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  1. I sailed on the Enchantment out of Balto in 2010. At that time, they did not have an elevated gangway...you had to walk across the pier and board via the type of ramp you used in any other port. I sailed the Pride later the same year...they had at that time, a blue canopy covered elevated gangway...RCI did not use Carnival's gangway.:)
  2. The Carnival Pride also sails from Baltimore...it always departs on Sunday (I've been on her 4 times!) It was definately the Pride. :)
  3. I asked that same question on the Carnival Pride forum. Yes, the Pride did sail on Sunday; they saw the storm (remember they sailed at 4:30 or 5pm on Sunday) and altered their course. Word is the Bridge folks on the Pride did note the Anthem was already on course in the path of the storm...probably too late for them to alter their course at that point.
  4. Just curious, how deep is the water once you clear those steps you go down? Thanks!
  5. I just booked this today!! Half of my 'bucket list' is included in this itinerary and I'm thrilled Carnival did this...I too am booked on the Quantum of the Seas--- supposed to board on the 29th! I decided to NOT cancel my RCI booking... May just move it to another date once the 2015-2016 itineraries are released. I am very much looking forward to this sailing... For this CCL 14 niter, I've booked for two but will happily a pay for two even if I sail SOLO! :)
  6. wow! I have never noticed the 'slam door' issue...Ridiculous! You're on a ship with water-tight doors...most people really don't care how the door closes as long as they get to where they want to go. I can say after more than a few cruises, I've never noticed this issue...hell, I've probably slammed a few myself. I guess cruising is really not for everyone.;) (I know, some of you will not appreciate my honesty but, oh well...:) )
  7. Been on the Pride x3...loved every cruise. I don't cruise for the decor of the ship...I cruise to relax and have a little fun. At the end of any day on the Pride, I'd be hard pressed to answer any questions regarding 'decor'. As for the vandalism onboard...stupid people everywhere! As for David's Steakhouse--go if you can...great food and service! But most of all, forget about the 'dumb stuff' and enjoy the cruise you've paid your hard-earned money for...you won't be sorry.:) (and just maybe, stay off of this board--if you never knew about it, you'd probably never notice!)
  8. Absoulutely not...that was my assessment based upon my personal experience... Conversly, referring to other cruisers as 'Walmart Cruisers' simply because they sail on a cruisline not owned by RCI is, in my opinion, judgemental. Instead of attacking me for expressing my opinion, please feel free to disengage and ignore my posts.:) Thanks!
  9. Well thank you for that explanation (I think)...:rolleyes: I guess maybe I have not sailed enough to be closed-minded and judge people one way or another. I've enjoyed the cruises I have taken and I am glad there are a variety of different people/personalities on all ships and all cruiselines.:) To the OP: I don't think you could go wrong with either cruise option...you are sure to have a great time with either ship! Happy Sails!!:)
  10. Just curious...What exactly is a 'Walmart crowd'? I've been on 3 different RCI ships (one of those twice) and on the Carnival Pride 3 times. I have yet been able to determine who shops at Walmart and who doesn't. If it's the behavior of the guests that lends itself to the 'Walmart' comparison, I can say I've never had a problem on the Pride...met many nice folks who really enjoy socializing. On RCI however, some guests are snobbish and rude. To answer the OPs question: I've sailed on the Explorer and there really is no comparison to the Pride (if in fact that's the Carnival ship with the better pricing) Yes, the cabins on the Pride are very nice in terms of the amount of space. The Explorer is a beautiful ship IMO with much more to get into however, I was not that impressed with the MDR foods. Portofino's on the Explorer was great. On the Pride, the MDR foods are just as good as the steakhouse- David's, which was also great. The Explorer has one big plus--the Ice Shows: simply fabulous! The Pride is a good cruise for the money but not many 'bells/whistles'. That having been said, I'd still sail the Pride for as long as she will be home ported in Baltimore. Once on the Explorer was enough for me. Hope this info helps you to decide :)
  11. Just my .02cents: I've sailed RCI and Carnival. I sailed on the Enchantment which I believe is similar to the Grandeur...just longer. I loved everything about the Enchantment and I'm hoping to try out the Grandeur also some day. Lately, I've been sailing on the Carnival Pride. IMO, the food is much better on Carnival and the balcony cabins are almost as large as a JS on Royal. My last sailing with Royal was on the Explorer. As far as the Explorer is concerned, the MDR food was horrible. Thank goodness for Portofino's on the Explorer! As for the 'little' things, I don't really care about mints, robes (although, Carnival provides robes in every cabin regardless of loyality level) etc. I really enjoy meeting new people at the various venues...to me, socializing, good food/drinks and relaxing is enough for me. And BTW: the same folks you meet on Carnival will also sail with RCI. I'll be booking Royal again in the future because I really do enjoy both lines...some things are better on Royal and some are better on Carnival. I for one, would not like to see prices go up...I hope the RCI folks read your letter and find a way to keep you coming back...don't charge everyone else more! I hope whatever cruiseline you try next will be a more enjoyable experience for you...I'd like to try Princess and Holland America!:) Happy Sails and stop look back...look to the future of cruising!!;)
  12. Oh, the Pride! Just sailed on the Pride August of this year for the third time...my last sailing will be Nov 30, 2014--great itinerary! We have had such great times and laughs on the Pride. I used to be a 'loyal to Royal' cruise until this ship showed me a great time for less money. I will really miss the Pride in Baltimore and I hope Carnival re-considers and brings another ship to the Balto port...Looking forward to 11/30/2014!!:)
  13. Thank you for your review...it was Spectacular!!! You and your girls really had a great time!! Every time I read a good Pride review, I see something I didn't get to do--either on the ship or off. Loved seeing this itinerary from your very happy perspective! I, like a few others on this thread are booked for the 'last' sailing on the Pride from Baltimore...that itinerary promises to be fantastic and I'm patiently waiting for Nov 30, 2014! You and your girls would love this...come go with us!!:) Once again, many thanks for your comments and pictures...loved it!!
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