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  1. For us who are not airline literate, please translate all these codes into something understandable.
  2. Flowers and arrangements are one of their fortes. We have always had beautiful , long-lasting arrangements when we ordered them. IMHO, they are probably the nicest in the industry.
  3. When will everyone realize that the HAL website is an amateurish mess? HAL has no intention of fixing anything because of expense. Just look at how long this disaster has been teasing the public with no permanent fixes.
  4. My Oceania experience has found the Captains' noon announcements to be given only if he feels like it 😏 The very day you would like some information you are greeted with dead silence.
  5. St Maarten is not a distant foreign port.
  6. chengkp75 wrote: One only needs to look at Puerto Rico, where PR's leadership and the cruise lines lobbied for over 10 years to get an exemption to the PVSA, and when it was granted, only one cruise line, Carnival, started one way cruises to/from PR, and those only lasted a year or two before they were cancelled due to lack of interest. .............................. It looks like Crystal will be sailing a couple times between San Juan and Miami this coming season. Not exactly a scheduled service.
  7. And I believe the fine has now increased to $700 per passenger.
  8. She was supposed to be in dry dock 4/17-4/25. May 3 - 15 is a roundtrip from Civitavecchia, Italy.
  9. Yes...in fact our scooter was mistaken for someone else's. Since then we put one of those luggage pom-poms on the handle bar.
  10. Well, not necessarily no problems...we have experienced ramps with steps at the bottom, overly steep ramps, and large humps at the top of the ramps depending on tides. In most cases the crew will try to help with these situations, but there are times you may have to get off the scooter and walk until past the difficult areas.
  11. Please do. I would think you will be allowed. If the USVI are exempted, it would be like you are embarking in a foreign country travelling to the US. If that is the interpretation then nothing about the PVSA applies.
  12. Thank you - I found some other condensed listings: "Special Needs Group is pleased to be able to provide Kiosk service to the following ports with respective cruiselines and/or specific ships: · Fort Lauderdale – Holland America, located curb-side prior to entering the cruiseline’s terminal; · New York – Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Gem, located inside the NCL terminal prior to going through security. · Miami – Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Getaway, located inside Norwegian’s Terminal B; · Seattle – Holland America and select Princess ships, located curb-sized prior to entering the terminal(s) Guests are able to pick-up prior to embarking and drop-off upon disembarking their mobility equipment at the available Kiosks. All other equipment is delivered to the cabin."
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