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  1. We are still more than a year out. Even the TA cruise is still more than 349 days out.
  2. It seems like everyone is doing cruise vlogs these days, even me 🙂 I should just cancel DirecTV since I end up watching most of the lives from Sunday through Thursday and watching all the other videos. Between that and editing my own vlogs, I have no time for regular television. Can't remember the last time I actually turned on the DirecTV box!
  3. The ship will certainly be the destination, but we are also doing the transatlantic on the Mardi Gras, so we will have had plenty of sea days on the ship.
  4. It seems that we are. I didn't realize there were only four. I wonder why they put those four OV rooms between all those balconies?
  5. We are booked too. Going on the transatlantic in September and then again on this one!
  6. We are booked on the cruise. Booked a Spa Ocean View. Hope this will be our second transatlantic as we are hoping to book the NCL Encore for this fall.
  7. Thanks! Been watching your videos too. We just came back from Cancun, so once we are through the cruise vlogs, I will get started on those. I still have some footage from a five night trip to Orlando that I still haven't touched.
  8. Guess I didn't miss anything then! Perhaps I was confusing it with Havana. Haven Havana, not easy to keep them straight.
  9. Not quite every inch. After getting home I realized we never went to Haven after it opened to everyone in the evenings. Also never again saw Spice H20 after embarkation day. I am sure there is a couple other places I missed here or there too.
  10. We have started vlogging with our last cruises. B2B on the NCL Bliss and RCCL Allure of the Seas. I have committed to a new video every Tuesday but I may try to get out more than that. With a full time job and other travel, finding the time to edit isn't easy. Here to our first NCL Bliss vlog. Look for the next video to drop Tuesday at 7:00pm ET. It was also nice to meet you on the Bliss Carl. 🙂
  11. If they are going to Xenforo, it supports Tapatalk. Not sure what "the forums app" is that you are referring to?
  12. Hopefully they are moving to Xenforo, this current forum software is awful.
  13. I know this is an old thread, but for YouTube, many use Epidemic Sound. $15 a month and you can use all their music in any video on your channel. One subscription is needed per channel, so if you have several channels it would be $15 each per month.
  14. We have six of us currently booked at Little French Key for December, while I suspect they will be operating then, it doesn't seem like this is someplace we now want to go. Our deposit is fully refundable and now we are looking at other options. We are doing Mr Sanchos in Cozumel on the same cruise, so a beach club or all inclusive thing really isn't something we are looking for. We were looking at some possible private boat charters that seem like they would be about the same price or less than the six of us booked at LFK. Does anyone have any recommendations for possible private or small group charters with a captain?
  15. My wife buys the small pill bags that you can get at the pharmacy and peels the Rx sticker off the bottle and places it on the bag and puts the amount of pills she needs for the trip in each bag. So if there are any questions, all the details are there. She then takes a weekly organizer to use while traveling.
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