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  1. Welcome back. We were supposed to be on the cruise immediately after you. We were inspired by your posts to "Go For It!", but decided 48 hours prior to cancel. When we found out that RCCL was giving FCC, we took the offer. Stay safe and enjoy self quarantine!
  2. The Container Ship Seaboard Patriot is arriving in the channel. Oasis will head out after the Seaboard Patriot. They both can not fit at the same time. Bon Voyage and hope you all stay safe!!
  3. How was the pre-cruise screening? Anything out of the ordinary or different? How vigilant are they about the new passport/travel rules? Godspeed to everyone who is ill...and let's hope the person/people are fine!
  4. You are correct. Nothing to worry about!
  5. I wouldn't cut it too close. My family member is forever haunted by the time they showed up to port, and they were denied boarding. The watched the cruise ship sail away. Get there at least 3 hours before the ship sail time so you can park, clear security, check in and also have time to spare for anything that can go wrong - a flat tire, traffic congestion, closed roadway etc. I wouldn't think that a few extra hours out of school will hurt your daughter...maybe get her "homework" in advance?
  6. Dont waste your money on the luggage pre-check offered by the cruise line. Just get off the ship early, and make your way to the airport. You will be fine!!
  7. This post was very helpful. I am sailing on the Oasis in March - and I am anticipating having to do some work while on board. VPN will be setup and working...so thanks for the hint/tip/hack!
  8. These pictures are amazing!! Thank you @twangster! I am so much more enthused about boarding the Oasis in March!! 3 more months to go!!! I have been sharing some of them with my group, and all of our jaws are just dropping at how nice the Amplification/makeover has been!
  9. Thank you so much for these amazing pics. We are sailing in March on this beauty! Do you have pics of the Adventure Ocean area? They really did a fantastic renovation, so I am very keen to show it to my kids! Getting them excited about going to AO means more time for the adults to enjoy!! Kind regards!!!
  10. Clearea - I have tried all of the usual fixes...still nothing! I also tried deleting my C&A number and saving, then re-entering!! It is frustrating!!
  11. We are just under 90 days from our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas! I wanted to do my online check in to select earliest port arrival time. Its been down for 3 days now!! Anyone else having problems with Online Check-in?
  12. My hunches for the Oasis updates are: 1. Giovanni's Table changes to Jamie Olivers 2. Add Ultimate Abyss 3. Add Starbucks on the Boardwalk 4. Add waterslides and SkyPad - as part of the Amplification 5. Modify the stage in the Ice Rink, to accommodate more versatile selection of shows 6. Upgrade WJ to add a "mandatory" washing station on the way in... Of course these are all based on what I saw on the Harmony of the Seas last year!! In any event, looking forward to sailing on her in March 2020! This will be our 5th cruise on an Oas
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