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  1. But it sure was fun sailing at 31+ knots on the QE2!
  2. They also could not have known enough for the captain to announce that the airlifted passenger definitely was not infected. He did so.
  3. Oceania cancelled and aborted my cruise on Riviera 11 March. They offered either a 150% cruise credit or 100% refund. Well, no refund nor even any correspondence to get this refunded. I have sent inquiries via the web site. In most cases I get a computer generated response that "we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner." Then nothing further. I plan to get my credit card company involved next week.
  4. While the captain assured us that the passenger did NOT have covid-19. The coverup was already starting.
  5. The majority of time on the Bermuda cruise will be sea days (travel to and from Bermuda). You would have one full day there. The other cruise would maximize time at the mentioned ports.
  6. Sure, since the Jones Act has nothing to do with passenger ships.
  7. Recently, HAL's entertainment has been seriously cut. I would actually now place it below Oceania (IMHO).
  8. This will never happen IMHO. ----------------------------- what new process have you worked out with US Authorities so the entire ship doesn’t get quarantined upon return to its home port because of COVID-19?
  9. Has anyone received refunds or cruise credits for the aborted sailing on March 11? I phoned their customer service and was told to email their reservation supervisor. The email address they gave me was not a good address. I did contact my PCC and he said he would take care of it. Somehow I don't have a very positive feeling about this.
  10. We got off yesterday morning. It was the fastest and easiest I have ever disembarked.
  11. I was aboard for this adventure as well. I have to say I am truly impressed with the way everyone handled things. Passengers were "making lemonade", crew members put up a great effort to smile and be helpful, and the parent company and officers aboard did the very best they could given the unknowns. The passenger services reps really worked miracles. I was so impressed, and so concerned about the crews' welfare, that I gave a large part of my on board credit to increased gratuities. My hat is off to everyone I met and dealt with!
  12. Do they charge for days that the paper is not printed?
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