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  1. What do you think the noise level would be in 1106? It looks like it's near the elevators. Is there a basketball hoop above that area? Thanks
  2. Thanks, that one seems much closer to the port area and we would need two rooms. I'm not discounting it but thought this other one would be nice to stay at. I guess I can ask him what he charges. Thanks!
  3. Thank you. I have the Courtyard booked but then saw this and we could get a 2 br for less than the price of 2 rooms at the CY. How did you get from the airport and to the cruise?
  4. We did DLP prior to our Avalon cruise. I loved it. I had been on opening day and loved seeing all the changes since then. I think the themeing is so much better there than in the US parks. It was fall and the weather was beautiful along with amazing foliage in the park. It was definitely worth it for us.
  5. Anyone have any thoughts on this for 2 nights pre viking cruise?
  6. I appreciate any help. Like I said, I opted for EB day pass because it's easy and will have parents in tow. I really wanted COCO. Day 2 hubby and myself will just rent some mopeds and tool around. I like beaches but I live on a beautiful one, so it's not a huge deal to find the perfect one, I just needed convenience and lower crowds with them.
  7. Well, sorry for the "oxymoron" comment. I was just asking. I do not know Bermuda well. It's not true here in FL. We have lots of beaches with facilities that aren't crowed. In fact I have been to many islands where some beaches are more crowded than others and all have facilities. Usually due to location or just not being as well known.
  8. I sucked it up and bought the pass at Elbow Beach Resort, I don't want to stress on vacation and we will have my parents with us too. I hate that it's a rain or shine pass. Thanks for all the info.
  9. Thank you. Coco is sold out. I think the other is on Elbow Beach. Have you ever been to Warwick long bay beach? I wonder what a cab to go there would be?
  10. What is usually the least crowded beach with facilities. We don't mind it not being within walking distance to the RCCL pier. Thank you.
  11. Oh, did anyone that has done this itinerary gone to Prague at the end? If so, was it hard to get to from Passau?
  12. Sounds exactly like the Avalon cruise we took. I have to remember to do that or buy some snacks in port lol I'm a night owl.
  13. I'm doing this in December, so excited. Any tips? Were the included excursions mostly in the morning?
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