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  1. Can you please tell us what you did for car insurance? I’m not sure how that works with Turo. Thanks!
  2. When we were in Alaska on our first cruise, we rented through Juneau Car Rental. It was at the port then and we had a great experience. We are going back to Alaska in June and I need to choose between renting through Turo or Juneau Rental again. I will say that driving on your own in this port is amazing!
  3. We will be sailing on the Allure out of Port Canaveral this winter. It’s a 3 day so we were not planning on getting the DBP because it seems ridiculous for us. I was looking at the refreshment package though because i love fancy tea, coffee drinks and my husband likes shakes. When I went to add that to my cart today, it didn’t require me to buy it for both. Is that because it is not the deluxe beverage package?
  4. Thank you all for your responses! The people have spoken and I think the Norway/Iceland combo sounds like the winner! Now I need to go learn about this Club Orange! I have no idea what that is, lol! Thanks again!,,
  5. Hi! We are looking at booking with Holland America for the first time for summer 2025. We are trying to decide between a 7 day Norwegian Fjord or a Norwegian Fjord /Iceland combo? We have never been to this part of the world and just wanted thoughts or opinions. The ship would be the same (Rotterdam). Thanks in advance!
  6. The US-England game was shown on Sky Princess
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