing major and no incidents like you describe. Guess it goes to show you how big these ships really are!
  8. Also went to Nachi Cocom. While nice, to me it wasn't all paradise like folks on this board make it out to be. Service was slow, most drinks we just had to go to the bar, Manuel our waiter might have dropped by 3-4 times in the entire day. It was even 10am cozumel time before they asked us if we wanted a drink - they open at 9am. The women's bathroom had 2 toilets clogged most of the day, there was a strong smell of urine around most of the property. That being said the food was great and the beers cold it just wasn't as good as people made it seem.
  9. I just got back as well. Had a wonderful time, wasn't entirely pleased with Jamaica, but largely, because we didn't plan anything and at the last minute got one of the taxis that was "government authorized" in the pier area. Wild experience, not really ever interested in going to that craphole of a country again personally. We may give it another shot at some point, but not running out to book anything going there any time soon! Everything else was wonderful with the cruise though. Had a great time at the Chef's Table on Thursday as well. Not enough people signed up for the Tuesday one (in fact only 6 of us did), they cancelled it day of and moved us to Thursday - they had no signups for Thursday at that point, but it ended up filling up on Tuesday evening. Steakhouse was awesome on Tuesday night in lieu of doing the Chef's table that night. I heard one person had great success getting 8 RRs on board. Also heard someone else put a couple handles of malibu in the bottom of a military sea bag and had no issues.
  10. jfulcher

    Lowest price for a balcony ?

    We are paying $709 for an 8C next week. We originally paid $899 though, ES came through for us. If you are on ES they show an inside for your cruise for $579.
  11. jfulcher

    Reverse smuggling? Am I the only one?

    Did you read what you posted? 1 gallon is 4 quarts or 4x the amount a texas resident can bring back. That law is moronic though - another reason to never A) fly into TX from an international destination B) cruise from texas C) move to TX. Same as Utah. They have a similar stupid law.
  12. jfulcher

    Reverse smuggling? Am I the only one?

    It's not immoral to bring more than what is allowed everywhere else. Or in Texas if you are a non-Texan. You just have to pay a small amount of additional duty. Many times they don't even bother.
  13. jfulcher

    The Chef's Table expands!!!

    Based on the above poster I already had a steakhouse reservation I made online. I replied to that and got the nights they were doing the Chef's Table and made a reservation in advance!
  14. jfulcher

    drink coupons

    Aren't the coupons worth 5.75 now? I thought I read that somewhere.