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  1. Did anyone have any problems with motion sickness? I will be wearing my Seabands and take a Dramamine before we board the ship, but that's why I will be requesting the bigger boat.... Thanks!
  2. Where did you find the online discount code? Were you on the bigger (49 person) boat or the smaller (25 person) boat? We are thinking of doing this combined tour next June... Thanks!
  3. How early can you pick up a car at Avis? I assume not until 9:00 if that's the time they open? We were hoping to pick it up earlier and get to the glacier earlier so we could beat the cruise ship tours....
  4. I agree the prices seem very high... I just hope they will have a sale while there are still some mini suites (ME) still available so we can get a refund.... There aren't that many of them on the Crown, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! But at least we got the cabin and sailing we wanted!
  5. I got it! Just because I am anal, I checked to see if I could see pricing at 6:00 am EST and I could... so I booked cabin E731 with a courtesy hold! That is supposed to be one of the mini suites with the larger balcony...... 😊. Now I just have to keep checking and hope the price comes down! Thank you all so much for your help.... especially coo359a2....you were so nice to check status and try and help me get it done!
  6. I forgot.. we were going to book a mini suite, not a balcony... I hope there are some of those left tomorrow 😬
  7. Dumb question.... do you have to do something different to do a courtesy hold? The only time I ever booked something online I actually made a booking.... ( this is only our 3rd cruise...). Thank you all so much for your help!
  8. Thank you so much! I was planning on going online at 9:00 am EST and looking at it... can I do a courtesy hold online or do I have to call them?
  9. I wasn’t logged in so I didn’t think it knew if I was elite or not... I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow! Thanks!
  10. Yes that’s the one ... may 2... I clicked on your link but I still see the it’s not available message! I have no idea what the problem is.. why you can see it but I can’t... and Princess told the TA on the phone that it wasn’t available for booking....l hope it gets fixed tomorrow before all the balconies on Emerald deck are taken...😕
  11. Yes I know - that's what we used to pick the cruise we wanted to book... but if we try to see the pricing and cabin availability on Princess' website today, it says it is not available...that's the screen shot I posted above.
  12. We aren't Elite, but he was using another Elite's credentials to try and get pricing and availability... Both of us will try tomorrow... The one we were looking for was the 5/01/21 sailing.... Maybe I will look at one of the other dates.... But when I search for the cruises, my screen doesn't show any pricing on it... It just shows this 12-Day British Isles (from London) Roundtrip from London (Southampton), England 9 Ports: London (Southampton), England | Portland, England | Guernsey (St. Peter Port) | Cork, Ireland (Cobh - For Blarney Castle) | Dublin, Ireland | Belfast, Northern Ireland | Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland | Invergordon, Scotland | Edinburgh (South Queensferry), Scotland | Paris/Normandy (Le Havre), France ... View All Ports MedallionClass™ Vacation Pricing is currently not available for this date or the selected cabin type. Please try a different departure date, cabin type or check back later. Save More Cruise Dates To Choose From 2021 May 02May 2nd 2021Selected 14 Aug 06 More Datesfor 12-Day British Isles (from London) Sun, May 02, 2021 on Crown Princess Cruise Details
  13. Our TA tried booking today but was told that 2021 bookings were a work in progress with no particular date for the British Isles cruise we wanted to book... He will try again tomorrow and hopefully will be able to do so then...
  14. I am very prone to motion sickness, but have used my Seabands any time the ship is moving, and take the less drowsy form of Dramamine only if it still bothers me with my Seabands on...
  15. Is the port side only above the stage or is it above the nightclub too? What about the other mini suite cabins on Emerald? How many of them are above the stage and/or the nightclub? I don't think I would want the one above the nightclub, but the stage wouldn't be too bad since the shows are over pretty early... Thanks for the info!
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