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  1. I literally was on the phone with a rep and had my cruise cancelled in 5 minutes. I just hung up with her about 15 minutes ago. She was a helpful and kind rep too. Our cruise was scheduled for this Saturday, 3/14. Got to start looking for where my future cruise is going to be!
  2. Loving the review !!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  3. I believe that this is a “new” situation. I have no idea how they are handling it because I am not behind closed doors in their meetings but it’s a “new new”. It’s very unfortunate but I believe that all cruise lines are watching and learning. I personally have no problem sailing with Princess. This was actually to be our first cruise with Princess and I have no doubt I will be using my 100% cruise credit...
  4. Welcome home everybody!!! Safe travels home!
  5. We have always paid our gratuities at the end of the cruise in cash but this cruise is different. Prepaid gratuities was one of our perks. So, I just don’t hand them a tip envelope at the end of the cruise??? Unless we want to give extra?
  6. I am DEFINITELY going to Afternoon Tea! 😃
  7. Y’all are so awesome! Thanks for the help!
  8. We are leaving from Ft. Lauderdale. Disney has flavored teas that just aren’t Lipton. You would have them at the end of your meal if you chose along with dessert. I’m really trying to decide if I need to buy the coffee card to have a tea or specialty coffee after dinner. Thanks so much!
  9. We are excited to be trying out Princess for the first time this spring on the Sky Princess. We have done 9 Disney cruises and 2 Royal Caribbean. I just have a couple questions..please forgive me if I just haven’t scrolled far enough back for the answers. 1. If our arrival time is at 2:00, can we get their earlier? We really like to be on the ship closer to 11ish but don’t know how strict Princess is. 2. On Disney, the dessert menu always had specialty teas and was included. Does Princess have tea on their dessert menu and if so is it included or do I need to have that coffee card? We are not getting the drink package because we don’t drink that much. Thanks for your help! We are looking so forward to this trip!!!
  10. So when would you purchase this wine package? Your first night at dinner? Do you have to request it or will the server offer it? And what does the gold package include? We have only cruised on Disney/Royal Caribbean and Disney always offers a wine package...thanks!
  11. What a great review! I've never done a Med cruise but I might jut have to now!
  12. We have been on 8 Disney cruises (3,4,5 and 7 days). We also travel as a family of 6 from Florida. We have always booked early, early, early. We also travel the first week of January (which tends to be a little less expensive) and the last week of May before the rest of the country is on summer break. We love baclonies but have sailed in oceanview to help save some money. I have found their prices to be higher but we have never had a bad Disney cruise. Enjoy!
  13. Thanks geoherb! I know some people like the dark, some people think there might be less rocking but yeah... big $$$ difference! Enjoy the rest of the trip!
  14. Enjoying your trip report. We will be sailing Princess for the first time next year and someday (post-retirement) we will also sail some transatlantic cruises. Just wondering, do you always sail inside cabins? Do you prefer them? Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  15. You should watch So Tweetie’s YouTube channel. She just recently went on Princess by herself. It looked like she had a great time!
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